Do you have a catchment area?

We are a privately owned catholic school and do not require you to reside within a certain perimeter of the school.

When can my child start Pre-Kindergarten?

Your child may commence into our Pre Kindergarten program after his/her third birthday anytime throughout the year.

How do I pay my application of enrolment fee?

Please organise a direct transfer to:  Loreto Nedlands Ltd, NAB, BSB: 086006, Acc No: 843574539, Ref: Surname.

Do you accept non catholic families?

We welcome all religious/non religious denominations.

Are you a feeder school for John XXIII College?

Yes, we are strongly connected to John XXIII College.

Do I need a parish priest reference?

It is preferred you submit a parish priest reference upon application of enrolment, however, it is not essential.

Do you have after school care?

Extend after school care services are available to your take bookings.  You need to register through extend.com.au and are onsite until 6 pm every day.

The Loreto Charism of Mary Ward is celebrated through focusing on the qualities of
freedom, justice, sincerity, verity and felicity.