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School News

Loreto Family Playgroup

Loreto Family Playgroup has been registered with Playgroup WA and is held every Monday in the Pre-Kindy from 9.00-10.30am.  The Playgroup is available for all families with children aged from 0-4 years.  Parents requiring further information about the Loreto Family Playgroup are encouraged to contact the administration office.

Student Illness

We have had three recent cases of Influenza B diagnosed for students at Loreto.  Parents are reminded to keep their children at home if they are ill to avoid passing on illnesses to other children and staff.  Parents are encouraged to vaccinate their children against Influenza if they have not already done so.  We will continue to do all we can at school to minimise germs by maintaining good hygiene practices.

Loreto Vietnam

We began our Loreto Vietnam fundraising campaign last Friday.  Every Friday for the next five weeks students are requested to bring in a gold coin.  Loreto Vietnam has schools with very limited toilet facilities and, without the support of Loreto Nedlands, may need to close.  We look forward to raising enough money to ensure that the children and staff at Loreto Vietnam have access to clean and efficient toilets. At gathering on Monday the students discussed access to clean toilets as a basic human right.  The students are motivated to raise enough money for Loreto Vietnam and we look forward to parents support for this fundraising initiative.

Science News

Term Three has started with a flourish as classes have been learning about the amazing Apollo 11 mission to the moon and joining in the 50th Anniversary celebrations of this magnificent achievement.

In week four we will have Science week activities that fit in with the 2019 Science Week theme “Destination Moon: More Missions More Science”. Classes will be building models of spacecraft to decorate the science room. Years Three to Six will also be viewing a documentary on the Space Race, Apollo 11 mission and beyond. This will be on Wednesday 14th August in the LPAC.

Other science activities planned include;

  • Year One will investigate the daily, weekly and seasonal changes in their local environment. They will explore natural, made and managed features that undergo change.
  • Year Two will develop an understanding of, and appreciation for water, a precious natural resource. Through investigations, students will explore how water is used, where water comes from and how to use it responsibly.
  • Year Three will investigate what causes night and day. They will also study how time is based on the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky and how time can be determined using a sundial.
  • Year Four will explore how natural processes and human activity shape their surroundings. Students will further their understanding of soils, rocks and landscapes and factors that affect the erosion of soils.
  • Year Five will investigate how the patterns in the sky relate to days and months and will discover the elements of our Solar System and Earth’s position within it.
  • Year Six will develop an understanding of the causes of earthquakes and how they change the Earth’s surface. Students will explore earthquake magnitude data from Australia and neighbouring countries and draw conclusions about patterns in the data.

Rob Falloon
Science Teacher

Creating Mosaic Designs

Loreto Nedlands is about to undertake an exciting whole school art project that will have students creating mosaic designs based on our Loreto school values.

Carolyn White (our artist in residence) will oversee the project.

We are requesting some materials to make this project come alive, they are:

  • Premix tile adhesive
  • Mosaic tiles (colour, glass or pebbles). These can be purchased from Mosaic Magic Osborne Park or parents may have left over tiles available in the shed at home.
  • Grout (coloured or black)
  • Clear varnish (purchased from any craft shop or Bunnings)
  • Liquid nails
  • Eye protection glasses (class set of 30 required)
  • Large plastic yoghurt/ice cream containers (empty and cleaned)

Could all donations please be into the school by Thursday 15th August and taken to the Senior Learning Arcade.

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal


We have proudly added a new section to our fortnightly newsletter called “Congratulations”. As the title suggests we wish to highlight significant achievements of our Loreto Nedlands children.

Last week, Elspeth Frasier from Year Six participated in the 13th International Highland Dancing Festival Australia in NSW. She was 3rd overall in her category (Intermediate ages 10 and 11 years) on the first day of competition, 2nd overall on the second day of competition and third in the Trophy Highland Fling. Out of 13 dances she placed first in 1 dance, second in four dances, third in four dances, and fifth in two dances. We are all very proud of her successes.

Maika Widharta from Year Two joined gymnastic last year and was soon invited to train for the Club National Squad where she trains three times a week (even during school holidays!)
She competed for the first time ever last Sunday in WAG (Women Artistic Gymnastic) National Level Three at Gymnastics WA. She came away with silver medal after scoring very well in all of the apparatuses.
She has three more competitions coming up this season with the big one in October for Junior State Championships. She is very excited!

Parents, you are encouraged to please let the Administration Office know of your chidren’s significant achievements so they can be celebrated within the Loreto Nedlands community.

Book Club

Book Club will be held on Monday, 19 August from 3.20pm – 4.20pm with Mrs Hussey.  Afternoon tea will be provided.

There are five places still available from Years Four to Six.  Please contact the Administration Office should your child wish to join Book Club.

New Beginnings

The Compton Family – Oliver, Lachlan and Amelia

Starting a new school can be a daunting prospect but these three family members who joined Loreto Nedlands this term had the comfort of knowing their siblings were close at hand.

Oliver joined Year Four, Lachlan entered Year Two and Amelia started school in Pre-Kindy just a few weeks ago. This again, is a very rare occurrence with three siblings entering the school in the main intake years at Loreto Nedlands at the same time. However this close knit bunch are settling in well.

They were keen to explain the high points of school so far. Oliver and Lachlan were adamant that it was all about the sport and Amelia seems to be enjoying all that Pre-Kindy has to offer in the dress up department.

The happy trio have enjoyed a busy first few weeks at Loreto and a whole host of events and experiences.

Our Star Staff Member

Music Tutor: Craig Pinkney (Guitar)

Craig has a wealth of musical experience and has performed professionally all over the world.

As a teacher, Craig has mentored and guided students who have won Western Australian Music Assoc Awards and have achieved international success with Top 40 pop songs.  Craig is in demand as a specialist school music teacher who is recognized as bringing out the best in his students, especially in the area of performance and composition.

Craig’s own song-writing skills have been recognized with a ‘Sounds’ (British Rock Mag) Top Twenty hit.  Other song-writing awards include winning the Millenium Song Writing Competition and The Songs of Solidarity Australia-wide competition and more recently 2ndprize in the Australian Songwriting Assoc song contest.

Craig is passionate about the positive influence of music in young lives and aims to inspire every student.

Academic Growth Award

At Loreto Nedlands we value and rejoice in the academic growth made by individual students and are pleased to announce a new ‘Growth Award’ to celebrate these achievements.

The award will be presented at the end of Term 3 to acknowledge one student (in each class) that has made the highest academic growth in either Literacy or Numeracy.

Academic growth is not based on a final mark. It measures how much progress a student has made between two points in time (eg: from the start of Term 3 to the end of Term 4).

We look forward to presenting these awards on Friday 27th September at the afternoon assembly.

Canteen at Loreto

The school canteen plays a vital role in promoting healthy foods and creating a school culture of healthy eating. It is also gives parents a respite from the daily task of making lunches!

The canteen has recently introduced new items to their recess and lunch menu. Please see following:

  • Homemade honey and oat slice
  • Chia Pod Smoothie in banana, chocolate and mixed berry flavours (vegan and made with sustainably grown chia seeds) – the perfect recess snack.
  • Cheesies made with a wholemeal bun – perfect for our wintery days.
  • We also introduced a homemade and very healthy pumpkin soup with a dinner bun. All homemade items are made in accordance with the WA Canteen Association Traffic Light System.  An added inclusion to the sushi menu is Avocado Sushi.

As a special for Loreto Mission Week we will be having back by popular demand the Chicken Teriyaki meal. Ordering will be made available in the coming weeks.

A very big thankyou to the parents who give of their time to help in the canteen.  It is always so very much appreciated.

Please find below the Canteen foster for Terms Three and Four. Should the date not suit you please arrange a replacement.

Farewell to Sr Josie Jeffery ibvm

It is with sadness that I write to let you know that Sr Josie Jeffery ibvm died on the morning of 4 August, after a short illness. Josie was a member of the Adelaide Community, residing in Glen Woodley Estate and at Carmelite Southern Cross Care during her last weeks. Sr Diaan Stuart, Josie’s community leader, told us that “in keeping with her life, Josie died quietly and peacefully” surrounded by care, light, cards and letters from her sisters and many friends. Diaan also spoke of Josie being aware in these last weeks that she “was in God’s waiting room, her only question was ‘when’.” The “when” has now arrived and we pray Josie is resting in the peace and light of her God. Josie was born in Adelaide and following her secondary education at Loreto College Marryatville, she entered religious life in 1947. Her religious name for many years was Sr Joseph Carmel and her motto was “I can do all things in Him who strengthens me”. Over her many years of ministry, Josie worked as a secondary teacher in Portland, Ballarat, Normanhurst, Marryatville and Kirribilli. She also worked in the Melbourne CEO specialising in RE and developing programs and resources. In later life, she set up the archives in Loreto Mandeville Hall Toorak and when she moved back home to Marryatville in 2000, she became archivist there too, setting up a display room and working with volunteers and old scholars updating all the records. She continued working in archives until 2011 and even after that, she was “on call” if needed. It is clear that Josie lived out her motto as she indeed did “all things” quietly, methodically and well…in Him! Josie has touched many people throughout her long life and will be fondly remembered by many as a teacher, historian, avid reader and best of all, friend. We ask you to remember Josie, her family and the Adelaide community in your prayers.

Rest now in peace dear Josie and may the angels lead you to paradise…

Pre Kindy at Loreto

Loreto Nedlands will be offering an extra day (Thursday) in Term Four for Pre Kindy if we meet the minimum enrolment numbers.

Please register your interest now to secure your child’s place for an extra day in Term Four.

Weekly Tip: Unconditional Love

The Fathering Project

This week, we’re looking at helping your kids feel unconditionally loved. Try our tips:

  • Tell your kids that your love does not depend upon their performance at school or sport. Tell them too that it doesn’t depend on their music, friends, beliefs or behaviour.
  • Make a clear distinction between not loving a particular one of their actions versus not loving them.
  • Don’t confuse unconditional love with trying to be their ‘pal’ rather than their parent.
  • Surprise them by doing spontaneous kind acts for them.

Avoid saying “I love you, but…”, try to let the phrase stand alone to show that your love doesn’t depend on any other factor.

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal

School Banking

Got your eye on something?

If you really want to buy something, the quickest way to get it is to save up for it.

Our children putting away even small amounts of their pocket money will soon help their savings build up and grow.

Our Dollarmites programme at Loreto encourages our students to put money aside every week. Our parent volunteers visit every Monday to deposit your child’s money into their Commonwealth Bank account.  Each deposit regardless of dollar value will incur one token.  As your child saves tokens they are eligible for a range of prizes.

No deposit amount is too small!  To find out more please contact the Administration Office.