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Principal’s Message – Week 1 – February 10th, 2022

Principal’s Message – Week 1 – February 10th, 2022

Dear Parents and Friends of Loreto Nedlands

Mary Ward’s Virtue of FREEDOM:

Mary Ward’s freedom is “grounded in the sense that we have a personal relationship with God; “Each of us has access to God’s loving care. This is the truth that sets us free…”

2022 marks 125 years of our Loreto foundations in Western Australia. In 1895, Dr Gibney, Bishop of Perth, asked Mother Gonzaga Barry to establish a school in Western Australia. In August 1896, Mother Gonzaga and Sisters de Sales Field and Aloysius Macken departed Ballarat for Perth to scope out a new foundation. They arrived in WA aboard the SS Orizaba on September 6 1896. On February 15 1897, they opened a Day School at Loreto’s first house in Adelaide Terrace, Perth, with two pupils. To commemorate this significant date and mark the beginning of our celebrations, the Loreto Nedlands Mary Ward Captains will ring the old handheld school bell at 8:45 am to signal the beginning of the school day.

We celebrate this milestone year and our rich history in the spirit of Freedom, reflecting on the strength and determination of our founding Sisters to continue the mission and vision of Mary Ward in Australia. We look forward to sharing more about the history of Loreto in WA with our school community throughout the year.

Firstly, I warmly welcome our new families to the Loreto Nedlands community. Some of our families were fortunate enough to commence at the beginning of the year, and others have joined us this week and next week. We look forward to watching your children grow and flourish during their time here at Loreto Nedlands.

I also take this opportunity to welcome all our new and returning Staff Members:

  • Katie Sharman – Mission Coordinator
  • Chloe Ricketts – Year Two Teacher
  • Elizabeth Kezich – Year Six Teacher
  • Stephanie Hantzis – Art Specialist
  • Scott MacCallum – Sport and Health Specialist
  • Lizzie Stewart – School Psychologist
  • Jacqui Morgan – PK Education Assistant
  • Zoe Pedrin – Education Assistant

I will be taking small amounts of Long Service Leave throughout the year. Please direct all concerns to Rebecca Barfoot, Assistant Principal, whilst I am away. Rebecca is an experienced educator and leader. I will be attending the Loreto Principal’s Forum on February 14 and then taking the rest of the week off as Long Service Leave.

We will inevitably experience school, staff, and student disruptions in the coming period. Changes or modifications to the school term planner will be made as required and directed by government regulations. I ask for everyone’s understanding, resilience and compassion during this time. Our ultimate goal is to provide a normal existence for your children within the school setting as much as possible. We will endeavour to use the online platform to connect with families for events such as assemblies.

One of our first online connections for families will be the Brave Parenting Online Talk hosted by Best Program 4 Kids. BRAVE Parenting – the toughest job in the world needs a healthy dose of parental resilience. This workshop covers the 8 BIG R’s of BRAVE parenting – Role Modelling, Rules, Routines, Rewards, Respect, Regulation, Rating and Risks. It’s a deep dive into parenting fundamentals that build resilience in the family system.

Please utilise the TryBooking link to register your online attendance. A fee of $10 per booking is required to cover costs. The invitation will be sent out to other schools within the area, so please feel free to share the information. Your online link will be sent directly to the email you have put in your TryBooking order.

The St Vincent de Paul Nedlands branch has sent a beautiful letter of gratitude to our school, thanks to the whole school community’s generosity.

Please take a read of St Vinnies letter of gratitude to our school 

I know we can work through the challenges that are ahead with the support of our school community. If you have any queries, or indeed, if you have timely information about a COVID19 related absence to report, please get in touch with the school immediately.

Loreto Nedlands will follow up-to-date Department of Health advice, and we will continue to communicate with you as changes to this advice are received. For more information on the high caseload protocols, I encourage you to keep abreast of government announcements at https://www.wa.gov.au.

Thank you to all students, parents and staff for your ongoing understanding and support during these times. It is greatly appreciated.

Rika Andres


School News


Loreto Year of Freedom 2022

All Loreto schools in Australia have the same values underpinning their educational philosophy, values envisaged by Mary Ward and characterised by Freedom, Justice, Sincerity, Verity, and Felicity.

In 2022, our celebrated value is Freedom. The Mary Ward Captains have updated the Loreto Freedom prayer to make it more accessible and understandable to our primary school students.

Our School – Our History

Mary Ward, the Englishwoman who began the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary, lived from 1585 – 1645. Before she died there were Loreto Convents started throughout England and Europe. Later schools were opened all over the world.

The Loreto Sisters arrived in Western Australia in 1897, opening a school in Adelaide Terrace, Perth and later purchasing Loreto Osborne, Claremont. The sisters bought land for Loreto Nedlands when they were asked to open a University College for Women. However, the request to provide a school for the newly opened Nedlands Parish was seen as a greater need and a school was built and opened to pupils in 1931 by the Loreto Sisters.

The pupils from Adelaide Terrace were invited to move to Loreto Nedlands in 1937. The amalgamation of Loreto Osborne and the Jesuit school of St Louis formed John XXIII College in 1977. Loreto Nedlands maintains its distinctive place as a co-educational primary school, the only Loreto school currently in Western Australia.

Today the following Loreto schools cater for girls Kindergarten to Year 12: Loreto Kirribilli, Sydney; Loreto Mandeville Hall, Melbourne; Loreto College Marryatville, Adelaide; and for girls Year 7 to Year 12: Loreto College, Ballarat; Loreto College Coorparoo, Brisbane; and Loreto Normanhurst, Sydney.

In Western Australia, Loreto Nedlands provides co-education for students from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6.

Associated Loreto colleges are John XXIII College, which provides co-education for students from Kindergarten to Year 12, and the former Loreto Portland School, founded by Gonzaga Barry is now Bayview College Portland, Victoria.


The Importance of Strong Oral Language and Vocabulary Skills

At Loreto Nedlands, we acknowledge that strong oral language skills form the foundation of literacy and academic success.

A solid foundation of oral language helps children become successful readers and strong communicators and increases their confidence and overall sense of well-being. The ability to use oral language effectively contributes towards a child’s ability to learn and progress, build relationships, and achieve academic success.

Here are some ideas that you can do at home to build your child’s oral language skills:

  • Children learn what they hear: Repeated exposure to words, books, and conversation allows a child to learn new words and develop strong oral language skills.
  • Children learn words for things and events that interest them: Talk about what your child is interested in and showing curiosity in. Children will learn more when they are interested.
  • Children learn best when they are engaged and interacting: Talk with your child rather than at them, expand on what your child says, comment on what your child is interested in and ask lots of questions.
  • Children learn best in meaningful contexts: Play and engage with your child. This will allow greater learning opportunities.
  • Children need to hear a wide range of examples of words and language structures: Talk with your child about lots of topics, read a wide range of books, sing songs and rhymes. Quality is important, not quantity.

Rebecca Barfoot
Assistant Principal

Kindergarten Enrolments 2023

Contact the Administration Office on 6389 9400 or admin@loretonedlands.wa.edu.au for Kindergarten 2023 enrolments.

School Psychologist News

Hi All! I am Lizzie Stewart the School Psychologist at Loreto Nedlands. Prior to this position I have been in private practice as a Psychotherapist for over ten years and before that an Art Teacher. Gaining scientific and evidence knowledge appealed to me so I enrolled in a Psychology degree six years ago which I did part time and completed last year.

I am part of the Loreto Nedlands Well-Being Team holding some of the EUCA Sessions (part of the Eucalyptus Program) on a Friday. I see students for individual sessions on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. The individual sessions focus on whatever specific needs the student has so that they can reach their full potential in all areas.

I am happy to be part of such a great school with a welcoming community feel.

Lizzie Stewart
School Psychologist

Year One News

Welcome to Week 2! Students have settled into school well and have been developing wonderful new friendships with their peers. They have been learning all our class routines and expectations as well as completing some great crafts and activities. During our writing sessions, students have begun to identify the structure and language features of a recount by writing what we did in the holidays/weekend.

The students have also been busy writing a letter to me, telling me all about their favourite things and what they are looking forward to this year. In maths, we will continue our learning about counting, with a focus on skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Danielle Moore
Year One Teacher

Year Three News

The Year Three students have transitioned into their new classroom with great success. They have mastered new routines and have enjoyed meeting some new teachers. Last Friday, the students were involved in the new Eucalyptus Program which required participation in a range of activities with other students from Years Three to Six.

On Monday, the students travelled to HBF Stadium to complete their Swimming Trials. They had a go at swimming 50m of freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke. It was great to see every student demonstrating their best effort. In the classroom, the students have enjoyed taking ownership of their iPad which they use to enhance their learning. In Religious Education, the students have brainstormed what it means to be part of a community and have reflected on their first and most important community, their family!

Emily Meneghello
Year Three Teacher


School News

Loreto Nedlands School Term Dates For 2022

Term One:

Monday 31 January – Friday 8 April

PUPIL FREE DAY: Friday 4 March

Term Two:

Tuesday 26 April – Friday 1 July

PUPIL FREE DAY: Friday 3 June & Tuesday 7 June

Term Three:

Monday 18 July – Friday 23 September

PUPIL FREE DAY: Friday 26 August

Term Four:

Monday 10 October – Friday 9 December

PUPIL FREE DAY: Monday 10 October

Action Plans

For the well being of your child/ren it is compulsory that all students with Asthma and/or Anaphylaxis submit a Medical Action Plan (colour copy) including an up-to-date student photo. The Medical Action Plan is to be completed by the child’s GP.

Please refer to the Parent Handbook on the school website for further information. Action Plans can be emailed to admin@loretonedlands.wa.edu.au

School Drop Off and Pick Up Safety Issue

Parents are not to enter or collect their children at the gate between the Year One classroom and the Staff car park as this is a safety issue. Parents must enter through the main gates on Webster and Stanley Street.

Storytime with Mrs Jacobs

Please note that Storytime with Mrs Jacobs will now be held in the Mary Ward Courtyard.

Parent Help with Book Covering

Whole School Photo Day

Please note change of date for Whole School Photo Day is now Thursday 7 April 2022.

Winter Netball

It’s Netball time again!

Registrations will be open soon for the Winter Netball season which starts on 6th/7th May and finishes 27th August. Games are played rain, hail or shine (excluding long weekends and school holidays).

The cost of registration for the 2022 season will be approximately $185 but an exact figure will be communicated once we have a better idea of numbers.

Initially, we are asking for an expression of interest so we can ascertain if we can register teams in multiple year levels. As Loreto Nedlands is a small school, we, unfortunately, do not always have enough players in each year group to form a team so if you are keen make sure you get your year group involved as well. For anyone that would like to play but we cannot place in a team we will try to put you in contact with other clubs that need extra players.

A maximum of 10 players (preferably 9) per team will be accepted.

Please reply to myself by email by Tuesday 15th February if your child would be interested in playing and feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

We look forward to a great season!

Brooke Rubino

Upcoming Events

  • 27 June IPSHA Performing Arts TBC
  • 28 June IPSHA Performing Arts TBC
  • 29 June Yr 2 Informal Mass at Holy Rosary
  • 30 June Newsletter
  • 30 June Liturgical Singing
  • 01 July End of Term
  • 01 July Year 1 NAIDOC Mass
  • 01 July EUCA Mentor Groups