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Kindergarten Enrolments

Families are encouraged to submit enrolments for Kindy 2021 as vacancies are filling up quickly. Please contact the Administration office for your application form.

Fortnightly Tip:  Communication

The Fathering Project

Life’s inconsistencies can be a challenge, but Dads need to be consistent and dependable.

Use these tips to show your kids that you’re available and reliable.

  • Build to the big stuff.
    When you consistently acknowledge and respond to your child’s smaller needs, they will trust in you and call on you in times of need as they get older. 
  • Be unconditional.
    Rise to these occasions to support your kids. Even if they are upsetting or distressing – make sure you are clear, respectful and remind your children that you love and support them, no matter what.

Be a solid support.
If they know they can depend on their dad, they will call on you in times of crisis. If you are the one they trust and rely on in a time of crisis – recognise this and calmly support them through the challenge. Deal with frustration over ‘silly mistakes’ or irresponsible decision-making after the crisis is resolved so you can be constructive and reflective.

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