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The Athletics Carnival was such a fun day. Mr McCallum ensured that all students felt included in the carnival (from seating arrangements to team games). It was wonderful to witness the older students cheering and encouraging the younger students throughout the day. We were also fortunate to use our new Loreto Nedlands marquee and flag! The marquee and flag will be used at all future sporting events and is a wonderful way to promote our school.

Construction on the new fence has begun and it is looking great. It will ensure the school is secure and has been done in the best interest of your children and the grounds of Loreto Nedlands.

Many of our students have performed in CPAF either individually or as part of the orchestra and choir. The orchestra was invited back to Trinity College for the shield play-offs and our school choir received ‘Excellence’ for their performance at The Vasto Club. We are extremely proud of our students who participated in the festival.

Thank you to the P & F for organising the fabulous Father’s Day breakfast. It was lovely to see some of the new Dads chatting with those who have been at Loreto Nedlands for a while. The Father’s Day Mass was very well attended. The students relish the opportunity to sit with their Dad/Father figures in Church and we thank all those who attended.

The Staff participated in a Numeracy Professional Development Day last Friday facilitated by the Numeracy team at CEWA. It is essential that the staff are given the opportunity to work collaboratively and discuss effective mathematics pedagogy and practice. Focus topics included mental maths strategies, thinking classrooms, and encouraging students to launch, explore and summarise.

Last week the school community welcomed back Indigenous Artist Bruce Loo who returned to facilitate a ‘smoking ceremony’. Forming a circle on Barry Park, the students, staff, and parents were invited to gather around the fire (produced by burning various native plants to produce smoke). Bruce explained that by walking through and leaning into the smoke we are warding off bad spirits and allowing the good spirits in. It is also a way to let the Indigenous elders and spirits know that we are walking on their land. Throughout the day, Bruce generously gave his time to our students and spoke to them about Indigenous Dreamtime stories and culture.

Thank you to Amee Coles and Julia Waller for organising our ‘Great Book Swap’. Students donated books from home and were then able to purchase a different book for a donation. All funds raised will be donated to the Indigenous Literacy fund on behalf of Loreto Nedlands.

Finally, we are looking forward to Mission Day and the Colour Run. Thank you to the P & F for purchasing the coloured powder. The event places fun over competition while raising much-needed funds for MWIA and it is a fantastic way to end our Mission Day celebrations.

Leaves – Past Pupil’s

As we approach the end of 2022, we are looking forward to creating our annual “Leaves” yearbook. Once again, we would like to include a Past Pupil’s page highlighting families that have a connection to a Loreto school (through attending themselves or through a relative). We would like to know why you have chosen to send your child/children to Loreto Nedlands and why you believe it is important to continue a Loreto education. New families, and those not included last year, are welcome to email Rebecca Barfoot at if you or a family member attended a Loreto School and would like to be included. Please include the following:

  • Name of the person who attended the Loreto school (please include maiden name)
  • The name of the Loreto school attended
  • Years attended
  • Blurb describing your connection to Loreto and reason for choosing to send your own children to Loreto Nedlands (max 80-100 words)
  • A photo of the person who attended the Loreto school (either current or old school photo)

Little Moments

Charlie (Pre-Kindy) – Positive Approach to Learning

Nadine (Pre-Kindy) – Amazing Manners

Jayden (Pre-Kindy) – Positive Approach to Learning

Austin (Kindy) – Growth Mindset

Charlotte (Kindy) – Positive Approach to Learning

Mary (Kindy) – Growth Mindset

Mason (Kindy) – Positive Approach to Learning

Sienna (Kindy) – Amazing Manners

Florence (Kindy) – Positive Approach to Learning

Sophia (Pre-Primary) – Positive Approach to Learning

Edward (Pre-Primary) – Positive Approach to Learning

Ruohan (Pre-Primary) – Growth Mindset

Theo P (Year Two) – Positive Approach to Learning

Callum (Year Two) – Displaying the Value of Freedom

Olivia (Year Five) Positive Approach to Learning

Maika (Year Five) Positive Approach to Learning

Ardan (Year Five) – Growth Mindset

Joseph (Year Five) – Growth Mindset

Caitlyn (Year Six) – Positive Approach to Learning

Gabriella (Year Six) – Positive Approach to Learning

Jayden (Year Six) – Displaying the Value of Freedom

Jake (Year Six)- Amazing Manners

Rebecca Barfoot, Assistant Principal, Loreto Nedlands