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This week we farewell the Dalgety family as they return to their hometown of Geraldton.  Ava and Kai, together with their parents, Chelsea and Patrick, are delighted to be in the position to move back home with their children, including their toddler Tahlea who has been receiving treatment for her illness in Perth for the past 2 years.  This is a major achievement for the family and, although we will miss them very much, we are delighted for them that they can return to the support of their families and friends and enjoy family life without the constant stress and disruption of living away with long spells in hospital environments.  Kai and Ava will be back at Loreto soon to farewell their classmates and teachers.  Chelsea and Patrick are most grateful to the school community for their love and support.  Words cannot express the gratitude they have for the Loreto community. We wish them all the very best.

 Mission Day Fundraising for Loreto Vietnam

Mission Day celebrations on the final day of Term Three were very successful.  The stalls were great fun for the students to enjoy and participate in.  The students raised $1680 on the day, an excellent achievement with all funds raised going towards Loreto Vietnam.

 After School Play

We are so blessed to have a beautiful outdoor environment for all our families to enjoy.  After school play encourages a strong sense of community and is an opportunity for the students to have unstructured play outdoors after school.  Parents are reminded that it is not the responsibility of staff to supervise the children after school.  After school supervision ceases at 3.20pm, except for organised activities that occur from time to time. Parents are reminded that it is always their responsibility to supervise their own children and to ensure that after school play is on the grassed areas only.  Teachers have meetings after school on most days and it is important that they are not disturbed.  Please do not use the Kindy and Pre-Primary play areas or the Mary Ward Courtyard after school.

The Loreto Lemurs Tee Ball Club will be using the school oval each Thursday afternoon for Tee Ball training. Please avoid this area during after school play on Thursday.

 Before School Supervision and Before School Care

Parents are reminded that before school supervision commences at 8.25am.  Staff are not available to supervise students prior to this time.  Students arriving at school prior to 8.25am are to sit on the verandah outside the Year Three and Four classrooms.  Students are unsupervised during this time.  I have noticed that a growing number of students are arriving at school as early as 7.45am.  I understand that parents need to get to work and often have few options about alternative care arrangements.  However, the growing number of children arriving early is concerning.  We will offer Before School Care, through Extend, from 7.00am for students from Kindy to Year Six if we have enough families who are interested.  I encourage those parents who are dropping their children early to consider registering your interest for supervised before school care with the administration office.  We will happily offer the service if enough families register.  In the meantime, please be reminded that there is no supervision in the early morning and remind your children that they must sit quietly outside the classrooms as teachers are often engaged in meetings or valuable preparation time.

 Parent Voice Workshop

Please come along on Wednesday 30th October for the Parent Voice Survey Workshop.  During the workshop staff will address some of the significant feedback areas from the survey.  We will inform parents about some of our policies that you may not be aware of and explain some plans we have, moving forward, to address parent feedback.  The workshop will commence in the new staff room with hospitality at 6.00pm followed by rotations facilitated by staff.  The workshop will conclude by 7.30pm. Please register your interest via the administration office.

Vinnies Christmas Appeal!


There are struggling parents who are going without food so their children can eat. Many disadvantaged families cannot afford to buy healthy food and often have to choose between paying a bill and putting a meal on the table. More than four million Australians have experienced food insecurity with one in five children living in a food insecure household. Vinnies volunteers provide food, clothing, furniture, utility bills and rental assistance as well as emotional support and advocacy to Western Australians who are doing it tough. Your support makes it possible for Vinnies to assist over 50,000 people each year.

There are four ways you can help Vinnies provide vital assistance to Western Australians now and into the New Year:

  • Make your own food hamper
  • Collect food and household items
  • Fundraise
  • Make up a back to school pack


  • STEP 1  Register your Christmas activity with Vinnies WA.
  • STEP 2 Vinnies can provide collection boxes, bags to assemble food hamper/s and posters.
  • STEP 3 Choose a visible location on site where people can donate their collections and the items can be stored safely.
  • STEP 4 Promote your collection and encourage others within your network to get involved.
  • STEP 5 Collect the items required to complete the food hamper/s.
  • STEP 6 Choose a day to assemble your hamper/s on site.
  • STEP 7 Have your hamper/s ready to go out to people in need between Monday 25 November and Friday 6 December.

Please see the information brochure and registration form on the Loreto Nedlands website for further details.

Vinnies Christmas Appeal Information

Vinnies Christmas Appeal Registration Form

Year Five Camp

We wish the Year Five students the very best during time at Bickley Camp School. We all look forward to hearing about their camping experiences and the fun they have had!

GreenBatch Recycling Program

We are very excited at Loreto, to be part of GreenBatch, a local recycling initiative.

Currently in WA, none of our plastic waste is recycled.

We will be collecting PET – 1 and HDPE – 2 plastics at school.

How to participate…

  1. Please wash out any plastic containers with the symbols or on it.
  2. Leave the lid off and let it dry.
  3. Ask your child to take it to their classroom.
  4. A Year 5 or 6 student will collect it from the classroom on a Wednesday.

You may like to start purchasing products that are packaged using these plastics, as they are the easiest to recycle. All other plastic in WA is going to landfill.

There will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050.

Go to the following links to find out more.

Attend a Public Drop Off Day, on the first Saturday of the month, from 11am till 2pm at

4 Brooklands Way Mount Claremont, WA 6010

Library Donation

Thank you to Krahe family for donating signed copy of “My Mummy Mad Scientist” book to library.


Loreto Enrolments

If you are intending for your child to commence at Loreto Nedlands in 2020 please ensure you submit your application of enrolment to the Administration Office as soon as possible.


Fortnightly Tip: Sports Performance

The Fathering Project

In October, our fortnightly tips aim to inspire and equip dads with kids in sport.

This time we’re reflecting on what really matters in sport.

  • Understand and remind yourself why kids play sport – for mateship, fun, socialisation, challenge, competition and achievement.
  • Teach the value of team, community, healthy competition and fair play.
  • Ask yourself, is your child playing for you, or for their own enjoyment? If they’re playing ‘for you’, think about if this is what you want – and consider allowing more freedom to choose their activities.
  • Take off the pressure to achieve – and encourage simply ‘doing your best’.
  • Get involved in the team but know your place and avoid overstepping your role.
  • Balance sports with other activities like play, learning, outdoors activities and conversations.


 Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal

Loreto Nedlands

69 Webster Street
Nedlands 6009, WA
p: (08) 6389 9400


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