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Principal’s Message – Week 7 – March 18th, 2021

Principal’s Message – Week 7 – March 18th, 2021

Dear Jesus, I come to you today
longing for your presence.
I desire to love you as You love me.
May nothing ever separate me from You.


Dear Parents and Friends of Loreto Nedlands

Mary Ward’s virtue of FELICITY: We must not only love our neighbours as ourselves but behave as though we did. MW 1618

If you would like to read more about Mary Ward and Felicity, please visit

Our first term is quickly drawing to a close. As a school community, we have already achieved so much. With only two weeks to go, there is still plenty to be done.

Firstly, congratulations to all students on their participation in the Interhouse Swimming Carnival. It was a perfect day for getting wet. Congratulations to those who achieved their personal best and congratulations to our Champion and Runner Up Girls and Boys. Thank you to the many parent volunteers who assisted on the day. These days can not occur without your assistance. Special thank you to Mr Boxsell and Mr Corbett for all their preparation pre, during and post event.

Congratulations to the Year Six students who participated in the Solar Car Challenge held at St Mark’s in Hillarys on Tuesday. Please see Mrs Waller’s summary below.

Today we officially mark “Close the Gap Day”. National Close the Gap Day (NCTGD) is a national day of action to pledge support for achieving Indigenous health equality by 2030. If you wish to find out more or donate, please visit

You may have noticed that I’ve been missing at school. I was fortunate enough to be asked to be part of a Peer Principal Review on Monday and Tuesday. This is such an important part of a Principal’s journey. The feedback a Principal receives from their review guides their future goal setting. As a reviewer, it provides insight into other schools and assists with my own personal reflection.

Parents, at times, you do receive a few SEQTA emails or SMS messages which are generally important. Please ensure that if you choose to respond to an SMS message to include your name as we do not know who you are.

I look forward to our Year Six Challenge Leadership Day at Rottnest tomorrow. The students will be engaged in a variety of activities that promote teamwork and calling upon the qualities of a leader.

I want to pay particular acknowledgement to our students who actively live out our school values beyond the school gates. Several students have been fundraising for various causes this year and last year. I congratulate those students.

Save the Date:

Year One and Two musical – one performance Friday 30 July. More details to follow.

Year Five and Six musical, two performances on Friday 27 August and Saturday 28 August. Tickets will be $25 adults and $10 students 16 years and under. Tickets will go on sale next term. Leading up to the performance, students in Years Five and Six will participate in a Theatre Camp (August 23 – August 27), which means they will focus on the performance that week only. Parents, please ensure that your child has no other commitments during that week during school hours.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Rika Andres


School News

Parent Reminder

There will be an early close on Monday 22 March at 12.45pm for Parent Teacher Meetings.


Religious Education

Felicity is an attitude of mind, a disposition of the heart which manifests itself in cheerfulness, good humour, joy, happiness, hope, optimism, friendliness, courtesy, positive thinking, inner peace, self-acceptance and courage.

For Mary Ward, who loved a ‘cheerful giver’ and a ‘cheerful mind’ and showed in her own life an extraordinary connection between joy and courage, this felicity springs directly from living out the spirit of freedom, justice and sincerity.

Felicity is a natural gift of youth and an essential element of the Loreto spirit. With a positive commitment to this spirit, our schools can offer students an experience of stability and happiness in which Felicity can flourish along with self-esteem. Resisting self-pity, self-centredness, undue anxiety, despondency, envy, cynicism, apathy and every form of fanaticism, Felicity belongs to the open-minded and the generous-hearted; it offers a challenge to adults in the school community as well as students. It is nourished by fun and celebration, by beauty and creativity, by sensitivity to the natural environment and by opportunities for self-expression and or reflection. Whatever nourishes the spirit, values spirituality and strengthens belief in God’s compassionate and active presence in all situations, promotes this joyous, light-hearted and courageously hopeful attitude to life.

Anthony Corbett
Deputy Principal


International Women’s Day

Giving women the opportunities to thrive
By Kirsty Robertson
09 March 2021

Last week as part of International Women’s Day we were asked to challenge gender inequality in our day-to-day lives, to call out discrimination and to demand real change. We were asked to challenge gender biases not just in others, but also in ourselves, because we all play a part in creating and sustaining the cultural norms that influence or limit women’s equality.

As a female CEO of an international development NGO, I see the challenges women face both here and across the world. In our office, I’m proud to say that both men and women rush off to pick up their kids from school and women are in the rooms where decisions are made at every level of the organisation. Just as we do in our projects internationally, we try to create an environment where expectations aren’t set by gender but rather by interests, talents and passions. This is difficult work, but the onus is on all of us to keep having the hard conversations that allow us to re-imagine a world in which women’s equality is a reality.

Empowering women and girls is also one of the most cost-effective and sustainable ways to promote positive change in a community, whether here in Australia or overseas. When girls are supported to receive an education, they are more able to earn an income for themselves and their family. The children of educated women have better health outcomes, are more likely to go to and stay in school and are more likely to have access to a diverse range of food. These impacts will last long after development organisations have left.

Over the course of my career, I have also seen countless women rise up in their communities and claim their space, despite significant challenges. Through our projects across the world, I am regularly reminded that women have always led and for that matter, will always lead. Whether by founding a local savings group or by setting up small business to support their families, women have always challenged social norms. No matter how great the obstacles and challenges in their way, women will find a way.

Many of the women in our programs are making enormous strides in their communities. In our annual Lenten fundraising appeal, Project Compassion, two women in particular stand out: Oliva from Tanzania and Halima from Myanmar, for their drive not just to challenge gender bias, but to work with other women to improve their lives. Both women are leaders.

Oliva is a natural entrepreneur, building a small kiosk in her community in Tanzania from the ground up, despite never having had the opportunity to go to school. The opportunity to attend literacy and numeracy classes provided her the skills to really make her business a success. But she did not stop there. A leader in her community, Oliva set up a classroom at home to teach her neighbours and she now aims to become a pastor and run for leadership in the next local election.

‘In the toughest of circumstances, these women find a way. They find a way to support themselves. They find a way to support their families. They find a way to support their communities.’

Another example of a woman who chose to challenge gender inequality is Halima, widowed at just 21, who fled escalating violence in Myanmar’s Rakhine State in 2017 and arrived at the Cox’s Bazar refugee camp with nothing. With the support of Caritas Bangladesh, Halima received a shelter and cooking equipment so that she could feed her family. She then participated in hygiene and sanitation training and took on the role of Community Trainer herself, organising the cleaning of washrooms, wells and toilets. Halima’s training became all the more invaluable as the COVID-19 pandemic struck — when safe hygiene and preventative measures suddenly became lifesaving and her knowledge helped those around her to keep safe.

I can think of no better inspiration for this year’s International Women’s Day than Halima or Oliva who challenge gender inequality in their communities. In the toughest of circumstances, these women find a way. They find a way to support themselves. They find a way to support their families. They find a way to support their communities. They live with courage and conviction every day.

Women empowering and supporting other women to thrive, both in our own communities and in communities overseas, is what drives me daily in my work. The way we treat other women here in Australia is the foundation for how we can support women internationally to achieve gender equality. We have a responsibility, not just to the women around us, but to women everywhere to provide support and compassion, so that all women can reach their full potential. We need to live every day with courage and conviction like Oliva and Jamila.

Extract taken from Eureka Street newsletter.


Anthony Corbett
Deputy Principal


Sacrament Parent Workshops 2021

Please see the dates and times below for the Sacrament Parent Workshops:

  • Confirmation Parent Workshop – Thursday 29 April at 5.30pm, Year 6 classroom
  • First Communion Parent Workshop – Thursday 27 May at 5.30pm, Year 4 classroom
  • Reconciliation Parent Workshop – Thursday 29 July at 5.30pm, Year 3 classroom


Parent Teacher Meetings

Interviews will be held on Monday 22 March. There will be an early close on this day at 12.45pm. Interviews can be conducted either on-site or via Zoom. If you would prefer a Zoom meeting, please book in a time as usual and then email your class teacher letting them know that your interview will be via Zoom. The class teacher will send you a meeting link prior to your interview time.

Interviews are strictly 10 minutes only. The smooth running of our event relies on all parents keeping to the timetable. Please consider other parents and end your meeting on time. If you need more time with the teacher, please arrange a separate meeting or phone call.

These are Parent-Teacher conversations and staff would prefer it if students from Pre Primary to Year Four did NOT attend these interviews. Students in Years Five and Six are encouraged to attend their meetings.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

Please follow the link to make a booking for parent/teacher interviews:

Click here for bookings

Rebecca Barfoot
Assistant Principal



Recently Rika Andres, Danielle Moore and I attended the first of four days that will focus on Leadership in the Early Years. Loreto values strong early years education and is aware of the importance of a faith based early childhood education. The professional development focused on understanding how Christ-centred leadership supports the holistic development of children as they explore the mystery of God. In partnership with Notre Dame University, we discussed how to holistically nurture the spiritual and religious development with a focus on families as first educators, age-appropriate pedagogy and brain development. We were challenged to think about the opportunities our children are afforded to ‘wonder’ and ‘awe’ and how the importance of intentional play links with our children’s need for these opportunities.

“the capacity for sustained and continued delight, marvel, amazement and enjoyment. It is the capacity of the child to approach the world as if it were a smorgasbord of potential delights, waiting to be tasted…” (Keen, 1969, p43)

The teachers at Loreto are committed to providing quality curriculum practices in the classroom. Recently, we participated in professional learning to support our numeracy program iMaths. Through collaboration the teachers are able to gain a deeper understanding of the program and how to support our students. We also welcomed members of the Aboriginal Education Team at CEWA. They assisted the staff to focus on our pedagogical beliefs and understandings of how Aboriginal education fits in to all aspects of the curriculum.

Maths Conundrum

  1. Using only addition, how can you add eight 8’s to get the number 1,000?




  1. 888 +88 +8 +8 +8 =1,000


Rebecca Barfoot
Assistant Principal


Enrolments 2021

Places are still available for our Friday Pre Kindy and Kindy combined class. Please let the school office know should you be interested in attending an extra day.

Please share the news of our first school tour for the year on Thursday 25 March at 9.30am. Click on the below link to book an open day registration:

Physical Education


Well done to all the Year 1-6 students who took part in the swimming carnivals last week. I hope you had an enjoyable time and were able to cool off in the water. Special thanks to Mr Corbett who took the reins in my absence and to all the parents who were able to help and spectate.

Well done to Ward who took out the senior swim carnival and to Barry for showing the loudest spirit.

Congratulations to the following students who received awards for runner up and champions in their year group:

Yr 3 Runner Ups

James Hawkins

Grant O’Connor

Isabel Foss

Yr 3 Champions

Christian Chibanda-Johnstone

Sophia Lambert

Yr 4 Runner Ups

John O’Connell

Elena deFelice

Yr 4 Champions

Luke Ferraris

Grace Ligovich

Yr 5 Runner Ups

Samuel Lawrance

Novella Foss

Yr 5 Champions

Jake Vonic

Lilly Gerhold

Yr 6 Runner Ups

Jamie Lippiatt

Kayla Farrah

Yr 6 Champions

Lorenzo deFelice

Rachel O’Malley-Sudlow


EDU Dance:

We will have our Edu dance concert next Friday 26 March. Hopefully, the class outfit information has been sent home. The concert will be filmed on the night so if you are not able to make it you can watch it virtually via a private channel we will have set up. We are still working out the final details on how we will arrange the seating, please expect a small swap over halfway through the concert.

Ride to School:

It is national ride to school day on Friday 19 March. Due to the absence of the Year 6 cohort, we have decided to move it to the following week. Each day you ride, walk or scooter to school let your teacher know that morning and you will get an entry into the prize draw on the Friday. That can earn you up to 5 entries. Thank you to Steph van der Struyf for organising some great prizes for the students. There are vouchers to be won as well as some awesome bike bells to let other people know you are close.

Andrew Boxsell
Physical Education


Kindy Happenings

What a fantastic start to the year the Kindy Stars have had. The children have been making new friends and learning how to make good choices at school. In the last few weeks, we have been reading Where is the Green Sheep? And have been helping to read and retell the story so well. The children have also been making some green sheep collages and some sheep headbands. In Religion we have been talking about things that God is good at and drawing pictures for things we are good at. The children all had some great ideas for things we are good at! The children are loving Edu dance, doing Art with Mrs Maeda and when we see our Year 3 Buddies!

Friday Kindy: We are loving Friday Kindy with Pre Kindy and Kindy children. The children are all learning to get on with the big and little people in the classroom. On Fridays we go to music with Mrs Davey and have loved exploring the instruments. We have also been exploring the parts of a plant and looking for weeds in the garden. We used some weeds to do some painting!

Justine Jacobs
Kindergarten Teacher


Year One Swimming Carnival Happenings

What a great start to the year! Year One had the best time ever last Monday at the Swimming Carnival. The children were super excited and enjoyed participating in the competitive races and games. It was great to see so many parents supporting not just their own child but others around them, especially as this was their very first competitive sport event. Way to go Year One!

Danielle Moore
Year 1 Teacher


Year Six Happenings

CEWA Literacy Professional Development

I was fortunate to attend Professional Development led by the CEWA Literacy Team. We had the opportunity to meet teachers from other schools and discuss the big question, ‘What is Literacy in Schools’? There was a focus on reading and thinking about Learning Theories that have contributed to how schools currently approach Literacy. Our focus as educators is to select different strategies when appropriate to work on different goals, moving students to be confident and independent learners.

Synergy Solar Car Challenge

Congratulations to our Year 6 Team; Thomas Baker, Lewis Brett, Rani Cleghorn, Oliver Compton, Lorenzo de Felice and Thomas Moroz, who represented Loreto in the Synergy Solar Car Challenge at St. Mark’s Anglican School on Tuesday. The students worked well as a team without adult assistance to put the kit car together, test it and race. Our team made it through the first round in the best out of three races but were knocked out in the second round.

Greenbatch Plastic Recycling

Wow we have had such a lot of plastic brought to school already! It is fantastic to see so many people recycling their plastic.

A couple of reminders:


1. Wash all plastic thoroughly and let it dry. Lids should be removed.
2. Only send in plastic with the 1 and 2 recycle symbols on them.

Julia Waller
Year 6 Teacher


Art Happenings

What’s happening in the Art Room?


This term the Kindy’s have been working on a project called ‘Fine Arts for Little Hearts’, in which we explore a new artist and a new colour of the rainbow, every week. In their first ever art class, students were introduced to the artist Georgia O’Keefe, and her work ‘Red Poppy’. They created an original artwork in response and have repeated this process each week, with a new artist and colour focus. By the end of the term each student will have a complete rainbow portfolio of artworks. We can’t wait to put them on display!


This term we have been working hard on all the elements of our Klee-inspired cityscape. The students have shown great enthusiasm and focus on every step of the process. So far, we have drawn and decorated our cat characters, created a geometric cityscape drawing, created a range of textural painted papers, drawn a background contour drawing and begun cutting shapes for our final artwork. In the coming weeks we will be completing our cityscapes with a colourful geometric collage.

Year 1

The Year 1 students have been exploring creative approaches to ocean sustainability and the importance of keeping our waterways free of plastic waste. With the emphasis on active solutions, positivity and hope, we have been working hard on creating beautiful undersea imagery. Last Thursday the students added the final touches by repurposing plastic waste into decorative features for their undersea artworks. Their mixed-media masterpieces are now encased in resin and ready for display.

Year 2

It has been a very hectic few weeks in Year 2 Art, with the whole class rolling layers of paint over the paper stencils we made in weeks 2 & 3. I’m very pleased (and more than a little bit relieved!) to have completed the final paint layer with the class last week. Next, we will be finishing the prints by adding textural details with hand-made tissue transfers. We’ve also been sending progress pictures to our inspiration artist, Tracey Gibbs. Tracey loves the results so far and is looking forward to seeing the final artworks.

Year 3

This term the Year 3 students have been inspired by botanical conservatories from around the world. Of all the classes, the Year 3 project has probably been the most complex in terms of how many different processes required to create their artwork. So far, the Year 3s have explored watercolour painting, contour drawing, gouache rubbing, colour mixing and watercolour pencil design. To finish their artworks, they will be adding a blended coloured pencil background and collaging aspects of their colour mixing studies to create the lush conservatory gardens.

Year 4

The Year 4 sculpture project is really taking shape – literally and metaphorically. The students have applied themselves with impressive concentration and care to take their artworks from the 2-dimensional design stage to the wild 3D realm we currently find ourselves immersed in. Twisted branches, curly leaves and bursting bulbs are sprouting from all sorts of places. And, this week, things are only going to get more exciting with the layering of our base colours and textural details.

Year 5

This term the Year 5s have been pondering the mysteries of what lies at the very deepest parts of our oceans. We have investigated a range of wild sea creatures and created vivid imagery in response. Their first task was to make jellyfish lanterns, which are now illuminated and hanging in the art room. The students are now finishing work on their inverted-colour sea creature drawings. Their artworks will next be ‘un-inverted’ for printing and framing.

Year 6

The Year 6s have spent most of this term patiently working on a tonal drawing of their chosen animal. Our focus for this part of the project has been on achieving accurate proportions and a realistic suggestion of form through tonal shading techniques. This was quite an advanced drawing task and the students have risen to the challenge with impressive concentration and effort. The next step will be to bring our drawings to life with colourful watercolour transfers.

Miya Maeda
Art Specialist


School News

It is our pleasure to attach an invitation for our “Principal Commissioning Mass”, finally welcoming Rika Andres.

We hope that you can join us!


Loreto Family Playgroup meets every Monday (term time) at 9.00 – 10.30am. Please email the school office for information.

Volunteers Needed – Making Poppies

Thank you to those lovely Mums who have replied to my notice regarding volunteers to make poppies. We need to make about 400 poppies so would be great if we could get just a couple more volunteers. Could you please let me know if you can meet in Mrs Maeda’s Art Room on Tuesday 23 March at 8.45am to learn how to make them and then take the materials home to make them for the first week back from the holidays – ANZAC ceremony.

Please let me know if you can help.

Sarina Davey
Music Specialist


The Fathering Project

Mental health and wellness tips for dads

Men’s mental health has been a big focus in Australia in recent years and there have been many improvements in services and much bigger utilisation of these supports by men in general.

However, mental health issues are still having an impact on men’s physical health overall. The majority of the burden of disease linked to mental health disorders experienced by men is 52.3%, and that’s too high on my watch.

The good news is that in recent Australian studies, men have reported using numerous strategies to positively maintain their mental health and wellbeing.

The top 10 strategies they reported using from top to bottom are:

  1. Eating healthily (54% do this regularly)
  2. Keep myself busy (50%)
  3. Exercise (45%)
  4. Use humour to reframe my thoughts/feelings (41%)
  5. Do something to help another person (36%)
  6. Spend time with a pet (35%)
  7. Accept my sad feelings ‘this will pass too’ (33%)
  8. Achieve something (big or small) (31%)
  9. Hang out with people who are positive (31 %)
  10. Distract myself from negative thoughts/feelings (30%)

If you are struggling, call Lifeline on 131 114, or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636. If children are struggling, they can call Kids Helpline on 1800 551 800 or Youth Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.

Anthony Corbett 
Deputy Principal 

Community News

Good Friday Stations of the Cross

Please see below an invitation for Loreto children to be a part of the Good Friday Stations of the Cross play at Holy Rosary:

Our parish’s Children Liturgy will have a re-enactment of Stations of the Cross on Good Friday at 10am in Holy Rosary. The coordinator is Gima Mathew, from our parish’s Children Liturgy Ministry.

We require children for the following roles:

  • Simon
  • Pilate
  • Soldiers (3 children)
  • Women and Children (6 children)
  • Readers

The role of Jesus and Veronica are already filled.

There will be two practices, one after the Palm Sunday Mass and the other is on the morning of Good Friday before the Stations of the Cross.

Please contact the Holy Rosary Parish if your child is interested.



Rosé Soiréé

Join WIRF and our incredible supporters Steve’s Bar and Cafe on Sunday 21 March 3pm – 7pm for the Rosé event of the year!

A day dedicated to celebrating and raising critical funds for WIRF’s pioneering research into women’s and infant’s health.

For $125 per person, you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • Flowing rosé
  • Live music
  • Live auction, weekend away and some lovely Atlas pearls

Click the link to secure your tickets:

Kind Regards

Anita Moullin
Loreto Nedlands, Parent

Loreto Nedlands

69 Webster Street
Nedlands 6009, WA
p: (08) 6389 9400


Laughter, Happiness, Joy.

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