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School News

Maths Olympiad Results

Our congratulations are extended to the following students who have achieved outstanding results in the Maths Olympaid Competition Australia and South East Asia 2019:

Maths Games

  • Tanatswa Tityiwe – Top 20%
  • Coby Gonzalez – Top 25%
  • Jacob Ferguson – Top 25%

Maths Olympiad

  • Conor Bradley – Top 25%
  • Aaralen Krahe – Top 25%

Assembly Change of Time

Parents are advised that the Assembly on 8th November will commence a little earlier at 2.20pm.  We need to start earlier in order to present the Loreto Young Writer Awards.

Green Time Versus Screen Time

Parents are encouraged to promote Green Time Versus Screen Time at home.  The Green Time vs Screen Time tool for families is a fun way to help you keep track of how much time your children are spending playing outdoors (‘green time’), versus time spent indoors, watching TV or on devices or the computer (‘screen time’).

Getting the balance right between green time and screen time is important for your kids’ health, cognitive and emotional development and will help them grow into the capable and resilient people you want them to be.

Plus green time is free, on your doorstep and the most fun kids can have! So let’s make sure our kids get outside and learn to enjoy the unstructured outdoor games we used to play!

How to Use the Green Time vs Screen Time Tool:

  1. Print the ‘Green Time vs Screen Time’ flyer and put it on your fridge.
  2. Get the family together and agree on a family treat – something simple like a family bike ride, a trip to the beach or their favourite meal – and write it down in the space provided on the flyer.
  3. Now, every day your children spend at least an hour outdoorsin ‘green time’ they should colour in one of the native animals on the left.
  4. Each time your children spend an hour indoorsin ’screen time’ they should colour in one of the screens on the right.
  5. The Aim: The aim is to colour in all of the ‘green time’ animals before all of the ‘screen time’ screens are coloured in.
  6. The Prize:If all of the ‘green time’ animals are coloured in first then the prize is the family treat you agreed upon earlier in the week!

‘Green time’ can be spent at your local park or simply in your backyard, playing in the sand, climbing a tree or making a mud pie.
‘Screen time’ includes time spent on the computer, watching TV or movies.


The best reason why children should make the move from the TV or computer room to the outdoors is that it’s fun and you and your kids will be happier and healthier doing things together.

There is also a growing body of research showing that by bringing unstructured outdoor play (nature play) back into our children’s lives we can help their cognitive, emotional and physical development and ensure they build resilience and imagination that are so important for a fulfilling life.

Year Four News

The Year Fours have enjoyed jumping into Term 4 to finish off our year on a high! Our focus of the first week of term was preparing for their Oracy assessments, which everyone completed with confidence. Pip, the adjudicator, spoke of the Year Fours’ growth from Year Three, their improving presentation skills and the supportive nature of the class to ask questions and listen respectfully to each other. In Reading, we have loved beginning our Class Novel, Blueback, where we can dive into important issues such as sustainability, marine biology and oceanfront development.

The students have also been engaged by beginning their study of Civics and Citizenship. So far we have spoken about diversity and multi-culturalism in Australia, how our unique identities are formed through groups and the purpose of rules and laws. Finally, the Year Fours are very keen to put their new skills from our persuasive writing unit to the test by persuading their parents using research, quotes, rhetorical questions and emotive language!

Katie Sharman
Year Four Teacher

P&F News


Our Parents & Friends AGM is on Wednesday 13th November at 7.30pm (in the newly refurbished staff room). Please consider coming along, enjoying a glass of wine, and hearing about the function of the P&F at our school. It is your opportunity to hear about all of the amazing contributions that the P&F has made throughout 2019. A summary of all school, social and fundraising activities, and also a summary of all P&F Expenditure will be presented at this relaxed, yet informative evening. Our Executive Committee will also be elected for 2020. We are in a fortunate position where several wonderful parents have already expressed interest in being on the committee for 2020, and we look forward to these parents, plus any other parents who may be interested in joining the Committee to be elected into positions during the AGM.

Our parent group at Loreto is engaged and invested in a quality education for our children. As a parent it is rewarding to contribute however you can, whether it be with time, talent, or simply your thoughts and opinions to our P&F. Ideas for social events, fundraising activities, and suggestions for P&F Expenditure are always warmly invited and considered.

Please feel free to contact Toni Cairns on if you have any questions about the P&F or particulars about any Committee positions.

Sausage Sizzle

The Year One class is running the next sausage sizzle on Wednesday 6th November. Orders need to be placed via Flexischools by 10am next Tuesday 5th November at the latest.

Crazy Camel Keepsakes

At the end of last term the children had the opportunity to draw a wonderful picture that is now available to be ordered as a treasured keepsake.

The items available for ordering include greeting cards, tea towels, note books, 2020 calendar, 2020 diary and pillow cases. You will be able to find examples of these items at the school office.  Online Ordering is easy. Following the link below, click on your child’s year level to view your child’s picture, click on the link to select your item(s), place your child’s name and year level in the appropriate space and add to cart.

The ordering period is strictly two weeks, opening on Friday 25th October and closing on Friday 8th November. Items purchased will be available for collection at our Loreto Christmas Craft Market on Friday 29th November. This is a fantastic opportunity to purchase some fantastic gifts for yourself or someone else while helping to raise funds for the P&F committee for exciting opportunities around the school in 2020.

Thank you for your support.


Donations of Succulents requested for the making of Christmas Wreaths, to be sold at the Twilight Christmas market. The tips of the succulents are what is required, no roots necessary. If you have any succulent plants that we can take cuttings from, please get in touch with All small types and colours accepted. We would like the cuttings around 26th/27th November. In the meantime please water your succulents and put them in the sun to get them looking pretty.

Toni Cairns
P&F President

St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

The St Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal is on again! Each class will be responsible for bringing in items as listed below.  Volunteers from SVDP will put the items together to form hampers for needy families at Christmas. These will be collected from school on Friday 29th November.

  • Christmas cake, fruit mince pies, candy canes, bon bons, Christmas napkins* Pre Primary
  • Long life milk, juice, custard Year 1
  • Milo, tea, coffee, sugar Year 2
  • Ring pulled tinned: fruit, beans, vegetables, tuna, soup Year 3
  • Spreads: honey, jam, vegemite Year 4
  • Pasta and pasta sauce Year 5
  • Rice, noodles and cereals Year 6

Thank you!

Claudia Di Biaggio & Michelle Debuf
SVDP Co-ordinators

Loreto Enrolments

Join our Kindy program for 2020!

In our Kindergarten, offered over three full days, with an optional fourth day per week, we recognise the importance of a happy and secure environment in order for children to have the best learning outcomes. Children are encouraged to build confidence through a variety of individual, small group and whole class experiences. Please contact our administration office to enrol at

Fortnightly Tip: Attitudes to Umpires and Officials

The Fathering Project

In October, our fortnightly tips aim to inspire and equip dads coaching kids in sport.
This time, ensure you have the right attitude when it comes to umpires and officials.

  • Actively demonstrate respect for the important role played by umpires/officials.
  • Remind players and families there would be no games without umpires/officials.
  • Consider the way you respond to any perceived mistakes, you may have bias. Remember you are always modelling ‘appropriate’ behaviour. Your kids will view your response as the ‘acceptable’ standard.
  • When appropriate, make a conscious effort to introduce yourself to the umpires prior to the game.
  • Remember that even professional umpires/officials make mistakes – and often they will be young people just doing their best, like your players.

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal

Loreto Nedlands

69 Webster Street
Nedlands 6009, WA
p: (08) 6389 9400


the search for truth.

the search for truth.