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Principal’s Message – June 11th, 2020

Principal’s Message – June 11th, 2020

Dear Parents and Friends of Loreto Nedlands

Firstly, a warm welcome to all of our parents that are permitted back on site. It’s great to see families walking into school together. The children have extra smiles on their faces as they walk with their parent’s hand in hand around the school grounds, particularly the younger students. It’s also great to hear from parents that some of their children have developed further independence and enjoying it immensely. Thank you for following Phase 3 School guidelines.

Baby News

Congratulations to the Chapman Shaw Family – Sophia, Richard and Bess (Kindy) on the birth of their baby daughter and sister Alice who was born Wednesday, 3 June.

Congratulations to the Ferguson Family – Jessica, Damon, Jacob (Year Four) and Hugo (Year One) on the birth of their baby daughter and sister Georgia who was born Friday, 5 June.

Congratulations to the Wedge Family – Misty, Thomas, Lola and Rose (Pre Primary) on the birth of their baby son and brother Voss who was born Tuesday, 9 June.

Last night we held our first face to face P&F Meeting since my commencement as Principal. The P&F is such an essential part of our school. They are always busily working in the background supporting our school. I encourage you to touch base with your P&F Class representative if you haven’t had the chance as yet. The school is looking forward to working more closely with the P&F next term.

I am pleased to say that we will be able to participate in the Sacraments next term and the children in Year Four will be able to celebrate their First Eucharist. At this stage, there is no word on the Sacrament of Confirmation. Dates for the Sacraments are outlined in this newsletter.

Congratulations to all of our ten finalists for Loreto Speaker of the Year

The finalists are:

Coby Gonzalez (Year 5)
Charlie van der Struyf (Year 5)
Alexis Ogilvie (Year 5)
Lorenzo De Felice (Year 5)
Conor Bradley (Year 6)
Domenic Leach (Year 6)
Noah Boruff (Year 6)
Oliver Chi (Year 6)
Kaitlin Chadwick (Year 6)
Rhanam O’Brien (Year 6)

Yesterday I announced the finalists to the Year Five and Six students, however, I reminded the students that they should all be proud of themselves and their efforts. We also had to reduce the number of finalists this year in comparison to previous years. I congratulate the students on their understanding and acceptance as they have had to adjust to so many changes this year. Unfortunately, the night will be different as mentioned in my briefing last week, only finalists and their families will be able to attend. A decision was also made by organisers to cancel the IPSHA Senior Speakers Challenge scheduled at Christchurch on July 1.

Next week is our first Enrolment Day for the year. I am looking forward to meeting future Pre Kindy and Kindy families for 2021. These are non-tour appointments, once again due to COVID, and by appointment only. Feel free to share with family and friends to call the office to make an appointment. We are accepting enrolments for all year levels.

Miss Emily Meneghello and Miss Katie Sharman will be participating in an online Professional Learning workshop hosted by Michael Hawton titled “No Scaredy Cats”.  This workshop will assist staff in identifying and reducing anxiety and building resilience thinking skills in children aged 2-12 years. Emily and Katie will provide feedback to all staff.

 I am sure that your days and weekends are slowly beginning to fill with extracurricular activities and family and friend catch-ups. Don’t forget to take a moment to stop and reflect on how less stressful life was when you weren’t running from place to place, commitment after commitment for yourself or your children. I invite you to take this opportunity to ensure that amongst all the busyness of your family’s extracurricular activities that you still allow time for just hanging around, playing a board game, mucking about in the backyard. Our mental health has been pushed to its limits these past six months. I encourage you to give yourself “me time” and give your children “me time” and “together time” because our Social-Emotional Wellbeing has had such a significant impact on our overall wellbeing. A positive mindset enables us to achieve our personal best.

Rika Andres


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