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Mission Week

We are almost at the end of a fantastic Mission Week! This year we have been celebrating Mary Ward, our founding Loreto Sisters, the history of our three faction names and of course fundraising for Mary Ward International Australia at Mission Day tomorrow.

On Monday, each class learned about Mary Ward’s life through the book ‘Footprints of Faith’. They then worked with their buddy classes to create a collaborative chalk artwork depicting Mary Ward’s life on the bricks as you walk down towards the LPAC from Webster Street. The whole school also gathered in their three factions of Barry, Nestor and Ward to learn about the origins of their faction’s name and celebrate their colour and history with some more artwork.

Tuesday saw each class visit the Archive Room with Mrs Mieke Cranfield to learn about the 125 Years of Loreto educating children in WA! The students were wowed by all the historical books, artefacts and photos that tell the story of Loreto Nedlands and the Loreto sisters. On Wednesday Mrs Sharman visited each class to talk to them about the history and meaning of our school crest and motto. The students were amazed at the different types of crosses on our crest and the meaning of the big Latin words!

Finally, we have the big day today, Mission Day! Students are wearing free dress for a gold coin donation, and we will begin the day with an end of Term Mass at Holy Rosary Church. Then it is onto the traditional Mission Day stalls, with some amazing and interesting stalls created by the Year Five and Six students. To finish off the day, we will then have our Colour Run, which will see the children leaving the oval exhausted but with colour strewn over their formally white t-shirts – all to raise much-needed funds for Mary Ward International Australia!

Thank you, parents, for your support of the Colour Run and Mission Day, we could not do it without you.


Each month, all classes from Years One to Six are visiting the Chapel to spend some personal time praying to Jesus by viewing and adoring the Blessed Sacrament. Catholics believe that just seeing Jesus as he is present in the Blessed Sacrament (in the form of the consecrated host) can serve as a ‘brief encounter with Christ inspired by faith in the real presence and characterised by silent prayer’. (Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy #165).

Each class has been very reverent during their visits to see and talk to Jesus as he is presented in a beautiful monstrance on the altar. We have also had the opportunity to discuss the special objects in the Chapel (like the altar, sanctuary, and tabernacle) and how speaking and praying personally to Jesus strengthens our faith and brings us closer to Him. During our silent, personal prayer time we are able to thank Jesus for something positive in our lives and also ask him to help us, those around us, or everyone in the world through challenging times.

Katie Sharman, Mission Co-Ordinator, Loreto Nedlands