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Principal’s Message – September 17th, 2020

Principal’s Message – September 17th, 2020

Dear Parents and Friends of Loreto Nedlands

We have certainly had a few hectic weeks — first congratulations to all our competitors at last week’s Athletics Carnival. Mr Boxsell has included a full rundown of winners on the day. I agree with Mr Boxsell that it’s about reaching your personal best. At the finish line, there is usually only one winner; however, all those that pass through it are winners too.

It was such a glorious day on Sunday for our First Communicants to celebrate receiving the Body of Christ for the first time. Thank you to Father Gavin, Mrs Sharman, Miss Tiala Papali, Mrs Longbottom, our Assistant Principals Tony Corbett and Rebecca Barfoot and all those that assisted on or before the day. It is truly a special day as Father Gavin said, “It is the sacrament of sacraments.”

Our Assembly on Friday was jam packed. I, unfortunately, did not get the chance to congratulate the Pre Primary students on their fabulous assembly. I was so impressed with their reading and ability to memorise all their words. I loved the song, and I also loved the way they shared why their dad was special to them.

Awestruck is probably the right word to describe my feelings while listening to the Year Three Choral. I am continually being amazed by the talent here at Loreto. Your pronunciation, volume, phrasing and getting into character made it so enjoyable to listen to. Our talented choir then sang two beautiful songs. We were then fortunate enough to have our very own Rock Band perform two songs as well. Thank you to Mrs Rebecca Longbottom and all of our music tutors.

I trust that many of you were able to attend the Parent/Teacher interviews held on Monday and throughout the week. It is a valuable time for you to gain feedback into your child’s progress and also the opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have.

As you are aware, there are always plenty of fun and engaging activities happening at Loreto. Over the Term, Mrs Waller and the Year Five and Six students have been preparing for Tournament of Minds. This year they entered short films. The judges were impressed with how the students learnt to use a platform that isn’t often used for every discipline. “The use of green screens, scenery, animation, sounds and many more inclusions in the videos made them interesting to watch,” was one of the comments. Our students were successful in earning a Distinction in The Arts and Honours in STEM. Such an outstanding effort for our teams once again showcases Loreto’s strive for excellence.

The Year Six students, Evelyn Dunn, Noah Boruff, Finlay Strachan, Jolie Reutens, Kiki Pal, Josie Ferraris, Alanna O’Connell and Oliver Chi capably led the Year Five students, Kayla Farah, Rachel O’Malley-Sudlow, Harvey Cairns, Flynn Roughan, Rani Cleghorn, Alexis Ogilvie, Richie McDiven, Lewis Brett, Lauren Wood, Tanatswa Tityiwe, Coby Gonzalez and James Michell to complete the challenge, Quo Vadis. Thank you to this dedicated group of students who worked with passion and commitment to finalise their challenges in record time! Thanks also to Mrs Sharman, Mrs Gooch, Mrs Coenen, Mr Rafferty and Miss Papali for their support and assistance with the supervision of the students.

This challenge involved the creation of a journey by extraordinary people to find an object of significance that unlocked essential truths from the past and enable progress for the future. There are three films which are five minutes long. This Friday afternoon they will be presented at 2:35pm in the LPAC for those who would like to attend. Julia has spent a great deal of her own time ensuring the children had every opportunity to prepare and rehearse, for that I sincerely thank her. Thank you also to the parents for all the early morning dropoffs and late afternoon pick-ups.

I am excited to share with you the Principal Art Competition. I have already spoken to the students at Monday’s gathering. The theme is “Welcoming”. Please read below for all the details.

Finally don’t forget to support our Mission Day next week by sending in what your class teachers have requested. I am sure that the day will be filled with much fun and laughter, and from that, we will be able to provide fun and laughter to those that will benefit from the Brickfield Project.

Rika Andres


School News

School News



Pope Francis has designated September 1 as the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. During the Season of Creation, we pray and act to protect God’s creation. The season begins on September 1, the Day of Prayer for Creation, and runs through to October 4, the Feast of St. Francis, who is the patron saint of ecology in many traditions.

This season is a special time for the Creator and each other. Some of us pray, some of us do hands-on projects, some of us advocate. We all protect creation. The momentum continues long after the season ends. By seeding ongoing prayer, changes in lifestyle, and advocacy, the season grows hope in our communities each year. It’s powerfully good work that’s urgently needed.


Rebecca Barfoot
Assistant Principal


Mary Ward International Project

Next week the Loreto Nedlands students will be raising money for Mary Ward International through their various stalls on Mission Day.

Below is an account from the “angels in disguise” who work with Mary Ward International.

Leaving Kolkata by train early one morning with two of the Project Coordinators, Sohini Banerjee and Rina Singh, from the Kolkata Mary Ward Social Centre (KMWSC), I travelled for over three hours to reach the small town of Bolpul to visit four Brickfield Schools. Each school is situated in a remote area, among basic village-like houses in open air classrooms. The “walls” are defined by colourful student worksheets pegged to string. It was not unlike visiting a classroom in Australia with the students’ pictures pasted around the windows and walls.

Throughout India there are thousands of brickfields – open air factories where clay bricks are made by hand. Most of the workers are migrants, including children, who, in temperatures reaching
40 degrees, spend up to 8 months of the year in these dusty fields.

Children come with their families to the brickfields and begin working at 11 years of age or younger. There is no education provided in the West Bengal brickfields except for the schools run by KMWSC and, in a few places, by other NGOs.

Since 2008, KMWSC has, for three hours a day, facilitated open air schools for the migrant children living in brickfields on the outskirts of Kolkata. Each brickfield class has two teachers with around 50 children. Last year 51 schools were operational, thanks to generous supporters. Health programs provide free check-ups and medication is administered to all children and adult workers who seek treatment.

It was inspiring to see these young teachers working with such dedication and enthusiasm while limited to only very basic resources. It was evident the students were engaged with complete focus as they happily carried out their work in their respective age groups. The lessons are presented in such a way that each child can learn according to his or her own ability. Given that, in a regular sized classroom, the average class size in Indian schools is anywhere between 50 and 75, if not more, it is little wonder that these smaller groups have such good learning outcomes.

According to Rina, if the children return to their local government schools they are often ahead of their peers and must be advanced to higher grades. Sadly though, their families will move again
for the next season of work, and the children will, again, have disrupted studies. These schools, however, provide children with the opportunity to improve their futures as they learn to read, write and understand basic mathematics.

Thanks to generous donations in 2020 MWIA will be able to support 10 Brickfield Schools in West Bengal.


Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal

Mission Day

Mission Day will be held on Thursday 24th September (week 10). Mission Day aims to promote awareness and raise money for Mary Ward International who work tirelessly to support endeavours such as the Brickfield Project and Loreto Plantation Village School in India.

For a $2 donation, students are invited to wear free dress for the day.

Following is an outline of the activities to celebrate!

9am Prayer Service (parents welcome) – focusing on the missionary work undertaken by Mary Ward International all over the world.
9.45am Assembly with Growth Awards, Merit Certificates and Circle of Friends Awards (parents welcome)
Throughout the day students will:

  • create chalk art (with their buddies) around this year’s value of ‘verity’
  • visit the Mission Day Stalls (children can bring $10 to spend at the Stalls and a plastic bag to carry everything!)
  • enjoy the highly anticipated Loreto’s Got Talent! (students only)

Class teachers have previously sent home information regarding the stall for your child’s year level. Please send all donations for the stalls to the classrooms as soon as possible.

Many thanks!


Year Two News

The Year Two students have had a really busy few weeks! We had the most amazing time on our excursion to Kings Park listening to the story of Chunyart and the Cheeky Parrot and having a play at Naturescape! We had beautiful weather and learnt so much about Aboriginal Culture and how the Aboriginal people used to wrap up injuries, draw pictures and hunt for food. We also had a wonderful time at our Athletics Carnival last week and displayed the true characteristics of good sportsmen! We cheered each other on and congratulated each other at the end of the race – Mrs Joseph was so proud!

We have also created our very own city in Year 2! Its name is Loreto City. We decided on the important buildings to include and each of us made one and discussed where each building should go. Afterwards we wrote a procedure on how we created our buildings. These have been placed next to our buildings. They are on display in the Senior Learning Arcade if you’d like to go and have a look.

Jess Joseph
Year Two Teacher


Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing


Well done to everyone who took part in last week’s athletics carnival. You have all been working hard towards this over the term and it is great to see you be able to show case your strengths. Athletics is all about the PB’s so keep working towards them. Thank you to all the parents who were able to help out on the day and also cheer on the students. Over the course of the year we have moved from no carnival towards a carnival with no spectators and ended with an event where we can all come down and support, we are very lucky.


  Runner Up Champion
Yr 3

John O’Connell

Elena De Felice

William Ratneser

Olivia Peranovic

Yr 4


Danielle She + Lily Gerhold

Luke Mann*

Stella Moulin

Yr 5

Coby Gonzalez

Kayla Farah

Thomas Moroz

Rachel O’Malley-Sudlow*

Yr 6

Elliot McGlue

Alexandra Wilshire

Noah Boruff

Jolie Reutens


Rachel: 800m, triple jump and long jump record.

Luke M: 100m

Champion House: Ward 365 Nestor 364 Barry 311
Spirit Shield:


IPSHA Athletics:

Today some students have been competing at the IPSHA athletics carnival at All Saints College. We hope you have enjoyed your day and continue to work towards those PB’s.

Saturday/Thursday Basketball

You will all have hopefully received a letter about basketball now. If you want to be a part of it and have not yet returned your slip please do so by tomorrow so that the teams can be nominated. It is generally a fun few weeks of basketball for the students.


Andrew Boxsell

Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Loreto Nedlands Principal Art Competition

Mrs Andres is seeking entries from the many budding artists of Loreto.

You are invited to create a piece of artwork to be displayed on the walls of Loreto Nedlands

The theme is “Welcoming”.

You may use any medium you like, such as paint, crayons, pencil etc., however vibrant colours are encouraged.

Your piece of art should reflect the theme and how it connects to the Vision, Mission, Values of Loreto Nedlands.  It needs to A4 in size.

Entries close 13 October. Please drop them off at the office with your full name and age written on the bottom right front.

Rika Andres



Congratulations to our Year Six student Jolie Reutens for winning the WA Judo State Championship competition. Jolie worked very hard and was presented with a gold medal for her amazing win.


First Response Families

Enrolling in 2021?

Calling all FIRST RESPONSE FAMILIES … Loreto Nedlands is waiving all application of enrolment fees. Please call admin 6389 9400 for more details.


Mini Vinnies

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Because of the generosity of our students, families and staff, the Mini Vinnies have collected 200 snack packs for St Vincent de Paul to distribute to those in need. It is wonderful to see our community working together to help those less fortunate than us.


Thursday Coffee Van!

The Coffee Van is back!  Available at Loreto Nedlands every Thursday morning from 8.00am. 


Fortnightly Tip: Accept Yourself as You Are

Help your children accept themselves as they are….

Throughout childhood, self-esteem develops within the family and friend network. It is shaped by the perceptions and feedback of the people most important to your child.

Teachers, coaches and family friends can also play a role in a child’s self esteem both in a positive or negative way.

Some tips for building your child’s self-esteem and resilience.

  1. Love Unconditionally.Make sure your child knows your love does not depend on their grades, performance or achievements.
  2. Set aside time to really listen. Listen to your children and show them that you value what they have to say.
  3. Tell your children how special they are.Develop each child’s ‘sense of self’ – they are an individual that has their own special characteristics and positive qualities.
  4. Give positive feedback. When you feel good about the way you child is behaving or the things they do, mention it to him or her. Children remember both the positive and the negative statements.
  5. Praise effort as well as success. Encourage a positive attitude to ‘failure’. Let them know that learning and improving are just as valuable as winning or succeeding.

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal


Book Club!

Community News

Community News

School Dental Mobile Closure During School Holidays

School Dentist:

We are closed on the1st October till the 7th October

Also closed on the 9th October

Emergency cover is Caralee Dental Therapy Centre – phone: 93376818 only in working hours (8:00 – 4:00 )

We reopen at Jolimont Primary Stop 12th October

Can you please insert the Dental Screening information in the next newsletter

Warm Regards
Karen Bettridge

Subiaco Mobile I Dental Health Services



Claremont Nedlands Cricket Club

Your local community cricket club the Claremont Nedlands Cricket Club are hosting a FREE come and try cricket community day and would love to see as many kids there as possible!

The WACA will be partnering with the local cricket club to provide an excellent opportunity for kids to get active, meet new friends and join their local community. We are very excited to announce that some of our Perth Scorchers players have made themselves available for this event and we’d love to see loads of girls and boys down at Cresswell park  playing sport, having fun, getting active and connecting with the local community.



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the search for truth.

the search for truth.