View Our Latest Newsletter – 1 April 2021

In this very special week of Holy Week and the last week of Lent, we take the time to reflect and give thanks for the many opportunities that have arisen this term as we prepare for the Easter Season. Our students have excelled in all areas of their schooling. There is much to be grateful for.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 4 March 2021

The leadership team attended the Principal Forum on February 15. The forum launched the QCE Policy Hub, Quality Catholic Education, under the four pillars – Catholic Identity, Education, Community and Stewardship. Further details to follow.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 18 February 2021

The staff and children have certainly settled well into the new school year. I am very impressed with the Year Six students and the leadership they have already demonstrated in the first two weeks. We have already had a few conversations, and our First Fun Friday fundraiser was a huge success. The children thoroughly enjoyed the tabloid sports opportunities provided by the Year Six students during lunchtime. Thank you to all families for your generous contributions.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 11 February 2021

Mary Ward’s virtue of FELICITY: God is rich enough for us all MW 1630

Welcome to “Take Two” Term One 2021. This is a special edition of the Newsletter as we missed out last week. There will be another Newsletter next week which will then return to our fortnightly routine.

It is with great pleasure to be a part of Loreto as we launch the Year of Felicity – facing the year with Optimism. Please see the acronym that was shared with us through Loreto Ministries.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 9 December 2020

Firstly, I wish all our families a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I hope that no matter what you do over these holidays, it is filled with much joy and laughter. I pray that you will all return safely to us in 2021.

For the families who will not be returning in 2021, I wish you the very best.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 26 November 2020


Families wishing to enrol their child/ren in music tuition for 2021 are encouraged to fill in forms as soon as possible to secure a spot. In 2021 there are no changes to the program other than that the Music Tutors will be directly invoicing you rather than through us, which means that it will not appear on your school bill. Music tutors will continue to have complete access to our music facilities and Sarina Davey; our new Music Specialist will coordinate the program.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 12 November 2020


What can I say? The talent was outstanding, so I’ve decided to award a winner for each year level. Congratulations to Jolie (Yr 6), Richie (Yr 5), Stella M. (Yr 4), Grace (Yr 3), Sally (Yr 2), Evie W. (Yr 1), Alice (PP). These children will be presented with a certificate at Monday morning’s gathering. On the topic of art, we have been successful in employing an excellent Art Teacher for next year. Stay tuned.

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View Our Latest Newsletter – 29 October 2020


On Sunday, we celebrate All Saints Day, and on Monday we remember all the souls that have died. We also continue to pray for our Year Six students preparing for their Confirmation and deepening their understanding and connection with their chosen saint. I also ask you to continue to pray for the Beatification of venerable Mary Ward.

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