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Principal’s Message – August 20th, 2020

Principal’s Message – August 20th, 2020

Dear Parents and Friends of Loreto Nedlands

On Tuesday the Leadership Team attended the Leaders Forum Roadshow was hosted by Newman College. The key discussion centred around Quality Catholic Education (QCE) and how we engage as a system of schools in realising our Vision. It is focused on connected autonomy. Through our connectedness, we have a co-responsibility to ensure there are equity and participation. As Catholic Educators, we share our expertise and wisdom in moving forward. Discussion and defining how we can efficiently respond to COVID-19 here at Loreto Nedlands, and as a broader Catholic Community.

I want to share with you a quote from Pope Francis. Pope Francis describes the present moment as a “propitious time” to be open to the Spirit, who can “inspire us with a new imagination of what is possible”. He recalls that the Spirit does not allow itself “to be closed in or manipulated by fixed or outmoded methods or decadent structures” but rather moves us to “make new things”.

Today we held a mini-concert hosted by our Year Six students Elliot McGlue and Alex Wilshire. We had very special guests from St Joseph’s Primary School in Southern Cross perform for us a dance to the theme of the musical “Grease” choreographed by the Year Three to Six teacher Mrs Lauren McGoldrick. The 20 students ranging from Year One to Year Six were beautifully dressed in their 1960s clothing and the dance was a real credit to the countless hours of practice they have had leading up to yesterday’s performance. Our students also performed a few pieces to the St Joseph’s crew. Special thanks to Mrs Rebecca Longbottom for coordinating the event and Oliver Chi (drums), Caitlyn Vo and Alex Wilshire (violin) and Ashwell Lee (piano). Also thank you to Kathryn Horton who accompanied Caitlin and Alex on the violin. The dance trio of Alina Jones, Jolie Retuens (voice) and Oliver Chi (piano) captivated us as they performed “Faded” by Alan Walker. These students are a true reflection of the outstanding tutorship in music that we have at Loreto Nedlands as well as each student personal strive for excellence.

Lunch – Parents, please ensure that your children have their lunch and particularly the younger students know what is for lunch and what is for recess. If ordering online, please take the time to double-check that you have ordered for the correct date and not the sausage sizzle instead of the canteen.

After school play – Parents and friends, it is imperative that you carefully and sensibly supervise your children after school hours. Some children are still going into areas that are out of bounds after school and do not appear to be being supervised. We appreciate that our school grounds are beautiful with excellent facilities to enjoy, however, as the school is private property we are also endeavouring to ensure non Loreto families utilising the school grounds are not onsite before 4:00 pm.

Today our Year Three students participated in their First Reconciliation workshop, which was coordinated by 24/7 Youth Ministry. Thank you to Mr Tony Corbett, and Mr Rob Falloon for their behind the scenes work and preparing the students for receiving of the sacrament on Friday 28th August.

I am currently on a virtual and personal reflection retreat with the Loreto Principals of Australia. The retreat, presented by Mario Bugna, focuses on our experiences of leading, working and living in a COVID-19 year. Key questions to focus on are “Where is God for me?”, “How has the pandemic impacted my spiritual life?”. The retreat will provide a wonderful opportunity to discuss and reflect these questions alongside my Loreto Principal peers. I am looking forward to the experience.

Have a wonderful weekend

Rika Andres


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