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School News

Intentions for 2020

Parents are reminded to inform the school of their intentions for 2020 if they are moving on from Loreto. Notification needs to be made, in writing, before the last day of term to avoid one term of school fees being charged.

This Week’s Character Strength

Social Intelligence

The definition of Social Intelligence tells us that this character strength assists us to read social situations where our friends could be uncomfortable, irritated, upset or frustrated. This strength encourages us to understand what to do in each circumstance: to help, for example, listening to and supporting our friend or, leave them be for a while so that they calm down. Social Intelligence gives us tact, and a variety of other character strengths such as kindness, love and wisdom. To use this strength, we need to be able to connect Social Intelligence with empathy; to put ourselves in other’s shoes. Utilising this, we can identify the response we would prefer, then use that response with our companions.

By Donny and Elsie, the Mary Ward Captains


Year Two News

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks it has been in Year Two. Last week, the students presented a fantastic musical titled, There’s a Sunflower in my Supper. The students sang, danced and spoke wonderfully and their teachers and parents were very proud of them. Last Wednesday, the students participated in the Whole School Athletics Carnival. After a short walk to Melvista Oval, the students took part in a 60m and a 200m running race as well as several team games such as tunnel ball and the sack race. On Friday, the students had a special visit from Father Gavin. Father enjoyed interacting with the students as they completed a writing activity. He then answered many interesting questions from the students. The students are now looking forward to the School Disco tomorrow night as well as Mission Day next Friday.

During Writing, the students have been finalising their Loreto Young Writers narratives and poems. They are now learning to write an Information Report on an animal of their choice. In Mathematics, they have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties and in Religious Education, the students have been learning about the Holy Spirit.

Emily Meneghello
Year Two Teacher


Environment Club

Environment club has been very busy this term. We’ve enjoyed planting our winter vegetables, broccoli, cauliflowers, peas and baby carrots. The chickens have kept us busy as well. We can’t wait for our vegetables to grow. Thank you to all the students who gave their time for the environment club, looking forward to term 4.

Mrs Melina Dichiera
Education Assistant


New Friends in Year Five

Starting a new school can be a daunting prospect but these three girls joined our Year Five class at Loreto Nedlands within a week of each other and were comforted by the fact that they were not beginning their journey alone…

Mizuki, Poppy and Valerie have all settled in very well thanks to a wonderful welcome from their teacher and classmates. The girls were keen to share their first impressions…

I am happy to have many friendly classmates. I got used to my new school easily.

I like Loreto because all of the students are so kind and friendly. My first day at school I wasn’t really nervous because everyone is really, really kind! Loreto is the best school and my teacher Mrs Waller is a really good teacher.

I like how everyone has been very welcoming and kind. I also like the educational opportunities as well.

The girls have enjoyed a busy first few weeks at Loreto and a whole host of events and experiences.

Library News

Has your child just been prescribed glasses?

Check out this new book in the library.

Health and PE News

Thank you again to all who were involved with the Athletics carnival last week. Between the set up crew, staff and parents cheering on from the side lines we were blessed with a great day.

Well done to all students for running your hardest and simply having a go. It is great to see you out there taking on the challenge.

Special mention to Rachel, Thomas and James who all broke records this year. Here are the champions and runner ups from Years Three to Six:

  Runner Up Champion
Yr 3

James Mann

Danielle She

Luke Mann

Stella Moulin

Yr 4

Coby Gonzalez

Kayla Farar

Thomas Moroz*

Rachel O’Malley-Sudlow*

Yr 5

Domenic Leach

Kiki Pal

Elliot McGlue

Jolie Reutens

Yr 6

Harry McHenry

Sally Lawrence

Donny She

Claudia Cavallaro



As we head into summer it is a good time for me to remind everyone that we have a full sized tennis court here with functioning net and poles. If you were interested in a hit before or after school let me know and we can sort out a way for you to utilise this great resource. We also have foldable nets that are 5 metres long so you could play on all the courts.


A huge thank you to Elsie and Donny for their write up about social intelligence. This has been a challenging strength for us to work on as a school and I think their work was on point. I am looking forward to their future work.

Social intelligence sits under the virtue of humanity and is a great indicator of us being tuned in to others. It can also lead to positive classroom behaviour so for us persistence will be key. Mindfulness can be a great tool to help develop this as we become more aware of how we are feeling. It can also help calm us in times when that is just what we need. I would love to get a mindfulness practice introduced in school but am struggling with the how. Parents if you have any suggestions I would be more than welcome to hear them.


Andrew Boxsell
Health, Physical Education and Wellbeing Co-ordinator

Perth Homeless Support Group

Congratulations to Isabelle Counsel and Harry McHenry who successfully gathered over 150 cans and tins and numerous Up & Gos for Perth Homeless Support Group.

With many Year Six students helping with the challenge and contributions from Kindergarten to Year Six this truly was a Loreto community effort and I’m very proud of our result. Many of Perth’s homeless were fed on Sunday as a result of the generosity of Loreto Nedlands.

Over the next two weeks I’ll be collecting small cans of tuna. Any contributions can be dropped off in Year Three.

Warm regards

Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal


Loreto Family Fun Night

Save the Date! The Loreto Family Fun Night is on Sunday, 27th October. Please visit the trybooking link to register your attendance:

Loreto Week

Loreto Week commences next Monday, 23rd September. Following is an outline of the activities to celebrate!

Monday 23rd September Loreto and Mary Ward Story (facilitated by Mrs Hussey)
Tuesday 24th September Class visits to the Archive Room
Lunch Special of Teriyaki Chicken and Sushi
Wednesday 25th September Buddy classes join together to create pavement art!
Thursday 26th September Mini Vinnies selling ‘Vegetable Soup’ at lunchtime
Friday  27th September Free Dress for students
9.00am Prayer Service
9.45am Assembly with Growth Awards, Merit Certificates and Circle of Friends Awards
Mission Day Stalls
(children can bring $10 in a purse to spend at the Stalls)
Loreto’s Got Talent


Loreto Week Lunch Specials

We have two Loreto Week Lunch Specials:

Tuesday, 24th September:
Teriyaki Chicken & Rice for $8.00 and Sushi for $7.00

Place your orders through Flexi Schools by 10am on Friday, 20th September.

Thursday, 26th September:

Mini Vinnies are selling Vegetable Soup at lunchtime for $2.00. Please bring your own mug/cup.


School Disco

Today is the last day to purchase tickets for the Disco tomorrow. Tickets can be purchased here

There are still a few volunteer positions left as well. If you are able to assist, please sign up here

In order to make the night run smoothly there are a few notes:

  • Please send children with a water bottle
  • Pick Up for all years will be at the Year 2 Classroom. If possible please drop-off and pick-up in and out of the Stanley Street entrance
  • There will be a ‘Chill Out Zone’ just outside of the Disco (still inside the LPAC). This will be a quiet space for the children- in case the actual Disco is too
  • Registration will be in the Hallway between the classrooms (Year 1/Kindy) and the
  • No glow sticks please
  • If you could encourage your children to leave their shoes on during the Disco that would be extremely helpful

We’re looking forward to an incredible evening – and truly appreciate everyone who has helped along the way and who has given their time to make the Disco a success for the children!

Lauren O’Connor & Kerry Smart P&F Committee


Eucharistic Adoration for Children

Every Wednesday morning, commencing 30th October, from 8:15-8:30am, there will be “Eucharistic Adoration” in the Loreto chapel. This adoration will encourage the children to feel the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus invites them: “Let the little children come to me and do not stop them, for to such as these belongs the kingdom of Heaven”. Children who have a regular experience of Eucharistic adoration are so much more mature in their faith and love for Jesus than other children who receive only the Catechism. It’s about about forming the heart and not just the intellect of our children.

Please help your child to answer the invitation! Parents are welcome to stay too. For further information please visit:

Claudia Di Biaggio
Year 1 Class Teacher/Mission Co-ordinator


Exhibition by Chris Dark

Loreto Nedlands parent, Chris Dark has an upcoming exhibition Head East and Turn Right.

Mr Chris Dark is most supportive of the school, generously providing digital and AV services.

It is our pleasure to promote Chris’ upcoming exhibition to the school community.

Head East and Turn Right, when the finite becomes infinite. Taking away the finite horizon from the landscape we lose our point of reference to where we are. There is no separation between the land and sky.

Exhibition by Chris Dark and Chris Saunders
Opening 28th Sept to 26th October
Please see below the link for details of the exhibition. Ch0QC5mJIB0JOso7p8UmZuNgTWqWNtI

Images link


Ordering of School Photos

If you still wish to order school photos, the deadline for online ordering has been extended until 1 October 2019. Visit


Weekly Tip: Connect and enjoy the simple things

The Fathering Project

Weekly tip: keeping yourself healthy

  • In September, our weekly tips aim to inspire and equip dads with kids in sport. This week, remember to keep yourself healthy
  • Taking care of yourself will enable you to be the most effective father you can be for your kids.
  • Keep as fit and healthy as you can by managing your physical and mental health and consciously, honestly and regularly checking-in with yourself
  • Exercise regularly, eat properly and get adequate sleep – it’s not just good for you, but it sets and example and encourages your kids to do the same
  • Talk and ask : share problems and issues with other people and get support when you need it
  • Be active with your kids – go bike riding together, kick the footy around at the park, or shoot some hoops
  • Learn to cook healthy meals with the kids
  • Take all your holidays and use at least some of them to share special family breaks away from home, even just a day trip will help you reconnect and rest


Tony Corbett
Deputy Principal

Loreto Nedlands

69 Webster Street
Nedlands 6009, WA
p: (08) 6389 9400


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