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Clare and Faron Mengler – Parents

Loreto Nedlands was a dynamic place with doors open, music and warmth resonating and nuns and parents lingering to assist with the early learning literacy programs. Many fond memories revolve around the circle of friendship and the spirit of Mary Ward. A welcome by the parents, Loreto sisters and staff was personal, powerful and inviting. The community held deep ethical concern for the responsibilities that come with privilege and the school had a reputation for excellence in music, performing arts and public speaking. We remember sweet voices in the tiny chapel lit up in morning light, parents on the verandah with infants and smaller children, multi-layered inter-year friendships and connections. Loreto was a very special place.

Lori Coenen – Teacher

Reflecting on my time at Loreto Nedlands, from a relief teacher for several years to a full-time Year Five teacher, evokes a flood of beautiful memories that have become integral to my life journey. The most memorable moment at Loreto for me is undoubtedly the annual Year Five camp.

The Year Five Camp creates lasting memories that resonate with students long after they return to their daily routines. The camp serves as a purpose for forging deep connections among students. The challenges and adventures on camp foster a sense of mateship that is unparalleled. Whether conquering rock climbing, collaborating on a team-building activity, or sharing a fun bingo night, the Year Five Camp pushes students beyond their capabilities, revealing untapped strengths and building resilience.

Year Five Camp holds special memories for me in the student’s journey, where their growth, laughter, ‘cheeky late nights’ and shared triumphs create memories that last a lifetime.

As I bid farewell, I will carry these cherished memories and will undoubtedly miss the students and the school community that makes Loreto Nedlands unique to me.

 Melina Dichiera – Education Assistant

How do you pick your favourite memory over the last 18 years? Ballroom dancing, Excursions, camps, EduDance the list goes on. This year has a special spot in my heart, to be here for Loreto Nedlands’ closure and to say goodbye. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

I must say a beautiful memory that comes to my mind are the Year One musicals, seeing the students so small, full of confidence, dancing, remembering their lines and just having the best time ever, and then all of a sudden with a tear in my eye I am at their final graduation.

I will cherish and keep in my heart the friendships I’ve made with the lovely families, students, teachers, Sisters and staff I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over my 18 years at Loreto Nedlands.

As the saying goes “Once Loreto, always Loreto!

Maika Widharta – Year Six Student Leader

Throughout the nine years I have been at Loreto Nedlands with now my eleven classmates, I have not regretted one bit of the years that have passed. I started at Loreto in Pre Kindy, and most of the friends I made left but thanks to them I met new people and made friendships that I hope will last forevermore. Coming to a new school often means that you will feel nervous, but to be honest I have no memory of me feeling worried. Everyone was so friendly, and the teachers were so welcoming! People left and new people joined no matter what the friendship always stayed, as well as Loreto’s signature carpet: blue cotton with yellow sunflower shapes and a blue circle in the middle! I was selected as Student Leader for terms three and four this year and was also lucky enough to be chosen for the Past Pupil scholarship. My most cherished memories at Loreto Nedlands are probably just being with my friends talking at lunch and walking with them around the oval. I’ve loved my journey at Loreto Nedlands and are looking forward to high school and the years to come.

John O’Connell – Year Six Student Leader

It was day one and my Mum and Dad just pulled up to Loreto Nedlands. I took one deep breath and walked in. It was strange walking in for my first time but once I was in the Pre Kindy classroom, I knew Loreto Nedlands was right for me. Going through the years I’ve had many exciting and wonderful experiences at Loreto Nedlands such as the Year One and Two Christmas musicals and in Year Three I started Violin and had my first Reconciliation. I have loved and enjoyed these memories and I will never forget them. In Year Four I had my first Holy Communion, and in Year Five we went on camp at Woodman Point. In my opinion, this is my favourite memory at Loreto Nedlands because of the activities which were really fun, but also the fact I got to spend time with my friends. Now I’m in Year Six and I’ve had an amazing year so far. I’ve gone on Year Six camp, and I’ve received Confirmation. I’m so sad to leave Loreto Nedlands but it was an amazing place and I’ll always remember my friends, my wonderful teachers, and my amazing experience at this wonderful school.

Eva Willox – Year Five Student

My time at Loreto Nedlands has been amazing, from all the excursions to making new friends. I have had the best eight years of my life. Loreto has held a nice place in my heart. It is a great school. I am very sad about Loreto closing down. It has been a school of many experiences. Year Five camp was surely the highlight of the years I have been here, it was so fun. The teachers have all been so kind. Loreto is the best school ever. I wish it would never close. I have learned so much at Loreto. I have so many memories of Loreto Nedlands, I will never forget them. Year Five camp at Woodman Point was a ball. We had so much fun, we did rock climbing and went on a massive zip line, we enjoyed water sports and rafting. We went on a massive bike ride up to Coogee and that night we played escape quarantine which was so fun. Mr McCallum scared us so hard by jumping out from a dark corner (he said I scared him more than he scared me from my tremendously loud scream). I even got to give Mrs Coenen and some of the boys a makeover with my three makeup bags. Even though I am now the only girl in Year Five, I have made new friends (the Year Six girls). I have become really close to them. The friends and memories I have made here will last forever. I will miss being at Loreto Nedlands, goodbye!

James Hawkins – Year Five Student

There have been many memories that I will remember forever over the eight years I’ve been at Loreto Nedlands. When I started in Pre-Kindy I made many mates, I am very thankful for these friends as they have supported me throughout my journey at Loreto. Some of my friends have joined later throughout the years. One of my favourite memories was the 2018 fair, most of my mates were there, and we had a great time playing around. There were many stalls, fun activities, and food. My favourite memories have been with my friends and teachers, we have had various laughs and fun times. Year Four was one of my favourite years, we went on many excursions and had lots of laughs together. Year Five has been by far my favourite year. One of my favourite excursions in year Five was when we travelled on a ferry to Rottnest. At Rottnest, we swam, ate, and rode all over the island. All of the teachers on my journey have been very supportive, encouraging, and always helping me. I am very grateful for all my teachers at Loreto. The sport at Loreto has always been very fun, especially the carnivals. I loved walking down to Melvista Oval with all my mates to compete in the athletics carnival. This year was a very successful sport year for me at Loreto as I won champion boy in all three carnivals. The highlight of Year Five was definitely the camp at Woodman Point. My favourite part was the flying fox and escape quarantine. I loved camp a lot and I will remember it for a long time. Loreto has been so fun and I will forever miss it.