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School News

Loreto Ministeries

The Year 11 student leadership group from Loreto schools over east met last year to compose the Verity prayer for 2020. Their theme was “Be Doers of the World” and that in my opinion speaks volumes of what the Mary Ward charism is all about. Getting into action in our community and making a difference to the people that need it most. They also dedicated these prayers below, which again reflects perfectly the relevance of our contemporary mission.


For the church – that we might be signs of hope and instruments of God’s love and healing.

For the Mary Ward global network – that we might promote freedom, justice and integrity across 2020 in our personal lives and ministries.

For new members of our school communities – that we will be open to their gifts, energy, ideas, questions and struggles.

In this Year of Verity – that each member of our community might ‘love and speak the truth at all times’.

For those who have died across the summer, especially loved ones, members of the Loreto network and those who have lost their lives in our devastating bushfires.

School Social Worker

Social work within the school environment is focussed on promoting and delivering services to meet the social, emotional and behavioural needs of all students in the school.

The role of the school social worker is to work alongside students, teaching staff and parents to support young people with any difficulties or barriers that they may be experiencing so that they can achieve positive learning outcomes.

There are many common reasons for contacting the school social worker including: reluctance to attend school or difficulties settling in, change or loss in the family environment, physical or emotional wellbeing issues impacting on the student, learning difficulties, behavioural concerns, friendship difficulty or emotional regulation.

The school social worker’s support involves any of the following: counselling sessions for students, group work, support and information for parents, guidance and advice, case management, consultation and collaboration with teaching staff and other professionals, referral and advocacy to external services.

Social workers possess a degree that draws knowledge from a range of disciplines including sociology, psychology, policy, philosophy, health and economics. To be employed in a school they need to be eligible to belong to the Australian Association of Social Workers and to adhere to their code of ethics and practice standards.

Mrs Caterina Hurle
Available: Part time
Contact: via school reception or referral made by student’s class teacher or Principal

Sound Waves

Sound Waves Snippets Weeks Four and Five

Students in Years Two to Five will study the interesting schwa phoneme next week.

  • This is a lazy sound but it’s quick to make.
  • This is a vowel sound, so nothing gets in the way of the air coming out.
  • This sound appears in a variety of places in words, eg: dinosaur, where the o is not produced as the /oa/ sound, but instead as a lazy schwa; butter where the /er/ is not produced as the /ir/ sound, but instead as a lazy schwa.

During our short Week Five, Years One to Fix will explore the short vowel ‘e’.

Denise Bowen
Literacy Coordinator

Year Two News

We have had the most fabulous start to Year Two. We are very busy learning the routines and getting so good at following instructions. We have done some fabulous writing already. Our holiday recounts are just magnificent and so full of memories and information and Mrs Joseph was blown away with how good our writing was!

We have also had the lovely Year Fives in our class to help us learn to program the B-Bots. It was so much fun! As was catching up with our Year 4 buddies. We are just loving our Edudance lessons. We can’t wait to perform at the end of term concert! Stay tuned… lots of exciting things happening in Year Two this year!

Jess Joseph
Year Two Teacher

Health, PE & Wellbeing

Please keep an eye out for information regarding netball registration which will be coming out shortly via SEQTA. We will have a brief sign in period and do not want anyone to miss out. Boys and girls are welcome to play and age groups are Years Two to Six.

The senior swim carnival information is now on the wall outside of the PE office, leading into the sports shed. I will send out an briefer event list closer to the day. Swim training will continue each Thursday at Claremont Pool 7:30-8:00am. I will take the students through some drills and push them to be able to deal with the requirements of sprinting.

This year interschool swimming will be held on Thursday 19 March at Newman College. I will know start and finish times soon but as a rough guide 9:30am to 2:00pm.

Parent Catch-up
We will have our first parent catch-up conversation next Friday morning in the staffroom. Start time will be 8:45am (ish) and depending on who is there and how the conversation is going we will wrap up no later than 9:30am. For our first week we can have a chat about last newsletter’s quote about preparing the road for children or children for the road. It will be great to hear people’s views on this and what they do when it becomes a difficult choice. I am sure that resilience will pop up more than once.

No need to RSVP, I will be waiting for the one or 50 of you that come in. We may look to alternate this with Thursday mornings when the coffee van is in but that will not be an option until swim training has concluded.

Character Strengths
We will begin introducing the last of the character strengths next week with the classes. Please ask your children what the new strength is next week and how they think they can show it at school and at home. Their learning will be far improved if the message is repeated at home.

Andrew Boxsell
Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Environment Club – Change of Day

Environment Club has now changed to Wednesday Mornings.  It commences at 8am and is available for students from Years Three to Six.

Sacramental Programs

Sacramental Programs at Holy Rosary Parish Church

If your child will be receiving one of the following sacraments at Holy Rosary Parish church in Nedlands, a sacrament application form must be completed, together with a fee of $15. Please submit both to the school’s office by Friday 21st February.

First Reconciliation

  • Celebrated on Friday, 7th August at 9:00am in the Loreto Chapel for Year Three Loreto Nedlands students
  • Parent Information Evening in Year Three classroom

First Holy Communion

  • Celebrated on Sunday 28th June at 8:45am in the church
  • Parent Workshop – Tuesday 26th May at 6:00pm


  • Celebrated on Saturday 6th June at 6:00pm in the church
  • Parent Workshop – Thursday 4th May at 6:00pm

Please click on the link below to obtain a form:

Please note that the Commitment Mass for ALL students who will be receiving a sacrament at Holy Rosary is on Sunday 8th March at 8:45am.

Claudia Di Biaggio
Mission Co-ordinator
Year 5 Teacher

School Banking

The Commonwealth Bank School Banking Program has returned again in 2020 with school banking days on Monday. It’s exciting to share that the new School Banking theme for 2020 is Treetop Savers. In response to feedback in the Customer Experience Surveys, this year’s rewards have been made more eco-friendly and sustainable. All rewards are reusable and packaged using sustainably sourced paper.
If a public holiday or pupil free day falls on a Monday, bank books can be submitted on the next school day. A friendly reminder that bank books and deposits need to be placed in the grey Commonwealth Banking Bags in each classroom and delivered to the office on a Monday morning. Alternatively, feel free to drop them directly to the office. For any new families that would like to register their children to participate in the program, it is a simple process and all the information can be found here:

If there are any parents that would consider sharing the responsibility of School Banking Co-ordinator, it would be greatly appreciated. It is not an onerous task and the processing of transactions can be done at a time convenient to you. If you are interested in helping run the school banking program, or you have any questions at all about the program, please contact the School Banking Co-ordinator on 0404055125, or

Happy Bankers!
2020 Treetop Savers Rewards

• Terry Denton’s Activity Book – Term 1
• Mini Soccer Ball – Term 1
• Treetop Stationery Set – Term 2
• Treetop Handball – Term 2
• Tomato Seed Kit – Term 3
• Magic Mist Drink Bottle – Term 3
• Emoji Wallet – Term 4
• Snakes & Ladders Game – Term 4

Loreto Da Vinci

Come join Artist-in-residence Carolyn White in exploring different mediums of art. Develop your own creative expression individually and collectively, culminating in your own personal portfolio.

We have a couple of spots available for the Wednesday sessions for Years Two, Three and Four.

Commencing Wednesday 4th March running every week until Wednesday 1st April (5 weeks)

There is a possibility of a Monday session for Years Five and Six please contact if you would like to book.

Commencing Monday 9th March running every week until Monday 30th March (4weeks)

$40 per session for each participant

All materials provided

Only 10 places available each session

Children will work independently under supervision

Session Time: 3:15pm – 5:15pm

Bookings and enquires:

Changes to Administration System

Thank you for your patience as our Administration and Finance team continues to merge our database to a new system.   School fees and information will be emailed to families within the next few days.

Parents we also ask if you can resubmit emergency contact details for their child as data has to be reset in the new student management system.  Please do this by emailing the Administration Office at


Parent have been sent new welcome emails to enable reactivation of their Seqta accounts.

To set up a new account via the Seqta app, parents are required to delete the old app and reload the new one.

To set up the account through the Seqta website please add the following link in the “School Website” section of the Seqta website.

Kindy Enrolments

Families are encouraged to submit enrolments for Kindy 2021 as vacancies are filling up quickly.  Please contact the Administration office for your application form.

Canteen Assistance

We are requiring parent help in the canteen on the following dates:

  • Friday, 28 February
  • Friday, 1 May

If you are able to assist please contact the Administration office

Thank you
Administration Office

Safety Around School

Student drop off and pick up can often be a busy and stressful time of the day. But please be mindful that we are all trying to achieve the same goal and we must strive to stay respectful by taking care when parking around the school grounds and adhering to local council parking laws.

Many thanks.
Tony Corbett

Community Health Nurse

A note from the Community Health Nurse

Welcome to the new school year. My name is Alice Fern and I am the Community Health Nurse (Child and Adolescent Health Service) for your school.

Community Health Nurses work in schools to promote healthy development and wellbeing so students may reach their full potential. A major part of my work is focused on early intervention and the School Entry Health Assessment program for Kindergarten students and Pre-Primary students (if missed in Kindy).

Community Health Nurses serve as a health contact point for children and their families, providing information, assessment, health counselling and referral. The services provided are free and confidential.

At the start of the year students in Pre-Primary will be given a brochure covering the subject of Colour Blindness. Year 6 students will be given a brochure on Scoliosis and a flyer on Health information for parents of upper primary studentsThe information has suggested websites for further information on the topics if needed. Please feel free to contact me if you need further clarification after visiting the suggested websites.

My email address is and my mobile number is 0404 823 678. My days of work are Tuesday-Thursday, 8.00am – 4pm.

Limiting the spread of disease

With current concerns about the spread of the Novel Coronavirus and prior to the flu season, now is a prudent time to remind ourselves and our children about good hand hygiene and the correct sneezing/coughing etiquette.

Washing hands is the easiest way to protect ourselves from contagious diseases, like colds, influenza and gastroenteritis. Hands should be washed before eating, before and after preparing food, after going to the toilet or changing a nappy, after nose blowing, sneezing or coughing into your hand, after handling or patting animals, when your hands are visibly dirty, before and after taking care of someone who is sick and when you enter and leave a health facility.

The Healthy WA website is a great resource and has some clear information on how to limit the spread of disease – – and correct hand washing – .

It is also worth noting there are clear Public Health guidelines around common infectious diseases and affected students returning to school. For example, if your child has diarrhea and/or vomiting they should not return to school for at least 24 hours after symptoms have stopped ( ). Please check with the Healthy WA website to ensure your child does not return to school too soon and infect other students and staff.

Alice Fern
Community Health/Child and Adolescent Health Service

Thursday Coffee at Loreto!

Come and have a coffee with Darren from Rascal Events every Thursday morning from 7.45am at Loreto Nedlands.  You can relax sitting under the umbrella and listening to his amazing record collection!


Fortnightly Tip:  Communication

The Fathering Project

In February, our tips aim to equip and inspire working dads.

No matter how successful you are at work, your children are truly your greatest accomplishment. So, work as hard on fathering as you do on your day job.

  • Be transparent in your work setting about the importance of your family.
  • Talk about the work/family balance with your co-workers.
  • By being open with others you give men permission to do the same for their families.

If you’re in a leadership role – be a leader in the area of engaged fathering and encourage balance in your employees’ lives.

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal

Extend Update

Upcoming Activities:         

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Family Tree


Around The World Arts & Crafts

Mini Scientists

Research: The Solar System

Healthy Veggie Pizza Titanic Themed Arts & Crafts

The Extend Superstar is…

Tom… for helping kids to complete the art and craft work and a good role model!

 What’s Been Happening?

This week we’ve been exploring a range of science, arts and craft, healthy eating and sports.

Enrol and book now:

Save the Date!

You are able to book tickets through the following link:

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69 Webster Street
Nedlands 6009, WA
p: (08) 6389 9400


Laughter, Happiness, Joy.

the search for truth.