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Firstly, I wish all our families a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I hope that no matter what you do over these holidays, it is filled with much joy and laughter. I pray that you will all return safely to us in 2021.

For the families who will not be returning in 2021, I wish you the very best.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 26 November 2020


Families wishing to enrol their child/ren in music tuition for 2021 are encouraged to fill in forms as soon as possible to secure a spot. In 2021 there are no changes to the program other than that the Music Tutors will be directly invoicing you rather than through us, which means that it will not appear on your school bill. Music tutors will continue to have complete access to our music facilities and Sarina Davey; our new Music Specialist will coordinate the program.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 12 November 2020


What can I say? The talent was outstanding, so I’ve decided to award a winner for each year level. Congratulations to Jolie (Yr 6), Richie (Yr 5), Stella M. (Yr 4), Grace (Yr 3), Sally (Yr 2), Evie W. (Yr 1), Alice (PP). These children will be presented with a certificate at Monday morning’s gathering. On the topic of art, we have been successful in employing an excellent Art Teacher for next year. Stay tuned.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 29 October 2020


On Sunday, we celebrate All Saints Day, and on Monday we remember all the souls that have died. We also continue to pray for our Year Six students preparing for their Confirmation and deepening their understanding and connection with their chosen saint. I also ask you to continue to pray for the Beatification of venerable Mary Ward.

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Learning in a Holistic Environment

Western Suburbs Weekly – 3rd September 2020

FOR Rika Andres, commencing her principalship at Loreto Nedlands amidst a worldwide pandemic brought many challenges “My transition was certainly made easier by the very supportive student, staff and parent body,” Mrs Andres said. “Even though the parents at that time were not permitted on site, their support through waves from the car, acknowledgement from a distance and welcoming emails truly reflect the strong culture and spirit of Loreto Nedlands.”

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 17 September 2020


We have certainly had a few hectic weeks — first congratulations to all our competitors at last week’s Athletics Carnival. Mr Boxsell has included a full rundown of winners on the day. I agree with Mr Boxsell that it’s about reaching your personal best. At the finish line, there is usually only one winner; however, all those that pass through it are winners too.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 3 September 2020


Firstly I extend a very Happy Father’s Day to all our dads. I hope that you are able to join us on Friday for breakfast hosted by the P&F and followed by our Father’s Day mass. Families, please ensure you adhere to the COVID-19 restrictions.

If you happen to drive down Stirling Highway and take Webster Street, you will notice a beautiful blue street sign with Loreto Nedlands Primary School on it. Thank you to the marketing committee for organizing. This will hopefully easily guide visitors and prospective families to our school.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 20 August 2020


On Tuesday the Leadership Team attended the Leaders Forum Roadshow which was hosted by Newman College. The key discussion centred around Quality Catholic Education (QCE) and how we engage as a system of schools in realising our Vision. It is focused on connected autonomy. Through our connectedness, we have a co-responsibility to ensure there are equity and participation. As Catholic Educators, we share our expertise and wisdom in moving forward. Discussion and defining how we can efficiently respond to COVID-19 here at Loreto Nedlands, and as a broader Catholic Community.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 6 August 2020


Well, we certainly started the week off very chilly. It’s nice to see the sun come out. Please continue to keep our Loreto Schools in Victoria – Loreto Mandeville Hall, Melbourne and Loreto College, Ballarat in your prayers, and of course all our families who have relatives or friends near or far that are dealing with far tougher COVID restrictions than we are here in the West.

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