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School News

Canteen News Term Two

We are pleased to introduce some new menu items in the canteen for Term Two.


  • Chai Pod Smoothies
  • Honey oat slice (ingredients are coconut, dried apricots, oats and honey)
  • Cheesie with sauce in a wholemeal bun (Tuesday only)



  • Pumpkin soup and bun (Tuesday only)
  • Vegetable Box (cucumber, carrot, crackers, hummus dip and cheese)
  • Filled rolls – white or wholemeal bun option.


All new menu items will be available to order on the online ordering system.


Mother’s Day Celebrations and Stalls

The Year Two Class will lead the annual Mother’s Day Mass on Friday 10th May commencing at 9.00am at Holy Rosary Church.  All Mothers, Grandmothers and special friends are invited to attend.  Morning tea will be served back at school immediately following the Mass and we hope that you can all join us.

The Parents and Friends have once again organised the gifts for the Mother’s Day stalls.  The stalls will be held on the following dates:

  • Kindergarten Class – Thursday 9th May at 1.30pm
  • Years One-Six – Friday 10th May 10.00-12.40pm


Students are encouraged to bring in $10 to spend at the Mother’s Day Stall, preferably in coins secured in a small purse as well as a shopping bag from home.


Extend After School Care

Our new after-school care provider, Extend After School Care has commenced in Term Two. Extend provides children with experiences that connect with the Loreto school community, enabling children to explore science, drama, cooking, sport and yoga.  Extend creates healthy eating habits for children combined with energetic activities for children to build coordination and confidence. 

Our Extend after school educator for Loreto is Natalie Henry.  

I am excited about our relationship with Extend After School Care and look forward to a successful partnership.  Parents are encouraged to enrol with Extend.  Details about enrolments can be found at:

Cyber Safety Workshop

Presenter: Paul Reid

eSafety – Session for Upper Primary Students

Date:     Thursday 9th May 2019

Time:    1:30-2:30pm Student session (Years 5 & 6)

Topics covered in a 45-60 minute Upper Primary session include:

  • Cybersafety for you and your mates

Exploring the randoms/strangers you might meet on the internet and highlighting the need for online safety. Strategies for staying safe online, including safe online gaming practices, geolocation tracking and age-restrictions on social media.

  • Protecting Personal Information and your online footprint 

Discussion of what information is safe and unsafe to post online, including privacy settings and how information can be shared online.

  • Cyber-bullies Bullying & being a good digital Citizenship

Exploration of compassionate communication online, including strategies for managing cyber bullying and where to seek help.


eSafety – Session for Parents of Primary Students

Date:     Thursday 9th May 2019

Time:    7.00pm Parent Information Session

Venue: Loreto Performing Arts Centre

Topics covered in a 60 minute Parent session include:

Cyber safety for you and your family

  • We provide an overview to parents about the current online risks, such as cyber bullying and exposure to inappropriate content, and discuss easy-to-implement safety management strategies.

Online Platforms your child may be using – an intro and a deeper dive

  • Introduction into the major social media platforms that children and teenagers are using, including current behavioural trends seen on these apps. Popular apps and games such as Instagram, SnapChat and Fortnite will be discussed. 

Strategies for behaviour management around devices at home

  • We discuss strategies for managing behaviour and patterns around the use of digital tools, including how to find balance enablement, of technology-use in the home, and effective communication strategies 


Music News

Music Workshops

Music workshops will be happening in Week Five of Term Two. These workshops allow parents to meet tutors, listen to other students at varying stages of development and watch their child perform. Many of the students are preparing for either exams or performances in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival in Term Three.

Music Ensemble Concerts

All the music ensembles will perform during the term at assemblies. The Celtic Band, Jubilee Strings, Preludes and Chorale will have valuable opportunities to practise performance etiquette and skills.

These ensembles will all present their music at the Catholic Performing Arts Festival in Term Three.

Year 1 and 2 Musicals
Catholic Performing Arts Festival

Performance opportunities do exist at Loreto for all students to participate either as a class item, ensemble or individuals.  All ensembles will enter this music/arts festival.  Year Four is presenting two recorder pieces and Year Three is are doing a choral speech item.  Solo entrants in this festival are prepared by their tutors. Bible reading entrants (Year Three) as well as percussion, woodwind, violin, cello, voice and piano students.

A full list of performances will be sent home when confirmation of dates and times have been confirmed.

Class Music News

Kindy and Pre-Primary have been busy with movement sessions, folk dances and new songs. They are learning rhythm patterns and hand signs based on the Kodaly system. They all enjoy percussion instruments with extensive playing to the beat and tapping out rhythms.

Years One and Two are preparing for their musicals “Hats Off” (Year One) and “There’s a Sunflower in my Supper” (Year Two). Students are practising their songs and dance moves on stage as they imagine their roles as farm animals. Dance rehearsals have begun with Josslyn Eddie (WAAPA graduate) to perfect their moves! As in previous years, it will be fantastic to benefit from parent volunteers as costumes and props are devised!

 It is so important for each child to both look and feel the part as costumes and roles and assigned. All students will have a speaking role which ensures they gain maximum experience as actors, dancers and singers.  The full musicals will then be presented at Loreto for parents in Term Three.

Years Three and Four are learning new songs and engaging in singing games such as rounds, vocal echoes, patterning and partner songs as well as their preparation for the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. Year Four is continuing with recorder playing and improving their tone, fingering, breathing and melody. They will be learning an extensive range of music notes as they learn to read music.

Years Five and Six are learning the songs for their musical “What a Knight”. This will be presented after intensive two-week afternoon pop-up sessions with theatre director Trevor Patience.

They are also continuing their learning of recorder and songs that demonstrate interesting rhythms and vocal patterns. They are using compound time (6/8) as well as simple time music. They are also enjoying the challenge of musical projects with other students.  Year Five will prepare a music project on “pentatonic melody creation”.  Year Six will create a “soundscape” composition.

Liz Leith
Music Specialist

Weekly Tip: Resilience

Being an example of resilience: 

This week, stimulate your child’s imagination:

  • Help them ‘think outside of the box’ and challenge their creativity.
  • Don’t over-instruct; let them find their own way of doing things.
  • Encourage imagination by exposing them to the world, give them opportunity to interact with nature, people and world events.
  • Children are naturally imaginative, avoid over-organising their lives and allow them time to explore.
  • Limiting ‘screen time’ is also helpful as it discourages imagination.
  • Instead, encourage reading or art and crafts – these are creative and imaginative activities


Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal


Loreto Nedlands is now accepting enrolment applications for 2020 for our Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten programmes.

Sibling enrolments are now open and parents are reminded to please submit applications as soon as possible.

Our next upcoming School Tour is Thursday, 20th June at 9.30am.

Bookings for our school tours can be made by visiting our newly updated website!

Please share with family and friends who may be interested in learning more about our wonderful Loreto school programmes.

Parents are reminded that Consent2Go is commencing in Term Two.


Consent 2 Go

Permission slips were forwarded to parents at the end of Term One and are attached again for your perusal.  Please ensure the permission slip is signed and returned to the office as soon as possible if you have not already done so.

Consent2Go being introduced to improve the process for parents by providing Loreto Nedlands with the most up to date information regarding their child’s medical or other related information. This greatly improves our ability to manage school excursions and events.  The system will replace our current paper process for obtaining parent permission and consent for school incursions and excursions.

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal


Friday Coffee Fix!

Every Friday a coffee van will be available near the Webster Street top gate between 8:00-8:45am.

This is a great chance to catch up with Loreto Friends and get that morning coffee fix! Hot chocolates are available for the students as well.

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal


Loreto Website

The updated Loreto website can be visited at  We encourage you to visit the website for recent newsletters and parents information.  The Term Two planner can also be accessed from the website.

Loreto Nedlands

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the search for truth.