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Early Learning

Early Childhood Education

At Loreto Nedlands, we recognise that the skills and concepts formed in the early years help children make sense of and apply their knowledge and understanding. These are the foundations upon which the quality of later learning depends. This phase of education is not only regarded as a preparation for later learning but is a crucial stage in its own right.

Through a broad and balanced curriculum, children develop skills, attitudes and understanding at their own level. Learning is based on a child-centred, play-based approach, building on their achievements and working towards early learning goals.

The Loreto Nedlands Early Childhood philosophy is based on developing the whole child in an exciting, challenging environment that emphasises learning through play.

Play is a natural medium for children-allowing them to explore, discover, question, experience, create, hypothesise, construct, imagine, wonder, plan, organise, cooperate and solve problems.

Loreto Nedlands strives for a holistic approach to teaching. We are committed to developing children who can think for themselves and create, imagine and navigate the world’s challenges with strength of character.

Nature play is a vital component of our everyday learning. We believe that nature play increases resilience and the ability to negotiate risks. It promotes collaboration between peers and encourages children to step outside their comfort zone. Play-based education is valued at Loreto Nedlands. Teachers remain the directors of various learning experiences that derive from student interests and passions.


Loreto’s educational journey begins with an optional Pre-Kindergarten program that commences when children turn three years of age. In Pre-Kindergarten, the children learn how to play, share and take turns. They develop social connections with friends and have opportunities to explore and develop their creativity. Pre-Kindergarten is offered over two full days.

In our Kindergarten, offered over three full days, we recognise the importance of a happy and secure environment for children to have the best learning outcomes. Children are encouraged to build confidence through a variety of individual, small group and whole class experiences.

The Loreto Charism of Mary Ward is celebrated through focusing on the qualities of
freedom, justice, sincerity, verity and felicity.