Our Parents


Limited space is available. For the safety of all children parents are requested not to double park or park across the road. If parents intend to leave their vehicle for any reason – please do not park in the drive through areas.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Zones

Pre Kindergarten, Kindergarten and Pre Primary students are collected from their classes by a parent or guardian. Teachers must be informed if any changes are made to the person collecting your child from school. Stanley and Webster Streets may be used for drop-off in the mornings. Please do not park and leave your vehicles in the drive through areas.

Webster Street is the only Pick-up Area after school. Students may exit the grounds accompanied by a parent or guardian via the Stanley Street Gates. Students whose parents wish to drive through and pick them up will wait at the WEBSTER STREET entrance with teacher supervision.


  1. The area marked for Student Drop-off and Pick-up is a NO PARKING zone.
  2. Parents who wish to pick up their children will only be able to collect them from the area marked PICK UP.
  3. Parents remain in their vehicle and proceed to the PICK UP AREA where their child/children will be directed to your car by the teacher on duty.
  4. Parents may be requested to DRIVE AROUND THE BLOCK if their child has not arrived.
  5. In wet weather, the students will wait on the Senior School verandah.


  1. NO U-turns or three point turns in the area of the Student Drop-off and Pick-up Zone.
  2. NO double parking to collect students.
  3. NO collection of students unless you are at the PICK UP AREA.
  4. NO parking on opposite side of the road to collect your child.