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Principal’s Message – February 20th, 2020

Principal’s Message – February 20th, 2020

Dear Parents and Friends of Loreto Nedlands

During this past week I have been touched by the genuine kindness our students have demonstrated to those who are new to our community.   Our parents too have been most welcoming to new families, as clearly evident at the Welcome Picnic.

We were blessed with a beautiful evening for the Welcome Picnic two weeks ago.  Thank you to all the families and staff who came along and enjoyed each others’ company.  Sincerest thanks to the Parents and Friends Association members for organising the event so successfully once again.

We welcome Mrs Rebecca Longbottom back to the Loreto Community. Her expertise and dedication has already been appreciated during Hymn practice and at the school board formation prayer service.

This week we welcome new families to Loreto Nedlands.  We welcome Ethan Ferguson to the Pre Kindy class.  We welcome Gemma Grant to Year Two.  We wish Ethan, Gemma and their families a happy association with our school.

Congratulations to all our student leaders for 2020.  Each newsletter this term will acknowledge specific leaders and their roles at Loreto.

Head Girl, Kaitlin Chadwick and Head Boy, Domenic Leach, have enthusiastically embraced their responsibilities.  I am very proud of Kaitlin and Domenic as they have led the assemblies and gatherings and displayed an excellent example of leadership to their peers during these first few weeks of the term.

Mary Ward Captains, Jolie Reutens and William Cairns, have made a successful start to their roles as they have written a primary school age appropriate Verity Prayer for all Loreto Primary Schools across Australia.  Jolie and William have made an excellent start to witnessing the Loreto values of Mary Ward to their peers.

The Loreto Nedlands School Board members was blessed and inducted into their roles for 2020 with a ceremony in the Loreto Chapel, lead for us by Sr Francine Roberts ibvm.  I am most grateful for the guidance and wisdom of the Board and look forward to a productive term as we work together to further the strategic direction and mission of Loreto Nedlands.

Board members for 2020 are:

Cressey Wallwork            School Board Chair
Eric Chidlow                       Deputy Chair
Caroline Chan
Jacqui Hymus
Liam O’Connell
Brooke Rubino
Laura Willox

I look forward to working with the dedicated Parents and Friends association in term one.  I am most grateful to the parents who have volunteered to take on executive positions on the P&F for 2020.

P&F executive members are:

Andrea Coad                     President
Jen Roughan                       Vice President
Erica Cogan                         Secretary
Hema Michell                    Treasurer
Kay Foss                               General Committee
Anita Moullin                     General Committee
Leanne Jefferys                General Committee
Charles Reutens                General Committee
Alex Burges                         Class Rep Coordinator

We wish our Year Six class well as they prepare for their Leadership Camp to Canberra next week.  The Leadership Camp is always a highlight for the graduating class and staff and students look forward to the many opportunities the camp has to offer.  I am grateful to Ms Di Biaggio and Miss Dodgson for taking time away from their own families to accompany the students on their camp.

During this Loreto Year of Verity let us seek to understand the truth of the story of our land and its first peoples.  As a Loreto community let us commit ourselves to healing and reconciliation in our country.

The Feast of St Josephine Bakhita

St Josephine Bakhita was kidnapped as a child and sold into slavery. Her feast day was February 8th, is now observed as the International Day of Prayer and Awareness Against Human Trafficking.

Josephine is the patron saint of victims of modern slavery and human trafficking. On this day we are asked to pray for those affected by slavery and human trafficking. It is also a time to pray for and support the efforts of those who work tirelessly to eradicate this crime.

Josephine also known as ‘Mother Moretta’, was kidnapped in Sudan at the age of nine and sold into slavery. Over the next 12 years she would be bought, sold and given away over a dozen times. She spent so much time in captivity that she forgot her original name.

After many years of suffering and entrapment she was entrusted to the Canossian Sisters in Italy and making the choice to join their community, over the next 50 years she was a source of encouragement to them with humility and simplicity.

Surrounded by the sisters, she died on 8 February 1947, this date now designated as a day of prayer, reflection and action to end the injustice of human trafficking – which as we know is one of the core justice foci of the IBVM worldwide.

Prayer for All Who are Trafficked (from ACRATH)

We pray for all who are trafficked.
We ask, Lord, that you strengthen the fragile-spirited
and broken-hearted.
We pray earnestly that all who suffer the loss of freedom
and the indignity of being used to serve the need and greed of others
will be freed and find freedom in a home where they are respected.
Let them experience a love that is tender and good.

We pray for all who exploit others,
that their evil deeds will be exposed
and that their hearts will be changed.

We pray for ourselves, who live in safety and peace
with more than we need
and for all who work against trafficking in humans:
give us the wisdom and courage
to stand in solidarity with all who suffer lack of human dignity.
Help all who work against human trafficking to find ways
to ensure for all the freedom that is your gift to all of us.

We make our prayer through Christ Our Lord.


Best wishes for the week ahead.

Tony Corbett
Acting Principal


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