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ICT Information for Parents

Loreto Nedlands is committed to the ideals and benefits of 21st Century learning for all students. We believe that embracing digital technologies will provide students with the best opportunities to succeed in a world that is rapidly changing.

The initiative to introduce 1:1 iPads into Year 1-3 and the BYODD has provided the teachers, students and parents with many opportunities in the teaching and learning program.  Teachers are able to plan learning experiences for the students which complement the curriculum and engage the students in developing ICT skills to further enhance their learning experience.

The school has a Student ICT Acceptable Use policy and a Student Code of Conduct. Students must agree and abide to the uses of ICT stated in this policy and the Code of Conduct.  This document must be signed before students are permitted to use any ICT resource at school, including BYODD devices.  Please click the link to review the schools ‘Student ICT Acceptable Use Policy’ and ‘BYODD Code of Conduct’.


Bring Your Own Digital Device (Minimum Specification List) for 2017

Please find below information regarding the ICT requirements for both year 1 and Year 4 students.

The school is in the process of creating a link which will take you directly to the Apple Store and provide you with a list of Apps that you will be required to download.

App List

Please click the relevant year below to view the full applications:

  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6