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School News

Mathematics Workshop

Parents are asked to note that due to the absence of Rebecca Barfoot the Mathematics Workshop scheduled for Friday 28th June has been postponed to Friday 23rd August at 2.00pm.

Pupil Free Day

Staff will be participating in a faith day on Wednesday 31 July and, as such, this will be a pupil free day.  I understand that this midweek pupil free day may be challenging for some parents but the opportunity for the staff to work with Elaine McDonald, Mary Ward expert from Ireland, is too great for us not to set aside the time.  I thank our parents for their support.

Justice Lecture

The annual Loreto Justice Lecture will be held on Wednesday 31st July at 7.00pm in the Loreto Performing Arts Centre.  The lecture will be delivered by Dr Elaine McDonald, Mary Ward expert, visiting us from Ireland.  Dr McDonald will be delivering the justice lecture to all Loreto schools in Australia and it promises to be a wonderful event.  Dr McDonald will talk about Mary Ward’s legacy as an innovator and prophetic leader and draw some parallels between Mary Ward’s life and our lives as ‘bearers of a dangerous memory.”  It promises to be an enlightening discussion and I encourage all parents to come along.  A flyer with further information accompanies this newsletter.

Music News!

 “What A Knight”  

(Book, music and lyrics by Craig Hawes) 

This modern and witty musical was an outstanding success last week with student and parent performances completed with excellent results.  The songs in the musical were carefully prepared by music specialist Liz Leith as students learnt song lyrics and focused on projecting with correct pitch, expression and strong dynamics at all times. 

Overall director and technical expert Trevor Patient and designer/choreographer Katrina Patient ensured students were selected/ auditioned for suitable parts, taught snappy dance moves and dramatic scene preparation. Theatre etiquette, self -discipline on stage, teamwork and confidence were all part of the exciting process of staging a musical.  

Class teachers Julia Waller and Michelle Debuf rehearsed dialogue with students and class groups as well as managed student behaviour both on stage and behind the scenes. They were also responsible for enabling ongoing enthusiasm in their classrooms as the night of the show drew ever closer! 

Junior Music Workshops 

Well done to all the students from Pre-Primary to year 6 who completed their music workshop performances. Many of the students are now preparing for either exams or performances in the term 3 Catholic Performing Arts Festival. The valuable opportunity to perform for others prior to the festival should ensure successful results. 

Term Two Instrumental Ensemble Concert 

Congratulations to all the instrumental ensembles who performed recently at assemblies. Students and parents were entertained by the Rock Band, Preludes, Jubilee Strings and Celtic Band. Both the Junior Choir and Senior Chorale will perform early in Term Three at assembly.  A full list of performance dates for the Catholic School Performing Arts Festival will be sent home when confirmation of dates and times has been given to the Loreto administration. 

Year One and Two Musicals 

Year One and Two are busy preparing for their musicals Hats Off and There’s a Sunflower in My Supper. Both musicals will be presented at Loreto for parents on Thursday 12 September at 6.00pm. 

Year Three and Four Festival Preparation 

Both Year Three (Choral Speech) and Year Four (Recorder) are busy practising their stage-ready musical and dramatic items for the festival. Both classes are focusing on accuracy of speech/ recorder notes/, expression, tonal shading and clarity of delivery. Of course, the aim is to promote confidence, pride in achievement and growth of teamwork as classes present an item of excellence!  

Year 6 News

The Popup Musical, ‘What a Knight’ was a fantastic experience for Year Five and Six. It taught us how to be confident in ourselves and work as a group to make the show run smoothly. We would definitely recommend it to other schools as a great way to build trust in each other. Mr and Mrs Patience were a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Our Star Staff Member

Natalia Turkovskaya
Piano Music Tutor

Natalia is a musician of outstanding accomplishment. She attended the renowned Kiev Conservatory and graduated with the qualifications of Concert Performer, Chamber Ensemble Soloist and Teacher-Concertmaster (Piano Major). In 1983 she was Laureate of the First Ukrainian Chamber Music Contest and in 1994 she was awarded the Cambridge Exellentia International Order of Merit Medal for services to Music and Arts. Recently, Natalia received a Diploma of Recognition for extraordinary dedication and achievement in the field of teaching music and presenting students for performance at Carnegie Hall in New York.

Natalia has developed her own unique method of teaching piano, based on the rich traditions of the celebrated Russian School of Music. Her programme focuses on realising the potential of each individual student by developing musicality and creativity, and advancing technique and memory in an inspiring and relaxed atmosphere. She incorporates elements of various musical pedagogies in her lessons, in order to create an environment which is conducive to acquiring difficult musical concepts quickly and easily.

During her time at Loreto Nedlands, Natalia’s students have achieved notable success in AMEB examinations, received annual prizes and Honourable Mentions in The Fremantle Eisteddfod, the Catholic Performing Arts Festival and the WA Young Pianists Competition. Several of Natalia’s past Loreto students have moved on to international success: one of her students won the prestigious Golden Key Festival in 2013 and 2014, gaining them the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall. More recently, another of her students was selected from thousands of aspiring young musicians to be one of 50 pianists to play alongside internationally acclaimed performer Ylang Ylang at the Singapore National Celebration Concert.

Students of all ages and grade levels, in countries as diverse as South America, Japan and Australia, have benefitted from Natalia’s expert teaching methods. Her pupils are exposed to a wide range of music which is carefully selected to suit their unique personal character, giving them the opportunity to expand their repertoire, while developing exceptional technique and truly enjoying their musical journey.



Character Strengths

The past fortnight the students have been learning about fairness and what it means. For us, it is about giving everyone a fair chance and treating others how you would like to be treated. Interestingly it is reported that fair-minded folk are more likely to engage in positive behaviours and do less bad stuff. Fairness ties in nicely with leadership, forgiveness, kindness and honesty.

Ways we can build this are by involving others in a decision that impact them. When a decision has already been made clarifying how you got there and offering clear and justified reasoning. Perhaps you can ask your children where they saw fairness over the past week.

Our new strength this week is Honesty. Personally, this has been in my top five each time I have taken the strengths survey. It is not just about speaking the truth but also behaving in a genuine and sincere way. It is closely linked with perseverance, perspective, kindness, fairness and bravery.

I think the best way to promote honesty is to display it to our children and students. They learn a lot more from our actions than our words. Another great way is to own up to our mistakes. I like to think that at Loreto we celebrate mistakes as they are part of the learning process. You have not failed, you have found a way to not do something and are on the path to discovery.

Caped Crusaders

You may now notice students wearing capes at recess and lunch. These are our new caped crusaders, we have one for each class from Kindy to Year 6. When they are chosen their role is to spot others using their strengths in the playground. They can let the teacher know what they spotted or simply high five the person using their strengths well. We look forward to some committed strength spotting over the last few weeks of term and beyond.


Andrew Boxsell
Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing Co-ordinator


Year Two Vegetable & Egg Sale

The Year Two students would like to sell some produce from their herb garden on Friday. The money raised will be donated to Caritas.  A gold coin donation is all that is required for a bag of herbs.  The product will be sold in the Mary Ward Courtyard from 2.15pm onwards.


Kindy at Loreto

We are still enrolling for Kindergarten in 2020!

Our three day Kindy program (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) is now offering an additional stand-alone Friday program. This extra day is open to all children in the community – an attractive alternative to daycare.

Please share with family and friends.  For more information please contact our Administration Office.



School Banking

Got your eye on something?

If you really want to buy something, the quickest way to get it is to save up for it.

Our children putting away even small amounts of their pocket money will soon help their savings build up and grow. 

Our Dollarmites programme at Loreto encourages our students to put money aside every week. Our parent volunteers visit every Monday to deposit your child’s money into their Commonwealth Bank account.  Each deposit regardless of dollar value will incur one token.  As your child saves tokens they are eligible for a range of prizes.

No deposit amount is too small!  To find out more please contact the Administration Office.


Weekly Tip: Homework Routines

The Fathering Project.

This week, we’re thinking about how you can help your child establish a good homework routine.

Most children start getting homework from the first year of school – practising reading, spelling, writing and arithmetic initially – but evolving into larger, more complex research projects later on.

  • Encourage your child by establishing a routine where you can sit with them, or nearby, while they work. 
  • If you can’t always be around while they’re working, another way to do this is setting a time for you to review their work together once they’ve had a go. 
  • Be available to test their spelling, listen to their reading, and guide them if they can’t see the solution to a problem or don’t know where to look for information.
  • Try to avoid simply answering their questions, guide them to find the answer for themselves.
  • Take an interest in what they are learning about – you might learn something too. 
  • Create a routine for play time and homework time after school so they can understand what’s expected of them each week.


Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal