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Principal’s Message – Week 4 – February 24th, 2022

Principal’s Message – Week 4 – February 24th, 2022

Dear Parents and Friends of Loreto Nedlands

Mary Ward’s Virtue of FREEDOM: The Felicity of this course (as much as I can express it) was a singular Freedom from all that could make one cling to earthly things, with an entire application and apt disposition to all good works. (MW The Just Soul Vision 1615)

How lucky we are to be experiencing such beautiful weather and Freedom within our school setting. Your children have indeed begun to nurture existing branches of friendships and develop fantastic new roots as we conclude Week Four.

All families have received their Annual Fee Statement, and I respectfully request that you return your payment option to our Finance Officer, Steve Tucker, by the due date. A reminder families with the appropriate Health Care Card are eligible for a rebate. Please send through a copy of your card should this be the case. Families experiencing difficulty are reminded to make an appointment with Steve or myself to discuss options.

Thank you to all families who registered for the online Brave Parenting session. A few hiccups, but we got there. We had 60 people register, some outside of our school community. Thank you to Bridget Beesley, parent rep coordinator, for assisting in getting the message out to families. If you would like to have the link, there is still time to purchase. I will send the link as soon as I receive your trybooking email.


The private youtube link is valid until midnight, Monday, 7th March. I value your feedback once you have watched it.

Currently, primary age children are not required to wear a mask at school. We have been advised that this may change when caseloads increase. Once again, parents, your child is welcome to wear a mask should they wish to even if it is not for an entire day. It may be helpful for students to trial wearing them should a mandate be put in place. This is not the case at the moment; therefore, mask-wearing for any child is optional.

I am sure the students in Years Three to Six are excited about their upcoming swimming carnival. Please ensure that you read all correspondence provided by our Sports Specialist, Scott McCallum and ensure that you adhere to all requests. Medals and shields are being presented at school. A recording will be sent to all families of the medal ceremony.

A very successful P&F Meeting was held online last week. I watched the recording whilst I was away and was thrilled to see new faces and interests. There have been some wonderful fundraising ideas put forward. I look forward to gathering together as a community.

Families are invited to attend our Ash Wednesday Liturgy at Holy Rosary on Wednesday 2nd March, however, please remember to follow COVID protocols for church.

Finally, a reminder that the staff will be engaging in Spiritual Professional Learning next Friday so the school will be closed to students. Murray Graham will present a day on Ignatius Spirituality which was very important to Mary Ward.

I wish you all a lovely and safe weekend.

Rika Andres


School News

Prayer for Peace and Justice

Grant us, Lord God, a vision of your world as your love would have it.

A world where the weak are protected, and none are hungry or poor.

A world where peace is built with justice, and justice is guided by love.

Give us the inspiration and courage to build it through your son, Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

Katie Sharman
Mission Co-Ordinator


125 Years of Loreto in Western Australia

On Tuesday 15 February at 8.45am, our Loreto Nedlands Mary Ward Captains rang the old handheld school bell to signal the beginning of the school day and the official anniversary of the opening of Loreto’s first Day School in Adelaide Terrace, Perth, 125 years ago.

A guard of honour seemed a fitting addition to mark the occasion!



Primary school years can be both exciting and challenging. Here at Loreto Nedlands, we believe that establishing a solid and firm foundation in academic studies, supported by a holistic education, is the key to developing students who are life-long learners with curious minds. As we celebrate 125 years of Loreto in Western Australia (under the guiding presence of the Sisters of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary throughout that time), we are reminded of Mother Gonzaga Barry’s visionary idea of a school that would provide a solid and holistic education for all students.

This excerpt from an article in CathNews captures Mother Gonzaga Barry’s spirit and story:

“Mother Gonzaga Barry believed that what the world needed are wise, loveable and well-educated women. She was a pioneer in creating a broad curriculum that ensured a holistic education to bring out the best in students so they could make the world a better place for having lived in it.”

Our school days have changed significantly over the past century. Reading, writing, arithmetic, history, geography, and grammar were the main subjects taught, with the addition of drawing for boys and sewing for girls. Yet, the one constant has been the crucial reciprocal relationship between family and school. Research has shown us that a culture of greater parental engagement has a positive impact on student outcomes, including a greater sense of personal competence and efficacy for learning. As a learning community, we seek to engage parents in their children’s education in a range of ways which place value on building a sense of community and developing authentic relationships.

In this world of rapid change and the many complexities of society today, we understand and recognise the importance of parents and educators working together to invest in strategies that will enable and motivate students to use their gifts with confidence, propelling them into the future as independent, creative, and articulate graduates.

Rebecca Barfoot
Assistant Principal

Project Compassion

The Year Six Pastoral Care Ministry is running three whole-school events to raise money for Project Compassion in 2022. Our first event will be a Bake Sale in Week Seven on Friday 18 March. Year Sixes will be baking goodies to sell at recess for $1 each and there will be gluten free options.

In Week Nine on Tuesday 29 March, we will be holding a Rice Day at lunch. For $5, students will experience what it is like for the less fortunate people in the world. More details will be sent out closer to the day.

On the last day of Term One we will be fundraising for Project Compassion through a Gold Coin Free Dress Day.

Please support our events!

Written by the Year Six Pastoral Care Ministry

Katie Sharman
Mission Co-Ordinator


Practical Ideas for Lent

People often don’t look forward to Lent. Childhood memories of “giving up” your favourite lollies or sitting through weekly Stations of the Cross come to mind. Words like penance, sacrifice and discipline pose Lent as a season to be endured rather than of a time of reflection, grace, and spiritual growth.

Have you ever thought of Lent as a yearly second chance? Each year the Church gives us six weeks to take a long, loving look at our lives to see if our values and priorities are in line with God’s desires for us. Since most of us find that we’ve wandered from God’s path, Lent becomes that second chance to “return to God with our whole heart.”

Below are some Lenten practices that families could use to make the season of Lent a meaningful time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving for each other and the wider community.

Around the breakfast table

For many families, breakfast might often be the most practical meal to spend together at the table. You may all be surprised at the change in your mindset if each day began together with a prayer, reflection, and a positive discussion with the whole family. If it takes someone (not just Mum!) to get up early to ensure breakfast as a family occurs, then that is your Lenten sacrifice.

Drawing a prayer

Prayer doesn’t have to be written, recited or formal. Set aside five minutes a day to draw in a sketchbook and reflect on God and your relationship with him. This is a great activity for kids!

A Lenten jar

We all have nice things that we just never end up having the time to do! For example, writing an email/message to a friend, donating old jumpers to a charity, visiting a person who may be lonely or calling that distant family member. At the beginning of Lent, write down these tasks on a piece of paper and place them in a jar. When you can, whether it be daily, often, or weekly, pull out a task and complete it. Doing good for others and almsgiving are at the heart of the Lenten season.

Radio God

Instead of listening to music or the radio in your car when you’re alone, use that time for prayer and to listen to God. Although the silence may be deafening at first, it could quickly become enjoyable. Pray for people who you know need your prayers, thank God for your many blessings and pray for your family and yourself. A time to reflect and pray allows you to be centred, calm and peaceful as you move onto to the next busy part of your day.

A note a day

Take a minute to reflect and pray each day (or twice weekly or when you can, make it work for you!) and think of a person who has made an impact in your life in some way. Take the time to write them a note. Think outside the box: it may be an old teacher, a cousin, an old work colleague, a new friend. Send the notes without any expectation of a response, just written for the simple gift of giving.

Adapted from: Reflecting on the Lent Season from Loyola Press


Katie Sharman
Mission Co-Ordinator

Kindergarten News

We are having the most fabulous time in Kindy! We have made some new friends and reconnected with our old ones and even met our Year 3 Buddies.

We really LOVE to read stories! Mrs Joseph read us a story called ‘Neon Leon’ by Jane Clarke and Britta Teckentrup and it has made us all very curious about camouflage. Neon Leon, an orange chameleon, finds it hard to change colours to fit into his environment but eventually finds the perfect environment for him and even manages to find a friend. We also read ‘Leo the Littlest Seahorse’ by Margaret Wild and Terry Denton and realised that seahorses camouflage too. We also learnt that seahorses are very special creatures because the father seahorses become pregnant and give birth to their babies.

Mrs Joseph has some great activities planned for us to learn some more about camouflage… we can’t wait!!!

Jessica Joseph
Kindergarten Teacher


Pre-Primary News

What a busy start to the year in Pre-Primary, we have been working towards learning our new routine and class expectations, getting to know our new teachers and having fun engaging in learning and play. The children have loved building and constructing in the block corner and the art room with creative box constructions. We have been learning to share and work together to create puzzles, play games, and think about how our feelings affect us and others.

In English we have been sharing information about our own experiences, we have been consolidating our knowledge of rhyme and our understating of the key sounds letters make in our first set of sounds.

In Maths we have been exploring number, writing numerals, and counting collections to match a set number.

In Technology we have begun working with the iPad and learning how to use it safely as well as using the Seesaw app for photos, voice recording and learning activities.

In Science we have been learning about living and non-living things by looking for living things in our environment and discussing what living things need to survive.

In HASS and Religion, we have been learning about ourselves and our families. We have discussed our uniqueness and things that make us and our families special in the eyes of God. We have also explored how we have changed over time from babies to now.

We look forward to more fun and learning throughout the rest of the term.

Amee Coles
Pre-Primary Teacher


Year Five News

It has been a busy first few weeks in Year Five! Our weeks have whizzed by, and the students have settled in remarkably well and are already working hard.

Here are a few of the things we have been up to:

  • We have started reading our Term 1 novel study, Midnite by Randolph Stow. The novel focuses on our History topic Australia in the 1800s.
  • We are building up our stamina to write for an extended period of time during writing. Students are focused on developing realistic stories, interweaving rich vocabulary through their descriptions of character, and setting.
  • We have started our Religion unit, which teaches us about the importance of Baptism and how all people and creation are important. We learnt about what Pope Francis said in his letter ‘Laudato si’ and how we, as Catholics, can act. We created posters to help us remember the importance of caring for our common home – the World.
  • We have set our Term 1 goals, covering both academic and personal. These goals will help guide our focus and behaviour to achieve our best for Term 1.
  • In History, we have been learning about the British colonies in Australia after the 1800’s. We have been exploring why England sent convicts to Australia and the events that led to this.

Fun Fact: Did you know you could be sentenced to life for stealing an apple in Australia?

  • In Mathematics, the students have had a big focus on the rapid recall of the multiplication tables and singing away to Jack Hartman’s time’s table songs.

All this and more to come!

Lori Coenen
Year Five Teacher

School News

Commonwealth School Data Collection Notice

Each year the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) collect data about your child’s school, its staff and student body. This information is collected in accordance with the Australian Education Act 2013 and the Australian Education Regulation 2013 and is used to:

  • Ensure the provision of Australian Government funding to schools is properly calculated and appropriately managed
  • Conduct research, statistical analysis and develop school education policy for the Australian Government
  • Meet national and international reporting obligations on school students in Australia
  • Publish and provide information about schools to the public.

You do not need to do anything, as Loreto Nedlands will be responsible for providing the requested information to the department.

Please click on the link below to view the Parent Privacy Notice for more information on how information is collected, what information is collected, how the information will be used and the DESE’s Privacy Policy.


Best Programs 4 Kids – Parenting Workshops

Please note the other three scheduled Parenting Workshops for 2022 are open on TryBooking. See below the links to book:

Building Childhood Resilience – https://www.trybooking.com/BXOOD

Teasing and Bullying – https://www.trybooking.com/BXPBZ

Friendships – https://www.trybooking.com/BXPCJ

  • Building Childhood Resilience – what is resilience and how do we help our children to develop more? Cover 10 top ways to build resilience in children. 10/5/22 at 6pm
  • Teasing and bullying – yes, they’re different. Yes, they’re prevalent. Yes, we can teach skills to manage these common childhood bumps and hazards. 2/8/22 at 6pm
  • Friendships – beautiful and fulfilling – but sometimes depleting and ghastly. How do children’s friendships develop and how can we help them to grow strong and protective relationships – and to sort out the nasty stuff along the way? 18/10/22 at 6pm


Loreto Nedlands P&F

The Parents and Friends Association of Loreto Nedlands is a very active group that exists to support the Principal and Staff in the activities of the school and to promote a spirit of friendship and cooperation within the school community. It is open to all current members of the school community.

P&F meetings are held two times a Term and those dates are in the school calendar. We encourage all parents to come along to hear updates from our Parent Committees and to vote on how our P&F funds are spent. We have successfully had our first meeting for Term One via Teams and will likely use that medium going forward.

CSPWA Induction Evening

Bridget Beesley, Patrycja Spears and myself virtually attended the Catholic School Parents Western Australia induction evening where we discussed the role of the parent group, fundraising, volunteering and adding strength to the school community. It was really worthwhile evening, and we were able to ask great questions and listen to other parent groups and their experiences as well as received great information from the team at CSPWA.

Scholastic Book Club
A huge thank you to Andrea Coad for coordinating the Scholastic Book Club that our school is participating in this year. The children have been given the Book Club catalogue with a different selection of books offered for all ages. All credits for books purchased go to the Library and Literacy program for book purchases. We currently have $300 in credits that will benefit our library!

It is easy to order. You can place your child’s order at:


The Book Club LOOP platform for parents allows you to pay by credit card. Your child’s order is submitted directly to school and the books will be delivered to the classroom.

For those families that are new to Scholastic Book Club the ‘Parents Guide to Book Club’ has proven very helpful.


If you missed this term’s catalogue you can find it here:

The link is – https://scholastic.com.au/media/6622/bc122_web.pdf

This term’s orders close on Friday 25th February.

Please contact Andrea Coad at andrea_coad@yahoo.com.au if you have any questions.

Thankyou to our hardworking volunteers
A big thankyou to Patrycja Spears for her work in coordinating the Mother’s Day Stall for this year and to Andrea Coad for putting her hand up to Coordinate the Sausage Sizzles this year.

We are so thankful to have such hard-working volunteers!

Disco Coordinator(s)

We are seeking volunteers to run the School Disco in Term Three! This is a fun school event to be a part of, and the kids love it. If you are interested, get in touch with your class reps or Jennifer Roughan at – jmroughan@iinet.net.au

Fundraising Committee
The fundraising committee will be meeting next week to discuss some ideas and events to raise funds for the school. If you are interested in joining the Fundraising Committee or have some fundraising ideas, please get in touch with your class reps or Jennifer Roughan at – jmroughan@iinet.net.au

Canteen Refunds – Credit Refunds

We have the list of users with a remaining credit balance (from the old school portal) that will need to be refunded via Stripe. We are currently going through that process now. The user will then automatically receive an email with the refund amount.

Canteen Update – Gluten Free Options

Locavora (Lunchbox) has agreed to trial 3 gluten free sandwiches for Loreto Nedlands. These sandwiches are now included as gluten free sandwiches on the ordering page under sandwiches.

It will be important to note that whilst they have strict procedures in place to prevent any cross contamination, they can’t guarantee these items won’t contain traces of gluten considering they do use gluten in their kitchen. We understand that they will be making the 3 gluten free sandwiches prior to making non-gluten free items. This however, as noted above, is not a guarantee.

Further information can be found on their FAQ section under ‘Dietary Requirements’:


Jennifer Roughan
Loreto Nedlands P&F President

Upcoming Events

  • 27 June IPSHA Performing Arts TBC
  • 28 June IPSHA Performing Arts TBC
  • 29 June Yr 2 Informal Mass at Holy Rosary
  • 30 June Newsletter
  • 30 June Liturgical Singing
  • 01 July End of Term
  • 01 July Year 1 NAIDOC Mass
  • 01 July EUCA Mentor Groups