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Principal’s Message – Week 9 – April 1st, 2021

Free Indeed

You did a marvel, Lord Jesus Christ,
and make me feel beside myself in surprise.
My spirit glistens with Your rising.
I smile and smile with You,
I am drowning in the laughter of Your friends.
You have won, Lord, we know You have won!
You have defeated all the worst that we could do,
each alone and all together.
You crushed the power of darkness and of death
to walk peacefully again in our flesh,
now and forever.
Come to me, great Lord of life,
as You come to all your friends.
Send me to console those around me who hurt.
Come, and send Your friends into this daily world
to labor full of hope for the Reign of God.
-Joseph Tetlow -Choosing Christ In The World (A guide to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.)

Dear Parents and Friends of Loreto Nedlands

Mary Ward’s virtue of FELICITY:Act not out of fear, but solely from love because we are called by God to a vocation of love. MW – Maxim

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In this very special week of Holy Week and the last week of Lent, we take the time to reflect and give thanks for the many opportunities that have arisen this term as we prepare for the Easter Season. Our students have excelled in all areas of their schooling. There is much to be grateful for.

I was thrilled to be a part of the Year Six Leadership Day at Rottnest. We could not have asked for better weather. There was no agenda, no taking of notes, no make sure you look for this or that… it was about the experience and drawing on our natural abilities as a leader. The day allowed each student to draw on the skills they already had and realise that good leadership is not just about “I”. The staff witnessed many stand out leadership qualities throughout the day, such as patience, fortitude, putting others first, listening, self-awareness, communication, empathy and working as a team. There were also many highlights of the day, such as beautiful views and cool refreshing oceans. Mrs Waller tearing a ligament in her ankle on the way over. Mrs Andres falling off a stationary bike. Seaweed fights and hair accessories. Pedal versus electric bike races to name but a few!

Parents, I hope that you have all spoken with your class teachers regarding your child’s progress. I have received some feedback on the logistics of the day. If you would like to provide any other feedback, please do so. Remember, you are always welcome to speak to your child’s teacher if you have any concerns or queries.

What a spectacular event we had on Friday Night. The enthusiasm, agility and overall quality of the dance routines were exceptional. Thank you to everyone for your assistance in making it such a joyous event.

On Tuesday, the Year Five and Six Students competed in our In-House Debating. I have to say that the calibre of arguments was of a high standard. The topics chosen by the teachers were interesting and very relevant in our current climate. The class teachers Julia Waller and Lori Coenen, and Alecia Gooch must be congratulated for their dedication to each student preparing for the debates.

It was lovely to take some time to reflect on the Easter Story through our Assembly on Wednesday afternoon. We are all so busy in our lives. However, this is an important season in our Liturgical Year.

Monique Dodgson, our Education Assistant in Pre Primary, was selected to play in the WA Touch Rugby championships over the weekend from the 26-28th March. Monique said, “I was very grateful to be selected as Captain this year and lead the team. We had lots of fun, and it was a highly competitive competition. I managed to score a few tries’s in my Saturday games.” Congratulations to Monique and her team.

Finally, I congratulate every student, and I thank my wonderful, dedicated staff.

I wish you a happy, safe and Holy Easter and look forward to welcoming you back in Term Two.

Rika Andres


Loreto Nedlands

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