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Principal’s Message – Week 6 – March 10th, 2022

Principal’s Message – Week 6 – March 10th, 2022

Dear Parents and Friends of Loreto Nedlands

Mary Ward’s Virtue of FREEDOM: Something happened also discovering the freedom that such a soul should have to refer all to God. (MW The Just Soul Vision 1615)

As we draw a close to Week Six, I take this opportunity to thank all families for your ongoing support and also my staff for their continued vigilance around COVID mandates. The staff have displayed their readiness for online learning numerous times by seamlessly moving across at short notice for individuals and whole class settings. I extend my sincere gratitude to all staff for their flexibility.

Our Interhouse Swimming Carnival, thanks to the efforts of Mr Scott McCallum, ran very smoothly. Thank you to the parents who assisted on the day and to family and friends who came along to support the students. Congratulations to all students for swimming at your best and the students who received medals. Well done.

We are now in the Season of Lent. Last week saw the launching of Project Compassion, followed by our Ash Wednesday Liturgy hosted by the Year Three students. Thank you to Father Gavin for celebrating the Liturgy with us and being so flexible. The Year Three students, led by Miss Meneghello read beautifully in our ever-changing situation. All classes participated via the TEAMS link. Class teachers distributed the ashes to students, and Father Gavin also visited the Pre Kindy to Pre Primary classes.

EduDance practice and preparations continue to evolve. Yesterday the students moved to onstage rehearsal. As I move through the LPAC, I have watched the pieces come together. The concert once again will be a fantastic display of your child’s ability and gifts in the performing arts arena. Our EduDance show will more than likely be closed to family and friends. We will, as promised, video the event and share it via SEQTA. Unfortunately, our usual videographer cannot attend on 30th March to video the performance. I was hoping someone in our community, who has the necessary equipment, would be willing to spend a couple of hours on 30th March to come in and video the performance between 11:45am-12:45pm and 1:30-2:30pm.

Last Thursday, we held our first Evacuation Drill for the year. I am pleased to say that it was carried out with precision and students remained very calm. The school conducts two evacuation drills and two lockdown drills yearly.

Last Friday, the staff engaged in their annual Religious Education Professional Development. The day focused on Ignatian Spirituality and was presented by Murray Graham, who helped deepen our understanding and participate in self-reflection.

Yesterday, the wonderful aroma of a Sausage Sizzle filled the school. Thank you to the Parents and Friends for organising the event and the many parents who attended to help out on the day. The children were very grateful for your efforts.

I will be away all of next week completing the Company Directors Course presented by AICD. Please direct any concerns to Rebecca Barfoot, Assistant Principal, whilst I’m away. As this is an intensive study course, I will not be able to respond immediately to queries or concerns.

Finally, families, remember that if you have had a child that tested positive to COVID and has finished their isolation period, they may return to school; however, they must wear a mask for an additional seven days. This is required for all children, not just Years Three to Six.

I wish you all a lovely and safe weekend.

Rika Andres


School News

Prayer for Peace and Justice in Ukraine

By the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference


God of peace and justice,
Who changes the hardened heart
And break the power of violence,
We entrust the people of Ukraine to you.

Protect them in this time of peril;
Let them know not death but life,
Not slavery but freedom.

You are Father of all;
We are brothers and sisters.

Give us the strength
To live that truth in love,
Choosing peace not war.

Through Christ our Lord.


Katie Sharman
Mission Co-Ordinator


Little Moments…

Covid-19 has changed many things in our world over the past two years, however, it has not changed the importance of recognising and celebrating the little moments in life. Each and every day the staff at Loreto Nedlands witness our children displaying the values and teaching of Jesus in the Gospels through their positive approach to learning, growth mindset, displaying our Loreto values, or the use of their amazing manners. As a teaching community, we are inspired by the young children in our care and would like to celebrate their effort.

Each fortnight, staff will be invited to nominate a student they have witnessed displaying one of these attributes:

  • Positive Approach to Learning
  • Growth Mindset
  • Displaying the value of Freedom
  • Amazing Manners

Congratulations to the following students:

Audrey (Pre Kindy) – Amazing Manners

Bradley (Year Two) – Amazing Manners

Annabel (Year Two) – Positive Approach to Learning

Daniel (Year Four) – Growth Mindset

Ardan (Year Five) – Growth Mindset

Samuel (Year Six) – Amazing Manners

Rebecca Barfoot
Assistant Principal


Parent-Teacher Meetings

Online Parent-Teacher meetings will be held on Tuesday 15th March. There will be an early close on this day at 12.45pm (Pre Kindy and Kindy will remain at school until 3pm).

Interviews will be conducted via Teams. Please follow the link to book a time for your meeting (the link to your meeting will be sent to you once you have chosen a meeting time).

Please let your class teacher know if you would prefer to conduct the interview via phone instead of a video call. The teacher will then phone your nominated number at the meeting time.

Interviews are strictly 10 minutes only. The smooth running of our event relies on all parents keeping to the timetable. Please consider other parents and end your meeting on time. If you need more time with the teacher, please arrange a separate Teams meeting or phone call.

If the times available are unsuitable for you, please contact your class teacher to arrange an alternative day and time.

These are Parent-Teacher conversations and staff would prefer it if students in Pre-Primary to Year Four did NOT attend these interviews. Students in Years Five to Six are encouraged to attend via video link with their parents.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.



Rebecca Barfoot
Assistant Principal


Project Compassion Launch

On Tuesday 1st March it was Shrove Tuesday, and we attended the 2022 Project Compassion Launch. Due to COVID, it had to be online, so we dialled into Trinity College where they held the launch.

Firstly, we participated in the Liturgy and learned a lot about Caritas. We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by having pancakes as a group. We did a Kahoot about Caritas Australia and what they do, and we split into breakout rooms to have a conversation with other schools. We had an interesting Q&A session with Sister Ivy who works for Caritas in Mozambique, Africa. Sister Ivy talked about giving the people in Mozambique fresh water and how listening changed her life while working in Africa.

Please remember our three fundraising events for Project Compassion in Term One, our Bake Sale in Week Seven, Rice Day in Week Nine and our Free Dress Day ‘Colours for Caritas’ on the last day of Term One.

James, Stella, Henry and Lilly

Year Six Mary Ward Captains

Katie Sharman
Mission Co-Ordinator


Ash Wednesday

On Wednesday 2nd March, the whole school was able to participate in a reverent Liturgy led by the Year Three students to begin the season of Lent. As the rain tumbled down, Father Gavin scrambled over from the Church to the Year Three classroom so we could still commemorate this incredibly important day. Years One to Six participated in the live-streamed Liturgy in their own classrooms or at home.

Father Gavin then visited the Pre-Kindy, Kindy and Pre-Primary classrooms to distribute ashes and talk about the importance of ash and the season of Lent. Thank you for being so flexible Father!

Katie Sharman
Mission Co-Ordinator


Reflection – Ignatian Spirituality

Last Friday, the Loreto Nedlands staff participated in a Professional Development Day focused on Ignatian Spirituality facilitated by Murray Graham.

We began the day by writing down our worries and any other things that were on our mind in order to put these out of our heads for the day. Throughout the sessions, Murray talked about how we can learn about ourselves and our relationships through prayer. He discussed that prayer isn’t primarily about saying words or thinking thoughts, rather, prayer it is a way of living, trusting, and delighting in the Presence of God. We had the opportunity to go out into our beautiful grounds to walk around or sit, while simply being aware of God’s Presence, to absorb God’s Presence and delight in God’s Presence.

Murray spent a considerable amount of time focusing our attention on service, and that learning how to serve brings love, inner peace, and joy. He quoted Mother Theresa who very aptly said,

“The fruit of stillness is prayer,
The fruit of prayer is faith,
The fruit faith is love,
The fruit of love is service,
The fruit of service is joy.”

If we can have a strong relationship with God and others through service, we will hopefully find that love and joy follows.

Finally, Murray touched on the idea that time is of the upmost importance. Prayer is all about being available to God; being present and giving him your full attention. If we are available, we can be a channel for God to work through. However, we need the time to be available and present! Without time to give, you cannot be available to God or available to serve others. Murray ended the day with a quote from an Aboriginal woman he had met. When asked about service, she said, ‘if you are coming to help me you are wasting your time. But, if you’ve come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.’

I think we can all take something out of this woman’s words. Our happiness and freedom are intrinsically connected to everyone we share this earth with and by working together, we can achieve love and joy for all.

Katie Sharman
Mission Co-Ordinator


Eucalyptus Sessions

During our new Eucalyptus (EUCA) sessions, students from Years Three to Six gather together with the aim of enhancing and supporting student wellbeing through a holistic approach. Named after the local Aboriginal meanings for Eucalyptus (Moitch, Koolert, Gooloorto, Colaille, and Boorn), each group is supported by a Mentor Teacher and a Facilitator Teacher.

The approach is grounded in, and guided by, our Loreto values and vision. The Mentor Teachers aim to engage their group by building and experiencing positive emotions whilst developing critical thinkers by promoting challenge, curiosity, and creativity. Throughout the year Mentor Teachers will nurture positive relationships based on respect and the promotion of a flourishing school community.

Mentor Teachers…

Miss Emily Meneghello, Mrs Julia Waller, Mrs Lori Coenen, Miss Elizabeth Kezich and Mrs Rebecca Barfoot.


Each Facilitator has created a program that aims to enhance the emotional and social wellbeing of our students as well as offer them the opportunity to explore challenges in a positive and supportive environment.

Mrs Sarina Davey

In the Drama component of the EUCA program, students rehearse and perform various resilience and wellbeing strategies in a safe and supportive environment. Practicing and performing these well-being strategies develop empathy and understanding in children and increase the chances of students using these strategies in their everyday lives.

Mrs Stephanie Hantzis

During the art sessions, students are learning about the importance of mindfulness through the creation of mandalas in the shape of feathers. We have also linked the feather to the school focus of FREEDOM and how important it is right now for all to feel safe and supported, yet still have choices that make us feel good. Being creative and practicing the techniques of mandalas and mindfulness teaches the students about how to de-stress and stay positive and focussed. These are well-being strategies that the students can use now and in the future.

Mr Scott McCallum

Through team building, students are learning the importance of working together and communicating effectively to complete challenging team games. Through these sessions, students will understand that by positively working with others and effectively communicating they will increase their chances of successful outcomes in the team games, and then apply this to different lifestyle contexts.

Mrs Lizzie Stewart

The emotional well-being EUCA sessions focus on understanding the self, strategies to navigate emotions, and an understanding of positive interactions with others. This understanding will subsequently create resilience and assist students in reaching their full individual, social, and learning potential. The knowledge of the teachings will have the capacity to be used to support students throughout their lifetime.


A few of our students role-playing during our first drama session!

Can you guess what they were reacting to?

Rebecca Barfoot
Assistant Principal


From The School Psychologist

This year we are acknowledging The National Day Against Bullying and Violence on Friday 18th March. The theme for 2022 is ‘Kindness Culture’. By building a kindness culture together, we can promote community belonging for all students in schools across Australia. Loreto Nedlands will acknowledge it with a gold coin donation event where students will receive an enviro-friendly orange band (the colour signifies the specific day) and proceeds will go towards the Kids Helpline.

The Kids Helpline is a service which young people can call anytime for any reason. It is a free, private, and confidential 24/7 phone and online counselling service for young people aged 5 to 25. Counselling is currently offered by phone 1800 55 1800, Webchat, and email kidshelpline.com.au. Young people contact Kids Helpline about all kinds of things including friendships and relationships, family issues, bullying and cyberbullying, school and study stress, gender identity, sexuality, mental health, feeling sad or upset, body issues, or because they’re feeling unsafe. There’s no issue too big or too small that they can’t support you with.


  • Approximately one in four Year Four to Year Nine Australian students (27%) reported being bullied every few weeks or more often (considered to be frequent) in a national study in 2009.
  • Frequent school bullying was highest among Year Five (32%) and Year Eight (29%) students.
  • Peers are present as onlookers in 85% of bullying interactions and play a central role in the bullying process.
  • 84% of students who were bullied online were also bullied in person.

The EUCA Sessions on Friday 18th March will centre around understanding bullying, violence and the use of kindness, inclusion, belonging and respect. Please check that parental controls are being used on home laptops and iPads. Information on Cyberbullying can be found on the below links:

Cyberbullying Parent Carers Guide

Cyberbullying What Parents & Carers Can Do Guide

Lizzie Stewart
School Psychologist


School News


What an amazing start to Pre Kindy we have had! The PK Superstars have settled so well into our days at school and the routines and movements that make up our days!

We have been sharing lots of stories and have loved reading about Brown Rabbits Shapes and White Rabbits Colours. We have been talking about our favourite colours, mixing paint colours, and trying to find a little brown rabbit when he is hiding behind the coloured shapes on the whiteboard. The children have met new friends and been discovering all the games and places to play inside and outside.

The children also loved reading Where is the Green Sheep and drew, painted, and collaged some fantastic sheep! We also did a colour sort where the children had to sort different coloured pictures onto the different coloured sheep.

For Shrove Tuesday which we celebrated last week the children loved exploring in our sensory pancake area and making pancakes. They all wanted to eat more with a taste of both the jams on top!

Justine Jacobs
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


Swimming Carnival

On Monday 28th February 2022, we held our Year Three-Six Loreto Nedlands Swimming Carnival. It turned out to be a wonderful and fun filled day even with the carnival being split into year groups across a 36-degree day. It was impressive to see students’ determination and support during the day for each other and during races. There were many close finishes throughout the day, and this was shown right up until the final event being the Year Six Mixed Freestyle relay, which came down to centremetres at the finish line.

Well done to all Year Three-Six students who took part in the swimming carnival. I hope you all had an enjoyable time and were able to cool off in the water. Special thanks must go to all the parents who were able to help on the day, and attend to spectate, as well as all the Loreto Nedlands staff members.

The Champion Swimming Shield, sponsored by the Jones family, was won by Nestor (1st) who just edged out Ward (2nd) and Barry (3rd). One record was also broken on the day, which was Jake in the Year Six 50m Freestyle.

Congratulations to the following Year Three-Six students who received medals for being Runner-Up and Champion in their year group:

Year Three Runner Ups




Year Three Champions




Year Four Runner Ups




Year Four Champions


Christian C-J


Year Five Runner Ups




Year Five Champions




Year Six Runner Ups




Year Six Champions





Scott McCallum
Physical Education, Health & Wellbeing Specialist


Project Compassion Bake Sale

Cookies spelling bake sale

The Year Six Pastoral Care Ministry is running a bake sale to raise money for Project Compassion next Friday, 18th March at recess.

We will be selling baked goods, including gluten free treats, in the Mary Ward Courtyard at recess time. Baked goods will cost $1 each.

Please help us raise money for Project Compassion!

Year Six Pastoral Care Ministry

Katie Sharman
Mission Co-Ordinator


Harmony Day

Monday 21st March is Harmony Day, where we celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity. Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect, and a sense of belonging for everyone. Loreto Nedlands will be celebrating Harmony Day by allowing students to dress in orange, the official colour of Harmony, or wear the dress of a culture they are connected to. This includes a culture of their family or heritage. We will also be conducting activities in class and sharing a song with the school!

Katie Sharman
Mission Co-Ordinator



Containers for Change Bar Number and QR Code

Loreto Nedlands does have a registered Bar Number and QR Code for the Containers for Change Programme.

The number is: C10345800

That means if you would like to collect and donate to the school, you just use the Loreto Nedlands QR Code below when you deposit.



The link below will take you to a site where you can find your nearest deposit point.


Julia Waller
Year Four Teacher

Upcoming Events

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  • 30 June Newsletter
  • 30 June Liturgical Singing
  • 01 July End of Term
  • 01 July Year 1 NAIDOC Mass
  • 01 July EUCA Mentor Groups