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Social Work Services

Social Work Services

School Social Worker

Social work within the school environment is focussed on promoting and delivering services to meet the social, emotional and behavioural needs of all students in the school.

The role of the school social worker is to work alongside students, teaching staff and parents to support young people with any difficulties or barriers that they may be experiencing so that they can achieve positive learning outcomes.

There are many common reasons for contacting the school social worker including: reluctance to attend school or difficulties settling in, change or loss in the family environment, physical or emotional wellbeing issues impacting on the student, learning difficulties, behavioural concerns, friendship difficulty or emotional regulation.

The school social worker’s support involves any of the following: counselling sessions for students, group work, support and information for parents, guidance and advice, case management, consultation and collaboration with teaching staff and other professionals, referral and advocacy to external services.

Social workers possess a degree that draws knowledge from a range of disciplines including sociology, psychology, policy, philosophy, health and economics. To be employed in a school they need to be eligible to belong to the Australian Association of Social Workers and to adhere to their code of ethics and practice standards.

Mrs Caterina Hurle

Available: Part time

Contact: via school reception or referral made by student’s class teacher or Principal.