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Principal’s Message – Week 9 – June 17th, 2021

Principal’s Message – Week 9 – June 17th, 2021

Oops, St. Anthony, I Lost Something
A Child’s Prayer

“Tony, Tony, turn around.
Something’s lost and must be found.”
St. Anthony, I know that you are the saint people pray to when they’ve lost something.
What a job you’ve got!
I lose things all the time!
My Dad says that I’m “gifted” at losing socks, homework, library books, my glasses, and other stuff.
But this time, the thing I lost is really important.
Now, I’m pretty upset and nervous.
I’ve been praying that my search will have a happy ending.
Please help me to be patient,
to trust in God’s goodness and your help.

(from Loyola Press)

Dear Parents and Friends of Loreto Nedlands

Mary Ward’s virtue of FELICITY: Satisfy yourself with nothing less than God. MW – Maxim

Congratulations to our Year Four to Six students who represented Loreto Nedlands in the Interschool Chess Competition at St Paul’s. Captained by Takahiro Yamada, Loreto Nedlands positioned as the overall winner, A and B division winners, Jayden Song and Jewel Reutens, and Spirit of the Game Awarded to Thomas Baker.

On Tuesday, we had our Loreto Nedlands Speaker of the Year Finals. I once again congratulate all Year Five and Six students on their diversified and interesting speeches. I further commend the 12 Finalists and the top five students awarded on the night by our adjudicators:

  • 2021 Loreto Speaker of the Year: Eva Zammuto
  • Second Place: Lauren Wood
  • Third Place: Charlie van der Struyf
  • Principal Award: Orlando Ligovich
  • Sponsor Encouragement Award: Novella Foss

All the best to our top three award winners, representing Loreto Nedlands at Scotch College next Wednesday for the IPSHA Speaker of the Year Challenge.

I wish our First Communicants the very best on Sunday morning as they receive the Body of Christ for the first time. The Sacrament of Holy Communion is one of the sacraments of Initiation.

Further to my newsletter item regarding the Early Years Classroom Relocation, it involves the library’s relocation. The library will be moving to the Mulwith in the Senior Block. The library will be utilised for the same purposes as it is now, just in a new location. Parents from all year levels, I call on your help to volunteer some time through the attached link. The school needs some TLC and a hand in relocating essential items. The signup genius link is:



A further reminder that student reports will go live, Wednesday, 30th June. Please ensure that your email details and SEQTA Engage details are up to date so that you will be able to access your child’s report.

You may not be aware; however, Holy Rosary Parish is running a competition – Prayer to St Joseph. Father Gavin is holding a contest for all students in primary and secondary schools. The competition is to write a prayer to St Joseph from your heart and email/post/hand-deliver it to the Parish office. Please see the Holy Rosary Church bulletin for further details.

Save the date:

  • Parent Sundowner tomorrow night in the Loreto Performing Arts Centre (LPAC).
  • Dress like a Super Hero Day tomorrow. Please bring along a gold coin donation for Mini Vinnies Winter Appeal.
  • Term Three Beginning of Term Mass led by Year Six students, followed by a cuppa in the LPAC and viewing the Early Years and Library classroom reallocation.


Have a lovely weekend with family and friends.

Rika Andres


School News


Student reports will be available at the end of the term on SEQTA. The report is a summary of your child’s achievement against the curriculum that was taught in Semester One and will help you have a conversation with your child about their progress, effort and attitude towards learning. The report will help you celebrate successes and to also determine some areas of focus for the remainder of the year. As a school we are proud of the effort and dedication to learning displayed by all our students and look forward to a productive Semester Two.

To ensure you are able to log in to SEQTA Engage, please access https://loretonedlands.coneqt-p.cathednet.wa.edu.au/ before the end of this term.

Rebecca Barfoot
Assistant Principal

Religious Education

This Sunday’s Gospel reading is taken from Mark 4: 35-41 Jesus stills the Sea.

Living the Gospel – Do you not care?

The experience of the disciples as their boat was tossed about the sea by the powerful storm may sound like a familiar situation. At times in life, we may feel that we have lost control of our situation and we are being blown from one ‘disaster’ to the next. At such times, we may find ourselves asking the question that the disciples asked of Jesus, ‘Master, do you not care?’ Jesus’ reply to the disciples suggests that had they been calm and trusted in the slow work of God then they would have made it through the storm unharmed.

Year Five Happenings

Fremantle Excursion

Last Friday, the Eleventh of June the Year Fives and Sixes went to Fremantle for an excursion.

After the bus getting lost, we eventually arrived at Point Walter Reserve and went on a bush walk led by an Aboriginal Elder. He taught us many interesting things. Here are a few of the interesting things: Coastal Banksia has a chewy petal that Aboriginal women gave their children to take on long walks to soothe their hunger. He showed us soap leaves, which you can use to wash your hands when you pour water on them and rub them together in your hands. He showed us how to make string out of natural materials like sticks and reeds. He also told us an Aboriginal story about the river and Point Walter.

We also visited the Round House, which is the first prison for the free settlers of Fremantle. I had the good luck to fire the Round House cannon to let the towns people of Fremantle know that that it was one o’clock. Mrs Coenen, Mrs Waller and Mr Boxsell were held in the stocks for giving us sooooo much work!

We visited Fremantle Maritime Museum where we looked at all the names of the people who were among the first to arrive in Australia at Fremantle Harbour. After a long time looking, Orlando, Stella, Hugo and Gabriella found the names of relatives. Great job Orlando, Stella, Hugo and Gabriella!

All the kids had lots of fun playing on the climbing equipment at Fremantle Esplanade. Lots of other students and I had fun on the climbing frame, as others had fun on the swing slide and lots of other fun equipment.

We had so much fun and learnt so much on our excursion to Fremantle. Thank you, Mrs Coenen, Mrs Waller and Mr Boxsell, for making it such a wonderful and exciting day.

Holly Purser
Year Five Student

The Fathering Project

Dad Dates

One of the simplest and yet most powerful strategies that enable Fathers to connect to their children is Dad dates. If Dad bothers to spend time with each child, one-on-one, it generates an enormous feeling of worthwhileness. We suggest “Law of NOANOK” — No Other Adults, No Other Kids. It means the date involves just Dad and just one of the children at a time.

Since our children were little my wife and I have each taken them out on Dad dates or Mum dates. Usually, it has involved dinner somewhere the kids choose (fast food chains are banned) and a movie or something similar.

I learnt very quickly that if you think Dad dates will be an opportunity to have deep and meaningful discussions and to “sort the kids out” you are wrong. If you try that the kids will always avoid these dates. They only work if Dads listen and ask them about their friends and what they are enjoying or finding hard at school. If it becomes an inquisition or criticism, it will be a failure.

Anthony Corbett
Assistant Principal

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  • 04 August BRLA Yr5
  • 04 August 6.30pm P & F Meeting
  • 04 August Father Gavin Yr 3 class visit – prep for Reconciliation
  • 05 August BRLA Yr 3
  • 06 August Yr 3 Reconciliation – Loreto Chapel
  • 08 August St Mary of the Cross Feast Day
  • 09 August CPAF hiring LPAC
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  • 10 August CPAF hiring LPAC
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