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This Term, we have been focusing on Biological Sciences. This has ranged from identifying the difference between living and non-living to the features and adaptations of living things and how this impacts their survival.

The Junior class has been junior taxonomists, looking at the features of living things and what category they fit in using a branching key. As well as collecting samples from our school and identifying and categorising our findings.

The Year 4/5 class has been looking at survival and the adaptations of animals completing investigations with models for these adaptations. We have looked at the impact of the surface area of leaves and how much water they retain, as well as the surface area of animals’ ears, measuring the change in water temperatures over time.

The Year 6 class has been working on how the environment impacts plant growth and animal health using a farm case study as the foundation for their investigations. Students have conducted investigations on the impact of how plants are watered and the impact of saltwater concentrations on the growth of plants. The results have been very interesting!

What a great start to science for 2023, I look forward to the many more investigations and lines of inquiry we will follow over the year.

Amee Coles
Science Specialist