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School News

Environment Club

The Environment Club members continue to gather before school each Thursday to tend the vegetable gardens, the worms and keep an eye on the Loreto chickens.  The gardens have been stocked with a variety of winter vegetables. We are grateful for the recent rains and look forward to a bountiful harvest in a few months time. I am most grateful to Mr Len Roberts and Mrs Melina Dichiera for facilitating the Environment Club each week.  Sincerest thanks to Mr Len Roberts and Mr Charles Reutens for working on the weekend to add another layer of wire to the chicken pen to keep the birds from flying in.

Mini Vinnies Club

The Mini Vinnies group will hold a bake sale at school on Wednesday, 3rd July at recess to raise money for the St Vincent De Paul Winter Appeal.  Please keep this date in your diaries and encourage participation to support the work of the Mini Vinnies Club. The Mini Vinnies have decided to support the Perth Homeless Support Group by baking muffins to be delivered to the support group’s food station every Sunday morning in the city.  Mr Corbett will ensure delivery of the muffins.  The Perth Homeless Support Group feeds about 200 homeless people each Sunday and provides them with the food they can eat immediately or take away with them. Fresh muffins are always gratefully received.  The Mini Vinnies members will bake some muffins and invite all members of the school community to bake muffins to be distributed each Sunday.  Parents and families wishing to be involved are most welcome to drop fresh muffins off at school on Fridays for Mr Corbett to collect.  Further information about practical support for the Perth Homeless Support Group will be provided later this term.


The school is delighted with the response to the free dress day last week to raise money for the Archbishop’s LifeLink charities.  Together we were able to raise $1050 in total to go towards various charities supported by LifeLink in WA.  Thank you to all our families for their generosity in supporting LifeLink.

Warm regards

Sally Rippin Book Launch!

Loreto Nedlands is excited to announce that we are holding a Book Launch for the third book in the Polly and Buster series by Sally Rippin – “The Search for the Silver Witch”

Sally is an Australian author whose books are extremely popular with our children.  As part of the launch, Sally will be presenting to our students and the wider school community this Monday morning, 17 June 2019.

This is an open event so please feel free to bring along family and friends.

Details are:

Sally Rippin Book Launch
Monday, 17th June 2019
Loreto Nedlands Performing Arts Centre
9.00am followed by Q&A and book signing.

To secure your copy of “The Search for the Silver Witch” please return the order form on Monday.

Sally’s presentations are renowned for inspiring creativity in children. Her “Hey Jack” and “Billie B Brown’ series are a fantastic stepping stone for developing readers as they transition to chapter books.

See the attached for more further information about Sally’s books and a Book Order Form.

Year Four News

The Year Four class have been learning about Indigenous people and spent last Thursday at Kings Park exploring the native flora that the Whadjuk people used to live for thousands of years before European settlement. We learned the Whadjuk names for native plants, saw tools and native medicines and made our own journey sticks to remember what we learned, just like Indigenous people used to do to remind them of the places they had visited. The Year Four class then used maps to complete a mini Orienteering course through Kings Park in groups, which was a fantastic time to practice good teamwork while learning about the natural environment.

The Year Fours have also been preparing for their First Eucharist which is this Sunday! We have been learning a lot of important information about the Mass, including the responses, prayers and gestures, as well as how to receive the Body and Blood of Christ. We have focused on the Eucharistic prayer which uses the words of the Last Supper, and how we can act like Jesus and become closer to Him through the Eucharist. We also attended Reconciliation with Fr Gavin on Tuesday

Library News

The Library is full of people! As well as Mrs Bowen and Mrs Jacobs you will find hundreds of other characters!

The highlight of the library this term has been National Simultaneous Storytime. The book for 2019 was Alpacas with Maracas by Matt Cosgrove. We shared the story as a whole school on the same day as other schools all over Australia and New Zealand and then in the library, we have had a chance to explore interesting and silly facts about the author and share some of his other stories! The children had the chance to do a colouring of Macca the Alpaca and some of these are on display in the Library stairwell.

This term we have also celebrated Mothers Day and our families and have loved sharing with our peers all about why we love our Mums and about our families who live all over the world!

Looking forward to sharing books and words and conversations in the Library!

Loreto Nedlands Staff Wellness Day

On Friday 31st June the staff volunteered their time to help out with the wonderful people at Perth Homeless Support Group.

The Perth Homeless Support Group Inc. is a registered charity and support network that believes everyone can make a difference to a person’s day.

See the need and make a difference, without prejudice.

We believe in the pursuit of honesty, ethical practice, trustworthiness and accountability in all interactions with the homeless. We live this by providing them with care packs, blankets, sleeping bags and other items of necessity as well as connecting people to other organisations that can assist with their individual circumstances.

Their goals are to:

  • relieve the stress on the displaced and homeless by providing basic needs
  • reduce begging and antisocial behaviour
  • educate the homeless of all other services which are available to help the displaced and homeless.

The staff enjoyed the experience and left with renewed gratitude and appreciation for what they have in their lives.

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal


The strength we have been looking at the past two weeks has been the appreciation of beauty and excellence. Given our surroundings and school families, we are in a great place to see both. By acknowledging the things around us we can savour the good in our day which has the potential to improve our gratitude. Perhaps in ourselves and the children, it can spark a sense of awe, I know the sunrise on Friday morning did for me.

Which of the two resonates with you more? Ask your children if they noticed any examples the past week. For me personally, it was very low on my list of strengths so I focussed on this and have paid a lot more attention to my surroundings. I am pleased to report that it has moved up after re-taking the survey, still not top 10 but certainly closer than it was.

If you are looking for ways to bolster this strength take time each day to look at your surroundings, maybe you drive along the river to work, look for the sea eagle that is often flying around. Perhaps you can take a nature walk through Kings Park with the kids, or yourself.

At school, we introduced fairness which I will talk about more next newsletter.

Positive Parent Posse

Thank you to the parents that came along for our catch up two weeks ago. There were some great ideas shared and I am looking forward to them rolling out to our wider community.

One of these initiatives was to set up a private facebook page for our school families. Through this page, we will share tips and stories related to wellbeing and let you know of up and coming events. The page is called Positive Parenting Loreto Nedlands if you would like to join have a look for it and ask to join. If you cannot find it let me know and we will sort something out. It would be great to have as many families as possible on there to share ideas and stories, we are all a wealth of information.

Andrew Boxsell
Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Mini Vinnies

The Mini Vinnies have been working hard on the upcoming events this year.  They include the Bake Sale, Rice Day, Soup Day, making muffins for the homeless and the Mini Vinnies sleepout.  Every member of the Mini Vinnies has their own role to play in helping in these events.

Office Bearers

Sicily Fogarty:                          President
Josefina Caceres-Sandoval:    Vice President
Claudia Cavallaro:                   Treasurer
Isabella Franco:                       Secretary

Our first fundraising event is a Bake Sale to be held on Wednesday, 3rd July at recess in the LPAC foyer. Students can buy goodies for $1 or $2.

Mary Ward’s Europe – 2019 Pilgrimage

It has taken me some time to reflect and put down in words my inner thoughts and feelings about the Mary Ward Pilgrimage which I embarked upon just over a month ago. I have felt very much honoured and humbled, to have been selected as a part of this “circle of friends” and been offered the opportunity to travel the lands Mary Ward had once graced with her presence, visiting the places that had helped cultivate her religious transformation.

Unsure of the journey I was about to embark on, having never been on a pilgrimage before, and not knowing what to expect, I hoped to learn, discern and strengthen my faith. I would be travelling through four different countries, “following in the footsteps of Mary Ward”.

Mary Ward was challenged and an inspiring role model as a way forward. Our pilgrimage took us to places where she was born, spent her childhood, entered religious life, suffered injustices and was imprisoned, experienced illness and later died. I was totally in awe of this woman, her ministry, her vision and values, her struggles and setbacks, and her relentless and selfless pursuit to follow God’s calling.

Not long after having commenced the pilgrimage, near the village of Osmotherly, we were to climb the ascent to Mount Grace, where four hundred years earlier Mary Ward herself, had made the pilgrimage to the Carthusian Priory. The day was cold, overcast with a light drizzle of rain fell gently upon us. The Stations of the Cross dotted the path ahead, with each station being represented by a simple wooden cross, amongst the greenery of the surrounding countryside. In that surreal moment, the other pilgrims did not exist, I was very much alone within my own thoughts, reflecting on the person of Jesus and his suffering as he carried his own cross. I could not help but compare how Mary Ward too, had suffered much because of her love for the Lord. Arriving at the Resurrection, I was reminded that the Risen Christ is a message of hope, just as Mary Ward had the same sense of hope as a way forward. The crosses or “Good Fridays” in our lives are obstacles that can be overcome, but we are people of the Resurrection. Our real purpose is to move beyond, to what really matters, to have a greater appreciation for life’s gifts. The Risen Christ walks by our side, but he also goes ahead of us, preparing the way for us. I experienced a deep sense of gratitude for my life, a renewed sense of the importance of hope and determination. I left my “heart of hope” amongst the grasslands of the cross of the Resurrection near the Priory.

Throughout the pilgrimage, we visited many places where saints of the Christian tradition lived, died, or where their relics were displayed. When confronted by such acts of martyrdom such as St Margaret Clitheroe, I wondered what I would be willing to die for? But as I lit a candle and stood alongside the other pilgrims in prayer in the cathedral at St Omer, I felt a strong sense of connection by the faith of others around me.

I learnt more about the complex history of my faith tradition, including stories of sinners and saints. The combination of awe and wonder at grand architecture, appreciation of beauty through art and sculpture, and reflection on the lives of Christians who’ve gone before me nurtured my spiritual life and provided a sense of encouragement.

At the various cafes and restaurants, I witnessed how other people’s daily lives are both different and yet similar to mine. I realised how we are one human family, but with so many different cultures, languages and ways of expressing truth and meaning. These encounters help us in learning about ourselves and the world in which we live. We also build deeper friendships with those who accompany us along the way.

Through the guidance and patience of Sandra Perrett ibvm and Anne Muirhead, I experienced an incredible journey and through it witnessed the “Loreto” way of love, laughter, acceptance and friendship, seeing God not just in the people I shared it with, but in the everyday beauty of our travels. We came as strangers from different parts of Australia and parted friends and companions.

As we continue our journey through this semester, may each of us come to embrace the joys and struggles, the emotion and commotion of our sacred life journeys, our pilgrimages, both individually and collectively.

Claudia Di Biaggio
Mission Co-Ordinator

Environment Club

The Loreto Nedlands Environment Club has been very busy in the last few weeks, some of our initiatives include:

  • New wire fencing for the chicken enclosure built by Jewel, Jolie, Luke, James and Harry.
  • Winter vegetable patches planted in three beds (16 students helped with this).
  • Snow peas responding to the students love and care!
  • A new worm farm has been established.
  • All chickens happy and egg laying consistently.

Many thanks to Len Roberts for his ongoing dedication and work with the environment club students.

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal


What A Knight!

Loreto Nedlands, in conjunction with Perth Youth Theatre present our Year Five and Six Musical titled:

What A Knight!

to be held in the Loreto Performing Arts Centre on Friday, 21st June at 6.00pm.

Tickets are now available at:

Loreto Nedlands invites you to purchase tickets at your earliest convenience to avoid disappointment.

We look forward to seeing you at this wonderful annual event.


Weekly Tip: Removing Distractions

The Fathering Project.

This week, focus on removing distractions and making the most of the ‘little moments’ to connect with your children.

  • Driving the kids to school or picking them up in the afternoon can be a great time to talk together but it’s easy to get distracted by phones, iPods and other devices and toys.
  • Try making it a rule that all schoolbags, phones and other “distractors” must go in the boot.
  • It may take a few days to enforce this habit and for the children to get used to it but persevere and they will soon start talking.

Make sure you are not similarly distracted – turn off the radio and your phone.

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal


The Prophetic Legacy of Mary Ward


Extend: Open Afternoon and New Website!

Extend will be having an open afternoon for anyone wishing to discover what we offer and see it for themselves in action. The open afternoon will be held on the 20th of June starting at 3:05pm and you are more than welcome to ask questions and observe what is happening. We are based in the school hall and if the weather permits we will move outside for some outdoor activities from 4:15pm.

We are proud to welcome you to our brand new Extend website at
Here you will find everything you’re looking for including your school’s hours of operation, fees, booking information and holiday program timetables.

It’s an exciting time to be part of Extend! We look forward to continuing to provide you with extraordinary support.

Your school’s individual page can be found at this address
Please use this link on your school’s website, so parents have easy access to their outside school hours care information.

Loreto Nedlands

69 Webster Street
Nedlands 6009, WA
p: (08) 6389 9400


the search for truth.

the search for truth.