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Thank you all for your generous contributions last term to our Project Compassion fundraising. I am very pleased to announce that we raised $330 to assist the work of Caritas over our Rice Day, Bake Sale and Sports Dress Day events last term! This is a tremendous amount from our community.

A reminder that all mothers, grandmothers and mother figures are very welcome to join us for our Mother’s Day Mass next Friday the 12th of May, 9.00am at Holy Rosary Church. We are always excited to celebrate our mums!

May is the month of Mary in the Church, where Catholics are encouraged to become closer to Mary, our Mother, by praying to her through the rosary. Mary has said to have appeared to Saint Dominic in the 13th century, giving him a set of rosary beads and asking him to pray the Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory Be prayers to her in heaven. At Monday morning gatherings in May, we are praying a decade of the rosary to Mary and focusing on the mysteries of Jesus’ life.

A beautiful connection to the month of May being focused on Mary is her essential vocational calling to family and motherhood. She loved, honoured and cared for Jesus (and Joseph!) in their home at Nazareth and beyond. She is our mother and model, for all families, through all generations. Mary has by far the biggest heart we read about in scripture, as she ‘treasured all these things and pondered them’ (Lk 2:19). Like all mothers, Mary took everything she heard and saw to heart. She embraced everything to do with her family and child Jesus, both good and bad, and brought it all before God. When we pray to Mary through the rosary or by petition, she can take our own hopes, thoughts and prayers to heart and present them to God on our behalf.

“God could not be everywhere, so he created mothers.” Jewish proverb

Katie Sharman
Assistant Principal (Religious Education)