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Learning Support

English Learning Support

At Loreto Nedlands, it is essential that all students have the opportunity to thrive, achieve goals and feel successful. Speaking and Listening, Reading, Writing, and Spelling are all modes critical to communicating effectively in English.

Across the school, students identified as requiring further support in reading and spelling receive small group support in a Synthetic Phonics program using decodable texts. This evidence-based approach explicitly teaches the relationship between hearing, reading and spelling sounds.

English as an Additional Language

Loreto Nedlands recognises and values the diverse backgrounds of all students. Our English support program also assists students in learning Standard Australian English as an additional language. This incorporates both in-class support for a range of curriculum areas and individual and small-group support focusing on vocabulary and oral language development.

Maths Learning Support

In Mathematics, we aim to ensure students are confident, creative users and communicators of mathematics. Our dedicated support staff work with students to tailor learning to best suit their needs (either individually or in small groups). Close collaboration between the support and class teachers ensures all students are supported.

  • Problem solving techniques
  • Understanding mathematical concepts
  • Improving logical thinking and approach
  • Enhancing confidence in numerical reasoning
  • Analysing quantitative data
  • Presentation skills and maths concepts
  • Developing independent strategies for maths work

Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU)

At Loreto Nedlands, the Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) Intervention Program is delivered by a trained specialist teacher. This intensive program is offered to students in Year One who require assistance in their mathematics learning.

This program assists students who are vulnerable in aspects of whole number learning and are at risk of not learning school mathematics successfully. It builds on and is coordinated with classroom mathematics programs and involves additional levels of support and teaching aimed at accelerating students’ mathematics learning.

Each level of support represents an increase in the intensity of teaching and assistance offered by the EMU specialist teacher to a student.

The three levels are:

Level 1. Advice provided to classroom teachers supplemented with Individual Learning Plans, which outline learning goals and experiences that will boost students’ learning. Ongoing monitoring of each student’s progress is also provided.

Level 2. Advice provided for classroom teachers and in-class support for students supplemented with Individual Learning Plans outlining learning goals and experiences that will boost students’ learning; and

Level 3. EMU intervention program for groups of three students (10-20 weeks) that is planned and taught by the specialist teacher and coordinated with a student’s classroom mathematics program.

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