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School News

Bike Boulevard Elizabeth Street

I am grateful to our parents for their patience during the construction of the Elizabeth Street Bike Boulevard.  The road works between Wester Street and Dalkeith road will be completed in the first week of January.  The return to school will see an early launch of the project as we encourage our students to walk or ride to school.

Bring Your Own Device

The Bring Your Own Digital Device Policy (BYODD) has been in place at Loreto Nedlands for a number of years.  It is a very important component of cross curriculum priorities that the children all have access to digital technology at school. It is also important for them to use devices to access the Digital Technology Curriculum.

Parents of students in Years 3 will require a device for 2020 with the following specifications:

  • iPads with 32 gigabytes minimum. 
  • Minimum screen size of 9.7 inch 
  • Latest IOS installed. 
  • A keyboard will be required

Our aim for the digital device policy at Loreto Nedlands is for parents to only purchase an iPad for their child’s use at school in Year Three and this one device should be suitable for the student to use until the conclusion of Year Six.

Thank you for your support as we work to ensure all our policies complement the teaching and learning programs we desire for all the students at Loreto Nedlands.

Christmas Eve Children’s Mass

Holy Rosary Church Christmas Eve Children’s Mass

Holy Rosary Parish encourages children from the Parish to come along and join in the Nativity Story acting which will be held during the Christmas Eve Mass on 24th December at 6.00pm.  Children who would like to be part of the Nativity are asked to contact the Parish Office on 93861870 to register their interest.

Pre Primary News

In Pre Primary we have been looking at Traditional Tales and Nursery Rhymes. We have looking at the characters within, the homes they lived in, the morals of the story and the lay out and sequence of a traditional fairy tale. Children have enjoyed retelling the different stories using story boards, maps and puppets. Children have enjoyed building structures like houses in the construction area, develop imagination in the role play area, and talking about emotions to develop a deeper understanding of right and wrong.

In science the Pre-Primary children have been on a ‘Materials Hunt’ both inside and outside of the classroom to identify the different objects and what they are made from. Children have enjoyed playing in the ‘Loreto Recycling Centre’, sorting the different objects based upon the material they are made from.

In Mathematics children have been learning all about 2D and 3D shapes.  Children have combined mathematics with ICT by using the Bee-Bot and Blue-Bots to help with recognition and understanding of shape, colour, size and position.

Pre Primary also had a wonderful time retelling the very special story ‘A Miracle in Town’.

Year Six News

Australian Red Cross delivered an interactive and informative incursion for the Year 6 class on Wednesday 11/12 Week 9 Term 4 that taught students about refugees and people seeking asylum around the world and in Australia. During the In Search of Safety program students had the chance to imagine what it would be like to flee their homes quickly through an engaging simulation, and to hear from children their age about their experiences of seeking safety. A great opportunity for the students to learn about human rights, why people need protection and they’ve all been given an activity to practice humanitarianism at home!


Health, PE & Wellbeing

Physical Education
Swimming lessons have now finished. Despite the hotter weather we had pretty much perfect conditions at the beach. It was terrific to see so much time being spent in the water by the students. It is fair to say that we are very lucky to have access to such a great spot pretty much on our door step. Thank you to the parents for your support during this time. It can be challenging as there is a difference in assessment between the beach and pool and from vac swim to rareindigo. If I had one piece of advice for next year it is practice breastroke kick, it is the biggest stumbling block we see and is a great resource for survival strokes.

Well done to the students who participated in the IPSHA cricket last week. I hope you had a fun playing cricket and made some new connections with your classmates during the day. Thank you to the parents who came down to support the students during the day.

Swim trials are locked in for week two of next year. I will send out some information in the new year. For those of you who would like to come along and time for me the date will be Monday 10 February 9:30-12:30pm at Challenge Stadium (HBF arena). Our swim carnival will be on Monday 9 March, Senior carnival in the morning, junior carnival in the afternoon, both at Claremont pool.

I have included a few pics of Lucy growing up for you. It is quite hard to get her into school so this is my next best option. Hopefully I can convince her to come along to the Christmas carols again in 2020.

For the final two weeks of term we have been focussing on Zest. It is a strength that has been mentioned a few times by me during the year, usually as an example of a strength that can be overused. I think that is unfair on Zest, imagine if we didn’t have any ever. We think of Zest as our energy level, approaching life with excitement and eagerness. Apparently it is one of the top two strengths connected with life-satisfaction. Look for times in your day where you have higher levels of energy at work, can create more of these situations during the day? Perhaps not if it is when you are leaving work but hopefully there are times during the day that you feel energised.

Ask your children what other strengths they think combine well with Zest. Would be very interesting to hear what they think on that one. Another idea is to ask them about positive things that happened in their day. Sharing of positive experiences can lead to greater vitality. The final tip, which I love is to go outside, doing this in nature can boost Zest and vitality.

The last couple of newsletters I have challenged you to do things differently and savour experiences. For the Summer holidays the challenge is to focus on gratitude. With your children talk about the three good things each day, change it up to suit your family. When something appears to be a problem can you flip it to say thank you for making you improve or see things a different way? How else do you show gratitude? Please email in and let us know, perhaps a picture if you can capture it that way.The grass is greenest where we water it so lets water what is on our side of the fence.

Andrew Boxsell
Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

End of Year Gathering

Summer Reading Challenge

Beaufort Street Books have developed a Summer reading Challenge for independent readers. There are prizes to win as you make your way around the maze on the cover and once completed you go into the draw to win a major prize of over $100 worth of books. You can also choose to have family and friends sponsor your reading and raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. For more information and to register for your passport to reading this Summer contact Beaufort Street Books on 61427996, email them at or drop in.


Fortnightly Tip:  Communication

The Fathering Project

In December, our fortnightly tips aim to inspire and equip dads. This week, we’re focusing on being a role model for your children.

Your children take in everything they see and hear. Think about the example you are setting for your kids – they will model their inter-personal relationships on how they see others behave.

  • When returning home after time away, be aware of adjusting back into the family dynamic.
  • Be conscious of how you talk about and treat others, including the comments you make about others when they’re not there – and even the way you demonstrate friendships.
  • In stressful situations, express your emotion respectfully and always apologise if you slip up – try to avoid making an excuse, and own your behaviour.
  • Try to maintain a can-do attitude. If your kids are exposed to positive, motivated people they are more likely to adopt this attitude in their own lives. 


 Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal

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