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Canberra Camp

The 2020 Leadership Camp to our nation’s capital, Canberra was a trip to always remember!

After arriving in Canberra at 10.30pm we travelled by bus to our lodgings at the newly built Canberra Park Resort. Five star accommodation… wow! Four of us to a dorm with our own private bathroom facilities! Suffice to say, no one got much sleep this night, as we were all very excited about the days to come and the three hour time difference didn’t help either.

The next morning, following a delicious breakfast, our camp had truly begun. Excitement built as we hopped on the double decker bus and drove to Parliament House. Our guide pointed out many aspects of the building. Did you know there are over 4000 rooms? We all enjoyed the role play session showing us how a bill is passed, sitting in the Senate (Red) and the House of Representatives (Green). This was followed by refreshments with our very own member for Curtin, Ms Celia Hammond. What a shame we couldn’t stay longer as Parliament was sitting later in the day. We hoped we would run into “Scomo” – aka Scott Morrison, our Prime Minister, but Ms Hammond told us he was in one of his rooms preparing for the afternoon’s session.

Following lunch, we visited The National Portrait Gallery. Here we investigated how artists can show so many qualities of the sitter such as power, importance, interests or virtues. We viewed and were challenged by the various portraits we were shown.

Next stop we visited Old Parliament House – Museum of Australian Democracy. We explored the old chambers and became members of the House of Representatives! We learnt that the word “democracy” means “people power” and the importance of casting a vote.

Following dinner, Mal (our bus driver) took us all to a most entertaining evening of ten-pin bowling. It was a most enjoyable way to end our first day exploring our nation’s capital city. Everyone got to bed much earlier and had a much better sleep this night.

Wednesday morning began with a visit to The Royal Australian Mint, where we followed the process of minting Australian coins. We had money to burn in our pockets, and to our delight this was our first shopping spree in the souvenir shop.

Next stop was the National Gallery where we saw Phar Lap’s heart, a Tasmanian Tiger skin and Chris the sheep’s coat that weighed over 46 kilograms!

As it was Ash Wednesday, we attended a Liturgy at St Joseph’s Church in the suburb of O’Connor. Joining us were 300 students from St Joseph’s school, who warmly welcomed us to their prayer service.

Lunch was fantastic at the National Arboretum. It features 94 forests of rare, endangered and symbolic trees from around Australia and the world. We had lots of fun exploring and playing in the Pod Playground. It is a unique and adventurous playground featuring giant acorn cubbies, nest swings and banksia pods, surrounded by spectacular views.

Then we headed straight to Geoscience Australia. We examined fossils, minerals, rocks and soils. The earthquake simulation and seeing how a seismograph works were the highlights.

Following another enjoyable evening dinner, we faced the strong winds of the Telstra Tower high up on Black Mountain. It was really worth it. The views were breathtaking!

On Thursday morning we visited the National Capital Exhibition. We learnt about the story of Canberra and the reasons why it was chosen as the capital city of Australia. A worldwide town planning competition was held for its development. Walter and Marion Griffin from the US were the winners for presenting a design where the building and the natural landscapes had equal importance.

There was just enough time for Mal to drive us past the Anzac Parade Memorials and up to Mount Ainslie to see the breathtaking view of Canberra and Lake Burley Griffin. By this time, we could easily locate all the sites we had visited.

Then we were off to the National Dinosaur Museum. Giant dinosaurs greeted us as we entered the museum. The museum guide led us back in time and we felt like we were living amongst real dinosaurs.

In the afternoon, we explored the Australian War Memorial. The interactive area was unbelievable! Dressing up as soldiers, flying a helicopter and even experiencing the living conditions in the trenches (including the smells) was fantastic. We were amazed and moved by at all the poppies placed on the Wall of Remembrance.

To finish the day, we had a night stalk at the Australian National Botanical Gardens which was truly an adventure. We spotted water dragons, a fox, possums, bats, kangaroos, a frog mouthed owl and even a hotel for bees! We enjoyed a lovely supper of Milo and biscuits to conclude our final night in Canberra.

On our last day we rose early, packed, ate our last meal, farewelled the caterers and left our “resort”. The morning began with a visit to the Electoral Education Centre, where we held an election for the most popular “fruit”! Counting the preference votes helped the “apple” to win a seat in parliament.

Next, we headed straight off to the Australian Institute of Sport. Our guide showed us the elite sport precinct. We saw athletes training for the Olympic Games in Japan – the synchronized swimming team, the gymnastic female team and weightlifters. We then entered the Sportex, an interactive sporting area. After so much sport we were happy to sit on the bus for the 45-minute drive to the NASA Deep Space Centre. The satellite dishes were enormous and we discovered we really could, within 20 years, go in a rocket to Mars.

Finally, we reached Questacon, the National Science Centre. What fun we had on the freefall and watching the lightning strikes. We spent whatever money we had left. Before we knew it, it was time to head off to the airport and begin our trip home.

We are most grateful to our supervising teachers Mr Corbett, Miss Dodgson and Mrs Di Biaggio for making it all possible. We enjoyed every moment and now we know Canberra very well.

The Australian Government recognises the importance of all young Australians being able to visit the national capital as part of their Civics and Citizenship education. To assist families in meeting the cost of the excursion the Australian Government has contributed funding of $310 per student under the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER) program towards those costs. The rebate is paid directly to the school upon completion of the camp. The Pacer Programme encourages students’ onsite learning about national democratic, historical and cultural institutions, by providing funding towards each student’s expenses.

Sound Waves

Sound Waves Snippets Weeks Six and Seven

Week Six

  • If your child is saying /g/, prompt them to turn their voice off for a quiet /k/.
  • If your child is saying /t/, prompt them to use the back of their tongue instead of the front.

Week Seven

  • /d/ is a quick, noisy sound, so you use your voice.
  • If your child is saying /t/, prompt them to turn their voice on a little bit more

Denise Bowen
Literacy Coordinator

Year Four News

The Year Fours have made a great start to the year by jumping into all learning areas with enthusiasm! In Maths we have commenced the year by studying five-digit numbers and gathering and analysing data through graphs. We have also been creating graphs to see how fluently we read aloud in Reading and revising our graphemes and phonemes by tackling the tricky lazy schwa sound in Spelling. In Writing, we are working on informative texts and have integrated our learning of environments in Geography to write an information report about an environment in Australia. We are also enjoying becoming engineers to research, plan and build a bridge in Technologies.

Finally, the Year Fours have loved becoming a big buddy to the Year Two students. After playing all together in our first session, they eagerly accepted a buddy of their own last week and had the opportunity to share a reading session with them!

Health, PE & Wellbeing


We are looking forward to the swimming carnival taking place for students between Year One and Six on Monday. We had our last training session for Three to Sixes today, thank you to all of those who have been able to come down over the past month, I hope it has helped.

A couple of reminders for Monday: Year Fours to Six and select Year Threes will be departing school at 9:00am for a 9:30am start at Claremont pool. Parents are welcome to come down and support and any help you can offer on the day will be greatly appreciated.

All Years One to Three students will be involved in the afternoon carnival which will take place in the 25m pool. Some Year Six students will be there to assist and each student will have a helper in the water with them for their events.

IPSHA Swimming

Students will be chosen from the senior carnival to participate in the IPSHA swim meet which is taking place in Week 7. I am hoping to have more information regarding this event ready for involved competitors next week.

Character strength

We have been focusing on Curiosity for the past fortnight with the students. I hope it is a strength they keep and use for a long time to ensure lifelong learning. This strength is in the top 5 of strengths connected with life satisfaction and is strongly aligned with engagement. If you are looking to know more you will learn.

What can we do to be more curious adults you ask? Perhaps you can try being actively curious. Next time you are walking down the street or maybe on the bus to work look around you, notice things. Another thing could be to think about a task you find boring and look for two to three novel features of this activity. Is there a something you can notice that makes it more interesting?

“A mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size” Albert Einstein

Andrew Boxsell
Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Sacramental Commitment Mass

A reminder that all students who will be receiving a sacrament this year at Holy Rosary parish are to attend the sacramental commitment mass to be held this Sunday, 8th March at 8:45am.

Claudia Di Biaggio
Mission Co-ordinator

Protective Behaviours

I have come across a couple of upcoming workshops offered through the WA Child Safety Services for parents – didn’t know if this is something you would like to add to the next newsletter.

There are some upcoming fantastic workshops offered through the WA Child Safety Services for interested parents:

WACSS Protective Behaviours Parent Workshop TERM 1 HILLARYS
Event in Perth, WA, Australia by WA Child Safety Services – WACSS on Wednesday, March 18 2020

WACSS Let’s Talk About Pornography Parent Workshop TERM 1 HILTON
Event in Fremantle, WA, Australia by WA Child Safety Services – WACSS on Thursday, March 19 2020

Caterina Hurle
Social Worker
Available: Fridays. 

Caritas Project Compassion

Loreto Year Five students attended the launch of “Caritas Project Compassion” at Sacred Heart College along with 45 other schools. Caritas Australia works with all people to enable them to learn more about poverty, with the aim of inspiring people to “be more” and serve the poorest in our world.  We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in this invaluable initiative.

Loreto Lemurs – Congratulations!

We are pleased to advise Loreto Nedlands of the Under 9s A Grade division Teeball results. Loreto Lemurs finished equal first for the finals. Even with having to forfeit the first of the five games. Each or our players will receive a pennant from the Woodland Association. 

Carolyn and Cory Mann

Mandarin Classes in Term Two

Loreto Nedlands will be providing free basic conversational Mandarin classes in Term Two. This is a fantastic initiative by a Loreto Nedlands parent who is volunteering her time to provide this service.

Please register your interest with Skye Liu (Loreto Nedlands parent) via email:

When: every Tuesday after school in the Loreto Performing Arts Centre (top floor).
Time: 3:10pm-4:00pm
Commencing: Tuesday, 5 May (Week Two of Term Two)

Classes will be capped at 15 students and are free of charge.

Kindy Enrolments

Families are encouraged to submit enrolments for Kindy 2021 as vacancies are filling up quickly.  Please contact the Administration office for your application form.

Fee Statements

Fee statements were sent out to families via email on Wednesday, 19 February. Please check your emails, in particular your spam folder to ensure you have received your statement. The subject heading will include a reference to “8580svc_admin Service Account’

Thursday Coffee at Loreto!

Come and have a coffee with Darren from Rascal Events every Thursday morning from 7.45am at Loreto Nedlands.  You can relax sitting under the umbrella and listening to his amazing record collection!


Fortnightly Tip:  Communication

The Fathering Project

In March, our tips aim to equip and inspire working dads. 

No matter how successful you are at work, your children are truly your greatest accomplishment. Work as hard on fathering as you do on your day job.

“Dad lets me come into work with him. We either have lunch or go on ward rounds where I get to meet all the patients. I like seeing the patients, especially Mrs Salvia – she’s a special friend.” – Amy Robinson, daughter of Fathering Project Founder Dr. Bruce Robinson.

  • When you involve your child in your job, you create special memories.
  • Taking your kids to your work engages them in your world and what you do – it’s a great way for them to bond with you. Not only will you have more time

together, but your child will begin to understand a bit more about who you are, what you do and why you do it.

If they can’t come into your workplace, chat with them about what you do at work – show them photos and explain how you contribute to the world and why it’s important.

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal

Save the Date!

You are able to book tickets through the following link:

Loreto Nedlands

69 Webster Street
Nedlands 6009, WA
p: (08) 6389 9400


Laughter, Happiness, Joy.

the search for truth.