A Journey…

Blossoming at Loreto Nedlands reflects our school mission:

“Loreto Nedlands creates empowered thinkers who are inspired to excel, feel confident to lead and show compassion as they serve others in the spirit of Mary Ward.”

We recognise, that in collaboration with our parents and supporters, we need to explicitly teach our students the skills they require to be young people who witness our Mission Statement and truly blossom in all aspects of their lives.

Blossoming Launch

Loreto Nedlands proudly launched the new Blossoming Policy to the school community.  The policy launch was the culmination of work over the past 18 months to research and apply effective positive education and growth mindset strategies into the teaching and learning program at Loreto Nedlands.

Andrew Boxsell, Positive Education Coordinator at Loreto Nedlands, spoke to the students about the character strengths they have been learning about during their Positive Education lessons.  The students were able to clearly articulate how the character strengths have assisted them in their personal growth towards reaching their potential at school.

Each class was presented with a plant for their classroom to symbolise their growth each year and to provide a visual to support as to how the students are Blossoming at Loreto Nedlands.

The key messages at the launch of the Loreto Nedlands Blossoming Policy:

  • In order to be ready to learn it is vital that we minimise anxiety and teach our students the skills necessary for well-being.
  • Skills for mental health and well-being must include the skills necessary to have productive and positive relationships with others.
  • The value of our policy as a proactive initiative towards developing positive mental health outcomes for our students.
  • The importance for staff and parents to model, “good enough” as opposed to “perfect” when delivering expectations and outcomes to students.
  • Recognising mental health as a continuum and understanding where we sit on the continuum may vary from time to time. Mental health encompasses all of our experiences, not simply negative emotions and feelings.

Read the Blossoming Policy

Blossoming at Loreto Nedlands –Failure is part of the equation!

  • We celebrate learning when students have demonstrated that they have worked hard to achieve their goals.
  • We teach our students that it is ok to fail.  Failure is part of the learning journey and good learners use failure as a motivator and tool to refine goals towards further learning.
  • Teachers design lessons to accommodate the learning needs of all students and build considerable challenge into all lessons.  In this way we raise the ceiling so students can strive to build success.  We recognise that if success comes too easily then we are not challenging our students enough.
  • We teach the students that failure and challenge build resilience.  Teachers support the students as they plan the skills and concepts they require to reach their individual goals and blossom in their learning.


Recommended Reading!

Happy- Shawn Achor

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Shaun Anchor reveals that decades of his research have proven that Happiness leads to success more than success leads to happiness. We succeed because we are happy, not that we are happy because we succeed.

A positive outlook and optimism helps us be more effective, creative and impactful. Shaun states that being optimistic and happy is a learnable skill, and that making simple changes in the way we think about our lives can help us to be happy.

I’d recommend this to anyone who is looking to increase their positive perspective on life, some of them are things you already knew but may need reminding or reinforcing. 

Strength Switch- Dr Lea Waters

A book based in research that is aimed at parents wanting to highlight the strengths in their children.

It is an easy read with some practical ideas on how to spot strengths and encourage them. It also shares ideas on how to use these strengths to not get bogged down in what is difficult.

Grit- Angela Duckworth

This book details Angela Duckworth’s work on grit. It looks at how we can work on it personally and with our families.

I was particularly taken with its accuracy in predicting results in a variety of situations.

Growth Mindsets- Caroline Dweck

This book looks at Carol Dweck’s research into growth mindsets. Her early research in the Chicago school system is extremely insightful.

Carol gives some great examples of mindsets and how they can influence your work and home life.

If you happen to buy the latest edition it will also detail the false growth mindset

Flow- Mihaly Cikszentmihalyi

This book by Mihaly is somewhat of a classic from what I can tell.

It took me a while to get through but I enjoyed the read which is backed up by a lot of research. It also comes with a section at the back for more reading and ideas to take home.

We strive to reach a ‘state of flow’ and this book can help you find the tools required for it.

Atomic Habits- James Clear

This book is easy to read and easy to digest. There are some actionable ideas presented that will help you be able to start changing those habits that may have been bugging you.

There is the added bonus of some free stuff when you buy the book and get in touch with his website.

James has a weekly newsletter/blog he sends out that is short, simple and thought provoking. If you don’t get the book I would sign up for that at the very least.


Recommended Videos!

The happy secret to better work | Shawn Achor

Shawn Achor discussing his research (12 minutes). Perfect to watch along with reading his book (see recommended reading).

The Science of Character (8min “Cloud Film”)

This is a great 8 minute video introducing the idea of our strengths.

The puzzle of motivation | Dan Pink

A motivational video by Dan Pink connecting with self-determination theory (18 minutes duration).

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

Simply a nice and easy way to digest the idea of mindsets.

All it takes is 10 mindful minutes | Andy Puddicombe


Promoting Motivation, Health, and Excellence: Ed Deci at TEDxFlourCity

A video on Self Determination Theory from one of the initial developers.