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Reminder: Sacramental Commitment Mass

Just a reminder that the Sacramental Commitment Mass is this weekend at Holy Rosary Parish Nedlands. If you have registered your child to complete a Sacrament in 2023, please attend either the Saturday evening Mass at 6pm or the Sunday morning Mass at 8.45 am. The Parish will recognise the children who will be completing Sacraments this year, and pray for them as a Parish community.


Lenten Reflection

As we journey through the weeks of Lent, reflection, repentance, and almsgiving can easily slip to the back of our minds as everyday life takes over. Children are very good at ‘giving up’ material objects or food for Lent, but we as adults can also expand on that idea to include giving up immaterial things as we set our focus towards the Easter season. Below is an excerpt from a thought-provoking online post; at its core, Lent is a time to reflect, change for the better and prepare for the joy and celebration of Jesus’ resurrection!


Give up complaining – Focus on gratitude

Give up pessimism – Become an optimist

Give up harsh judgements – Think kindly thoughts

Give up worry – Trust Divine Providence

Give up discouragement – Be full of hope

Give up bitterness – Turn to forgiveness

Give up hatred – Return good for evil

Give up pettiness – Become mature

Give up giving up – Hang in there!


Katie Sharman
Assistant Principal (Religious Education)