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Principal’s Message – Week 6 – June 2nd, 2022

Principal’s Message – Week 6 – June 2nd, 2022

Mary Ward’s Virtue of FREEDOM: Her emphasis on freedom to bring all to God recurs often in this time, echoing Ignatius’ “finding God in all things.” (Christine Burke ibvm)


Dear Parents and Friends of Loreto Nedlands

This week the Leadership Team in Faith and Formation, comprising of myself, Rebecca Barfoot and Katie Sharman attended a three day workshop on Evangelisation. These days have guided us in creating the framework for how the school promotes our Catholic Faith to broaden and deepen our personal relationships with Jesus. Mary Ward’s charism will help guide these principles.

Members of the Wellbeing Team including Scott McCallum, Rebecca Barfoot and myself, have continued to work on our RULER Training. Students in Years 3-6 who are part of our Eucalyptus Program have already commenced writing their charter. Now that staff are able to meet in person, we will also commence writing a Staff Charter. I want to share a quote I read in my Week Four Training (Putting our “Best Self” Forward). I felt this was a wonderful connection to our 2022 Value of Freedom, which resonated with me.

Between stimulus and response, there is a space. 

In that space is our power to choose our response. 

In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Viktor E. Frankl

Our community gathered in the LPAC on Friday to celebrate Reconciliation Week. Father Gavin celebrated the Liturgy of the Word with us. Our Year Six students led us in prayer, and the choir sang a beautiful song to conclude.

On Tuesday, our Year Four students continued their preparation in readiness of receiving the Sacrament of Communion with a whole day retreat facilitated by 24:7 Youth Ministry. I ask you to keep these children in your prayers at this time.

It seems as if we only began the school year a while ago; however, the end of Term Two is quickly drawing upon us, finishing off Semester One. As a result, teachers are currently preparing reports for your children. Your child is not measured against another child in any instance. Your child’s report will reflect their achievements this year based on the SCSA documents and judging standards. It is essential to look at the entire report, grade, effort and comments (where applicable). When your child receives their report take the time to discuss with them, possibly use it as an opportunity for goal setting, but, most of all celebrate their many accomplishments.

COVID-19 SELF-REPORTING PORTAL: Families, I encourage you to continue to load your children’s COVID-19 positive information onto the Self-Reporting Portal. Doing so will allow us to have a complete picture of students who have been COVID-19 positive. However, it is your first responsibility to notify a COVID RAT positive result via the Healthy WA website (https://www.healthywa.wa.gov.au/ratregister) as well as enter the information on the CEWA app.

Don’t forget you have a super long weekend. Stay safe and enjoy catching up with family and friends. See you next Wednesday.

Rika Andres


School News

Prayer for National Reconciliation Week (May 27 to June 3)

God of justice and forgiveness,
Guide us as we continue on our pathways to Reconciliation.
Grant us the courage to speak out against the injustices that our Indigenous brothers and sisters continue to suffer.
Help us to see with new eyes, to listen to the stories of our Indigenous brothers and sisters and to feel with a heart of compassion.
Help us to build right relations with each other based on truth and justice.
We ask this prayer through Christ our Lord,


The Feast of Pentecost

This Sunday we celebrate the feast of Pentecost. On Pentecost, we celebrate Jesus ascending into heaven while leaving his people on earth with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus fulfils a promise to his disciples that he would send the comforter, the Holy Spirit, to give strength to his apostles. The apostles, gathered in the upper room, were full of fear after the departure of Jesus. But after they had the Holy Spirit breathed into them by Jesus, they were able to go out and speak in many tongues to grow the Church by 3,000 people in a day. Pentecost is seen as the beginning of the Church as so many people were converted that day, and we celebrate it as the Church’s birthday!

The word Pentecost is taken from the Greek word ‘pentekoste’ which means fiftieth. It marks fifty days since Easter and is the final day of the Easter season. To celebrate Pentecost, priests and churches are adorned in the colour red to represent the coming of the Holy Spirit. Afterwards, we return to Ordinary Time and the forest green colour which symbolises hope and life.

As Catholics, at Pentecost, we too can open our hearts and lives to the Holy Spirit to bring hope. As we are the body, voice and heart of Jesus in the world today, we can use the gift of the Holy Spirit to forgive, love and continue Jesus’ mission of bringing peace to the world.

At Pentecost, Jesus greets his disciples with the gift of peace. “Peace be with you,” he says. Jesus then commissions his disciples to continue the work that he has begun: “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” He breathes the Holy Spirit upon the disciples and sends them to continue his work of reconciliation through the forgiveness of sins. Both the Greek and Hebrew words for “spirit” can also be translated as “breath”.

As we celebrate the birthday of the Church fifty days after the resurrection of Jesus, how have we been a sign of reconciliation in our families, in our world, and among people of faith everywhere? Have we been an instrument of God’s peace to everyone we meet?

Katie Sharman
Mission Co-ordinator


This Friday morning our staff will spend time exploring how Education Assistants and Teachers can work collaboratively to improve student learning and outcomes. Together, we will create a key statement to guide our core beliefs around the role of Education Assistants at Loreto and their positive impact inside and outside the classroom.

The teachers will then dedicate the remainder of the day to collectively moderating and assessing student writing. Moderation (and the use of data walls) enables positive learning and actionable classroom strategies. School wide moderation also helps build collective efficacy – that is, teachers’ collective power to improve learning outcomes for students. The purpose of moderations is to ensure that teachers are making consistent, valid and evidence-based judgements about standards. This means that assessment judgements made for any one student are accurate, fair and comparable with those made for other students.

Loreto Nedlands teachers have extensive knowledge of content area, assessment practices, and policies and procedures. Moderation sessions are conducted regularly, in the spirit of professional learning and quality improvement. Student names are removed from work samples to allow for anonymous marking.

Rebecca Barfoot
Assistant Principal

News from the School Psychologist

National Sorry Day was on Thursday 26 May and National Reconciliation Week began on Friday 27 May. On National Sorry Day we recognised (officially recognised in a 2008 Parliamentary document) the mistreatment and injustice experienced by generations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders particularly those who were part of the Stolen Generation. A copy of this document deserves a read. It resides in the hallway near reception at our school.

Reconciliation Week commemorates two significant events in the journey of Reconciliation: the 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision. We observed National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week by holding a Reconciliation Week Prayer service last Friday where the choir, directed by Mrs Davey, sang “Wanjoo” (The Welcome Song) by Gina Williams. We also recognised it in the EUCA Sessions by reading a children’s book “Somebody’s Land” written by Adam Goodes and Ellie Laing which reflects the Mabo decision and teaches students that when Australia was called Terra Nullius (nobody’s land) that it was somebody’s land. The book is beautifully illustrated by David Hardy and is available in the library.

Lizzie Stewart
School Psychologist

Little Moments

Timothy (Pre Kindy) – Displaying the Value of Freedom
Audrey (Pre Kindy) – Amazing Manners
Sophia (Kindy) – Amazing Manners
Austin (Kindy) – Positive Approach to Learning
Zoia (Pre Primary) – Positive Approach to Learning
Ethan (Pre Primary) – Amazing Manners
Sophia (Pre Primary) – Growth Mindset
Samuel (Year Two) – Positive Approach to Learning
Lucy (Year Two) – Amazing Manners
Luke (Year Five) – Displaying the Value of Freedom
Jayden (Year Six) – Amazing Manners
Jake (Year Six) – Positive Approach to Learning
Gabriella (Year Six) – Positive Approach to Learning

Rebecca Barfoot
Assistant Principal

What’s happening in Kindy

The Kindy children have been very busy so far this term. We are beginning to listen out for the first sound in words and we’re doing such an amazing job! Mrs Joseph can’t believe how brilliant we are! We have also transformed our rainbow from camouflaging animals to sorting healthy fruits and vegetables into their colours. This is appropriate because we have two new planter boxes outside Kindy, and we have prepared them with hessian bag, newspaper, mulch, and soil and then planted some peas and other delicious herbs and vegetables! We loved getting dirty and helping out! We have also created some lovely window art showing the five things’ plants need to live and the layers of soil preparation. Come and have a look – it’s gorgeous!

This week we are focussing on National Reconciliation Week and have created our hands in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander colours. We used our hands because hands are a symbol of community support for reconciliation, rights, and respect. We are also camouflaging large Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags to display proudly in our classroom. We learnt that the colours on the flags represent different things. On the Aboriginal flag, the black symbolises Aboriginal people, the yellow represents the sun, and the red depicts the earth and peoples’ relationship to the land. On the Torres Strait Islander flag, the green at the top and bottom of the flag represent the land, the blue represents the sea, and the black lines represent the Torres Strait Islander people. The centre of the flag shows a white dhari (dancer’s headdress) which represents Torres Strait Islander culture.

Phew! That is only the tip of the iceberg! So much more learning happening in Kindy! And we’re having so much fun!

Jess Joseph
Kindy Teacher

Choir, Rock Bands and Orchestras

This Term, Music is in full swing again at Loreto Nedlands. With COVID restrictions continuously lifted, all our ensembles are now running, including Sinfonietta Orchestra, three Rock Bands and our outstanding Choir! Our Choir looks like another whopper this year, made up of almost 100 children again!

Our Autumn Lunchtime Concert series was a success. It showcased some of our talented instrumental students as they performed. Thank you to all our excellent instrumental tutors, staff, and gifted performers. Thank you also to our fantastic family and friends in and out of school, who came in to support and watch.

In Music lessons, we have also been very busy and having lots of fun! We have been composing and creating our own music. Compositions have been made with a blend of physical and technological methods. Below is a photo of our fantastic Year Twos working amongst the trees to seek inspiration for their compositions (and also to catch some warm Autumn sun!).

We are also holding our annual Soirée in Term Two, where we will be showcasing our talented ensembles and Year Six musical performers. We hope to see you there!

Sarina Davey
Music Specialist

Physical Education

Loreto Nedlands Cross Country

On Wednesday 25 May, we held our Kindy-Year Six Cross Country Carnival. We were lucky to have pleasant conditions in the morning with a nice sunny day, and this lead to some great excitement in the morning building into the event. Students were out early scoping the course and looking colourful in their bright house uniforms. Each student across all year groups did a tremendous job running, and it was fantastic to see everyone trying until the very end in what is a very difficult race!

Congratulations to everyone involved throughout the morning, and thank you to all the staff, students, and parents who attended to make this such a fun and successful day. Well done to Ward who were the eventual winners of carnival, and Nestor who won the Spirit award. I am looking forward to Term Three with our Pre-Primary-Year Six Athletics Carnival and Kindy Carnival occurring.

Below is a list of our Champion and Runner-Up Girls and Boys from Years Three-Six:

Year Three Runner Ups Gianni
Year Three Champions Henry
Year Four Runner Ups Grant
Year Four Champions Isabel
Year Five Runner Ups John
Year Five Champions Joseph
Year Six Runner Ups Luke
Year Six Champions  Max


Interschool Cross Country

On Monday 30 May, the top five Year Three-Six boys and girls from our Loreto Nedlands Cross Country Carnival competed at the Interschool Cross Country at UWA Sports Park. This also turned out to be a good sunny day filled with excitement as it was a new opportunity for our school competing against a couple of new Catholic schools.

All students who attended did our school proud as they ran their hearts out in their course, which showed that our students were determined and resilient runners. This led to some outstanding efforts and individual runs such as a few students finishing in the top five for their year group, and a notable win by Max who came first by a fair margin in the Year Six Boys event. Loreto Nedlands finished 2nd for the day behind Holy Spirit, which was an amazing effort, and hopefully in 2023 we can go one better!

Congratulations to all students who qualified, Miss Meneghello, Mrs Coenen and Sarah Hawkins for assisting, as well as to all parents who came to spectate and support Loreto Nedlands.

Hula Hooping with SYL Sports and Wellness Company

We were lucky enough in Physical Education to have SYL Sports and Wellness come by our school on Tuesday 31 May to be able to teach our Pre-Kindy-Year Six students some various Hula Hooping skills, tricks, games, and exercises to enhance their own individual skills. Some students were familiar with hula hoops but did not realise how many tricks and skills there could be with hula hooping. It was a fun day for all classes involved, and the students learnt a lot of new skills that they will hopefully continue to try and master.

Walk Safely to School Day

On Friday 20 May, the annual Walk Safely to School Day was held. Many students from Kindy-Year Six were brave enough to walk to school against the wet and windy conditions

that were forecasted for that day. Despite the rain, students, parents, and staff still had a smile on their faces, and were promoting active transportation to school through this event.

Events like these are big around Australia to promote healthy lifestyles, road awareness, and active transport to school. Thank you to everyone who came down to Melvista Oval that morning to be a part of the event. I hope to see you all at our next ride or walk to school day from Melvista Oval. I am planning to try and have another Ride2School Day toward the end of Term Three due to the fun and big success during Term One when this was held.

Scott McCallum
Physical Education, Health and Wellbeing Specialist

Vinnies Giving

A SOUP-er thank you to everyone who supported Vinnies by donating non-perishable food or through SOUP-er Friday. We were able to give 19 large bags and boxes of pasta, canned soup and tuna to Vinnies Nedlands, which will hopefully see them through winter. With the help of the Year Sixes, we also donated over $300 to Vinnies so that they can assist others who are less fortunate than us.

What a great effort!

Katie Sharman
Mission Co-ordinator

Every day is a fun day with Rove

We were extremely lucky to have Rove McManus visit Loreto Nedlands on Tuesday as he interviewed select students for a segment on “The Project”.

Look out, more details to follow…

Loreto Nedlands P&F

The Parents and Friends Association of Loreto Nedlands is a very active group that exists to support the Principal and Staff in the activities of the school and to promote a spirit of friendship and cooperation within the school community. It is open to all current members of the school community.

P&F meetings are held two times a Term and those dates are in the school calendar. We encourage all parents to come along to hear updates from our Parent Committees and to vote on how our P&F funds are spent.

Mother’s Day Mass and Morning Tea and P&F Mother’s Day Raffle

We had a lovely Mother’s Day Mass followed by a Morning Tea on Friday 6 May. Thank you to all who attended and congratulations to the winners of the Mother’s Day Raffle Prizes. Special thanks goes out to the Year One and Two parents who did a wonderful job providing us all with morning tea on the day.

Sausage Sizzle

Thank you to the hardworking parents of the Year One’s and Year Four’s who volunteered their help with the Sausage Sizzle last Wednesday. We received lots of feedback on the process and will look at further streamlining some parts of the process and updating procedures.

P&F Meeting – Wednesday 22 June 2022

Our next P&F Meeting will be held on Wednesday 22 June at 6.30pm (Agenda will be sent around prior).

If anyone has any questions or anything to add to the Agenda please email Jennifer Roughan at – jmroughan@iinet.net.au

Fundraising Donations

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far – it is wonderful to see so many items coming in. We will gladly accept late donations! All donations will be used to fundraise for the school for raffles and events throughout the year. The donated wine (Years

Five and Six) will be used for a ‘Wine Wall’ event at the upcoming Art Exhibition and Auction, which promises to be a very enjoyable evening.

Donations can be dropped to the small room next to the staff workroom.

P&F Art Exhibition and Auction

The children have been busy making gorgeous art, with an artist in residence, for the upcoming Art Exhibition.

The Loreto Art Exhibition and Auction will be held on Friday 24 June at 6:00pm in the LPAC. There will be some wonderful artwork created by your child/children available for purchase, and an auction will be held for some larger pieces during the evening.

Please join us for drinks and canapes as the parents of the Loreto Nedlands community gather for this fantastic evening! Please see the attached flyer for the Auction portion of the evening (See the Loreto School Art Exhibition Invitation for your registration and details of the Art Exhibition).

Cookbook – 125 years of Loreto in WA

The P&F will soon be requesting parents contribute their favourite family recipes and photos for the cookbook we are compiling as a fundraising effort for Loreto Nedlands and to celebrate 125 years!

Natalie Cloud has kindly agreed to coordinate the compilation of this cookbook. Please contact Natalie on nctravers@gmail.com if you have any queries.

Please consider what recipe you might like to contribute and if you have a chance to cook it, take some photos of you and your family cooking and a beautiful picture of the end result! We will also be looking for sponsors for our cookbook so let us know if your business or a business you know would be interested in becoming one of our sponsors.

Retro Bingo Night – 10 September 2022

The P&F will be hosting a Retro Bingo Night Fundraiser for school parents on the night of 10 September 2022 so pop that date in your diary! It promises to be a fun night and we will send around further details a bit closer to the date.

Jennifer Roughan
Loreto Nedlands P&F President

Upcoming Events

  • 27 June IPSHA Performing Arts TBC
  • 28 June IPSHA Performing Arts TBC
  • 29 June Yr 2 Informal Mass at Holy Rosary
  • 30 June Newsletter
  • 30 June Liturgical Singing
  • 01 July End of Term
  • 01 July Year 1 NAIDOC Mass
  • 01 July EUCA Mentor Groups